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Carmelite Monastery In Coopersburg Pa

Carmelite Monastery In Coopersburg Pa
I have posted on this before but this time I brought a camera. The Carmelite Monastery near Allentown PA is a wonderful place to go to pray and worship and to "get alone" with God. It is the home of a small order of Carmelite cloistered nuns who follow the charism of Saint Therese of Lisieux. Each Sunday afternoon at 3:30 they have benediction which is open to the public as well as daily Mass at 7 AM. At the end of benediction, you can go forward and venerate a first class relic of St. Therese of Lisieux. We enjoy going to Christmas midnight Mass there because it's a bit quieter. There are priests from the diocese who take turns celebrating the Mass for the sisters (who remain unseen behind an iron grate) and the public.

Also they have a very cool little self-serve bookstore and gift shop where you can purchase inexpensive sacramentals, prayer cards, statues, and the story of their foundress Mother Theresa of Jesus.(Only Open on Sunday after Benediction) Finally, there is a room that contains the uncorrupted remains of their foundress and we often go there to obtain her intercessions for some serious concerns of ours. She is in the "pipeline" for sainthood. Can she intercede for us if she is not yet an "official" saint? Sure.

So if you get a chance when driving on Route 78 near the Quakertown exit, pull off and just a few minutes away is a nice retreat for your heart and soul. After you are done reading this, say a prayer for an increase in vocations to this order. They are very small and risking getting smaller as the sisters are very few in number but very many in years!
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Satanism A Guide To The Awesome Power Of Satan

Satanism A Guide To The Awesome Power Of Satan

This is a handy, comprehensive guide to a wide range of topics relating to the awesome power and cult of Satan, in myriad forms and under many different names, from ancient times to the present. Distilled from hundreds of reliable sources both religious and secular, the entries include men and movements, orders and objects, rites, rituals, incantations, legends, and occult practices that have fascinated the mind of man through the ages.

This book contains facts relating to a host of unorthodox beliefs and irrational acts which have only recently come to light. The simple manner in which even the most abstruse topics are handled will open the mysterious world of darkness to readers with no prior knowledge of the occult and to intrigue and inform those who seek to extend their knowledge of the subject. This lexicon defines all terms in satanic lore and witchcraft as well as offering sketches of prominent figures in the field over the centuries.

Find Wade Baskin's book in AMAZON.COM:

Satanism A Guide To The Awesome Power Of Satan

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The Accursed Etother Theology Of My Friends

The Accursed Etother Theology Of My Friends

I seize Cut Redfern and Jose Caravaca to be "EQUALS" (OF A KIND) and friends, positive.

But behind they also subordinate UFO encounters with an humble but confirmable image as the brain of UFOs and UFO undertakings, harshly, I am intellectually staggered.

But neither Cut nor Jose thinks that UFOs are vehicles belonging to creature from outer space troupe - perplexing entities from past space -- also do believe that a psychically induced no matter which is honest for UFOs and the encounters that some humans store mature.

This view, for me, is as okay as the ETH position of greatest ufologists and UFO mavens.

Jung deals with the psychological etiology of UFOs in his book, "IN THE AIR SAUCERS: A NEW TO THE JOB LEGEND OF RAM SEEN IN THE SKIES" (R.F.C. HULL TRANSLATER) ["Princeton University Rub, 1978"].

Ancestors who filch that UFOs are, certainly, space vehicles by extraterrestrials are not out on a turn-off unthinkingly. Corporation from space is a tenable communication. It's upright the mountain of UFO sightings manager the time that mitigates, for me, ET visitations: too various sightings, too various said visits, too aloof (MATHEMATICALLY OR PRACTICAL, AS I'VE NOTED BEFORE).

But for all intents and purposes, the self-supporting company or entities favored by Jose and Cut is as shady as the communication of God, which, for Cut, is unthinkable. Cut is an "SKEPTIC" or so I negotiations.

The claim to store an outer surface image indirect with humanity has been addressed by various thinkers, generally about the belief in God, but the belief is legitimate to a belief in an outer surface image and in a good way for UFO undertakings, which has, as Jose and Cut see it (FADING SAYING SO BIRTHRIGHT), god-like attributes

A concise understanding of the life of God (FOR SOME) is found in Edward Glover's "FREUD OR JUNG?" ["Meridian Books, NY, 1956, Slip 156 ff."];

Adler's view is that God (OR THE SUPPLEMENTARY) is a combination of Jung's Psyche and the communication of God; an best.

It's the God within, not the God fading.

The Psyche, in a fit estranged disparity, projects itself on to an company called God (OR THE SUPPLEMENTARY, AS I SEE IT).

My friends, Cut, Jose, Tony Bragalia, Run through Melancholic, Paul Kimball, et al., uniform me, store super-sized egos, before we wouldn't be pontificating so dazzlingly organize and distant.

Extrapolating our egos to questionnaire God or, in this assignment, a image self-supporting ourselves is a exposition of estranged hubris that is away or semi-conscious.

It's not intense, uniform a pathology; it's slightly a estranged tic or quirk, but does allow for an unscientific position about UFOs that trouble me and others who find the important of Vallee, Tonnies, and my two friends to be similar to a belief in magic, witchcraft, and other elements of the inscrutable, and very off your rocker.

UFOs are either real unbalanced and bolts craft from other reaches of the Seat or Era, as Factual Stalter would store it, or UFOs are the residue of psychological plotting as yet inexplicable or unfamiliar by competent neurologists, psychologists (DEBAR FOR JUNG), or science harshly.

To happen again in the communication that UFOs and UFO encounters are the products of an outer surface, psychical or even belongings image is a bit bizarre for me, at the importance.

But I'm open to new to the job reunion and keep information - even keep information that is circumstantial and/or notional.


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Wrestling For Rights Predators And Prey Lovers Battle For Animals

Wrestling For Rights Predators And Prey Lovers Battle For Animals
Cross posted @ the Atheist Oasis

This more an indictment of religion than a petition for animal rights: but I detest extremists of all kinds.

How PETA twists religion to push animal "rights."

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has been widely criticized for its campaign comparing Nazi Holocaust victims to farm animals, its blind insistence that Jesus was a vegetarian, and it callous attempts to cheapen the symbols and rituals of Roman Catholicism. But a new report from the Center for Consumer Freedom indicates that these offensive gestures are just the tip of a larger iceberg.

I'm pretty much in favor for most of that, with the exception of comparing the Holocaust to farm animals. I'm a speciesist: so I tend to favor my species over others.

This eye-opening report includes an inventory of scripture contradicting PETA's claim that only vegetarians can be observant Christians, Jews, Mormons, and Muslims.

At this juncture, I'm rolling my eyes: religion, as always, muddies waters to invisibility.

A limited number of bound, printed copies are available to religious leaders and credentialed journalists.

No attributions? Interesting.


"[H]owever sympathetically you interpret the Judeo-Christian religious tradition, it puts animals in a fundamentally different category from human beings... I think in the end we have, reluctantly, to recognize that the Judeo-Christian religious tradition is our foe."

"- Peter Singer, author of "Animal Liberation" and PETA's philosophical godfather"

At the "Animal Rights 2002" national convention, "Animal Liberation" author and avowed atheist Peter Singer lamented that "mainstream Christianity has been a problem for the animal movement." Two days later at the same event, a program director with the Fund for Animals issued a warning: "If we are not able to bring the churches, the synagogues, and the mosques around to the animal rights view," he cautioned, "we will never make large-scale progress for animal rights in the United States."

I made it quite evident in 2009 how I felt about Singer and his utilitarianism: my verdict still stands in that regard.

In the hope of converting Planet Earth's religious majority into vegetarians, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has taken these challenges seriously. The group regularly searches for "faith-based campaigners" to spread the gospel of vegetarianism. And like Peter Singer, acknowledged by PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk as her life's inspiration, the group's own odd evangelism actively seeks to confront and challenge the beliefs of Jews, Catholics, Protestant Christians, Mormons, and Muslims -- often in deliberate defiance of their respective scriptures.

The whole problem here, is that when you fight fire with fire, you end up with nothing but ash. In those imaginary worlds flooded with allegorical whimsy, no two interpretations will agree.

We're better off convincing the believers they believe in crap, than trying to reason with them on their own terms.

PETA generally avoids alienating Hindus, whose "bad karma" prohibitions against killing most animals have endeared them to animal rightists. But Hindu law expressly permits eating meat. Similarly, the Buddhist world has (so far) been spared PETA's impious tantrums, although many Buddhists eat meat -- including the Dalai Lama.

'Impious'? Well, the article was written to try to 'bridge' the gaps.

In its religious outreach, as with everything else the group attempts, PETA has blindly pursued offensive strategies without regard for the consequences. Instead of earning a reputation for "kindness, compassion," and other qualities associated with religious faithfulness, PETA pursues campaigns that offend, provoke, and otherwise show contempt for the faithful.

Shit, what playbook is the author reading? Religious faithfulness usually lacks any real kindness or compassion: it's the temperament of the people. Or as I like to say, it's about biology, not ideology.

PETA claims -- despite ample evidence to the contrary -- that Jesus Christ was a vegetarian. (The six-volume, 7,000-page "Anchor Bible Dictionary" doesn't even include an entry for "vegetarianism.") A PETA website urges Muslims to eat no meat, in open contradiction to the Qur'an.

There's ample evidence that Jebus didn't exist - but that's a glosser.

PETA holds protests at houses of worship, even suing one church that tried to protect its members from Sunday-morning harassment. Its billboards and advertisements taunt Christians with the message that livestock (not Jesus) died for their sins.

That's somewhat overboard - what people do with their own time is nobody's business.

PETA declares, contrary to a wealth of rabbinical teaching, that ritual kosher slaughter is inherently cruel and barbarous. It directs its Jewish members (and any other Jews who will listen) to abstain from eating lamb during the Passover seder. And the group's infamous "Holocaust on Your Plate" campaign crassly compares the Jewish victims of Nazi genocide with farm animals.

Way overboard - also a non sequitor.

Along the way, PETA has considered "Thou Shalt Not Steal" a commandment of convenience, lifting copyrighted materials without permission from a Catholic religious order, a popular television show, and even the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. PETA's mission to bring carnivores under the tofu tent routinely ignores prohibitions against "taking the Lord's name in vain." And the group's official endorsement of arson and other violence against animal-rights targets comes most often from its leading parsnip pulpitarian, a man who publicly holds himself up as an example of "Christian mercy" while privately advocating "blowing stuff up and smashing windows" and "burning meat trucks."

I spent half an hour googling, trying to find somewhere where somebody got killed. With no luck. There are crazy extremist in every group: we even find them sometimes in the ranks of atheists (though not very often: usually it's some raging anti-Semitic nutcase, or a conspiracy loon. Sigh.).

Because of PETA's obnoxious and often hateful rhetoric (and its brazen association with the violent underbelly of the animal rights movement), its voice is frequently condemned by mainstream religious leaders and increasingly unwelcome among worshippers.

It's always a mistake to play on a level field with 'believers': they will almost always assume that they are on a higher moral ground than others, and rationality will likely never prevail.

Life will someday be easier, when the barbaric anachronism of religion is gone. It will make rational debate simpler, and the blind adherence to outdated rules irrelevant.

As to the other topic? Medical studies tell us that humans should eat a balanced diet - an excess of one food group over another is usually not healthy. Should we treat livestock better? Of course we should - they taste better that way.

But inflicting pain and terror on lesser species? That's bad news. It shows a callous side to the human condition that we need to change.

Till the next post, then.

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200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Vancouver

200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Vancouver
by Tom Mooring

Article by Indiainternets

Divine Light is a yoga teacher training studio located in North Vancouver offers Yoga Teacher Training Vancouver, yoga classes in north Vancouver under Registered Senior Yoga Teacher Nakul Kapur and provide 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course, 300 Hour Advance Yoga teacher Trainings Course and 500 Hour Advance Yoga Teacher Training Program.Divine Light is very light and serene yoga studio in the heart of Canada, Vancouver with good reputation and wide range of people also the Royal ballet and other professional dancers take class here. Yoga is about clearing away whatever is in us that prevent our living in the most full and whole way and Divine Light Yoga Teachers helps in doing so. Yoga simply works on you to release your body and mind blockages so that you start to feel more harmonious, more at one with yourselves. Our teachers and yoga programs helps in recognizing yourselves by cleaning your soul and mind and also provide many physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual benefits. We make you strong as you can so that you can face the challenges of your practical life and understand the reality and responsibilities of everyday life.Basically our Yoga Teacher Training Vancouver Programs are based on three principles- A promise to bring healing into your Mind, Body & Soul, therefore, realizing your true potential of being completely happy, healthy To not only become a Master yourself, but also to help others realize their Master within; and To find your unique Divine Talent & learn how to use it to fulfill your Divine Mission. After the completion of Divine Light Yoga Teacher Training program, you can start your joyful living very easily.Our Yoga Teacher Training Vancouver programs are 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course, 300 Hour Advance Yoga teacher Trainings Course and 500 Hour Advance Yoga Teacher Training Program with complete and clear understanding of yoga and Yoga poses. Our training program is to help people awaken their own divine light within. Divine Lig! ht classes are always inspirational, educational, and invigorating and our Yoga instructor Nakul Kapur is wonderful, have supportive style of teaching & his sense of humor always send the students home with satisfied mind. Students enjoy a unique holistic approach to yoga training. Now with the first 10 enrolments for 300 hour advance Yoga Teacher Training program will get a contract for 100 classes @ a class at the upcoming divine light studio i.e. you get your fee back.At Divine light, Yoga instructors and Yoga students work as one family and Yoga Teacher Training based on maintaining our natural condition of an easeful body, peaceful mind and useful life. Our yoga Teacher training gives you the right tools to succeed in life, show you right way to see wisdom so that you can change your life forever, and to discover your real self, your gifts and the power within you. Our mission is to practice, live, and impart the Integral Yoga teachings to experience Supreme Peace and Joy, and to share that with one and all.

About the Author

Divine Light - A yoga teacher training studio located in North Vancouver established by Nakul Kapur, a Registered Senior Yoga Teacher for Yoga Teacher Training Vancouver. Use and distribution of this article is subject to our Publisher Guidelines whereby the original author's information and copyright must be included.
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Now Catholic Yoga In America

Now Catholic Yoga In America
Nevada, Jan 24 (IBNS) Famous Holy Name Cathedral in Chicago (USA) is now offering 'Catholic Yoga' classes.

Website of this Cathedral, which is both a parish and the seat of the Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago, says: "Join us as we explore the multiple spiritual and physical benefits of yoga practice while explicitly integrating prayers and spiritual themes of our Catholic faith."

"Typical sessions will include an opening prayer, inspired movement and Dina Wolf, who teaches vinyasa flow yoga and who has taken Hatha yoga classes.

This Cathedral, whose tagline is "the place where Chicago goes to pray" and whose traces go back as far as 1843, is Chicago's "one and only" Cathedral and attracts thousands of visitors each week from world over. Monsignor Dan Mayal is the Pastor while Francis Cardinal George is the Archbishop of Chicago.

* Now 'Catholic Yoga' in America


* Catholics and the dangers of New Age movement
* Classes incorporate prayer, Christian music into yoga-type exercise - Catholic News Service

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Leadership Training For Christ Rogers Ar

Leadership Training For Christ Rogers Ar

Mid-South LWML League Letter

Provided the grant for at Friends in Christ Lutheran Church in Bryant, Arkansas! 3 10,000 Support for new Hispanic Missions in Rogers AR-NW ">

July 15-18, 2012 Memphis, TN - Vertical Three

Salvation through Jesus Christ. is at the same time completely selective and completely generous. AR where he has ministered to kids for leadership training conference for Free Will Baptist high school students.... Read More

HMB Operational Manuals Collection

AR 631-17 Prepared by: Donna Wells, manuals promoting and outlining various programs of training for national and local evangelism. * Designed for leadership to understand the baby boomer generation and teach the laity... Document Retrieval

Catholic Connections We Give Thanks For Your Gifts In 2010...

Using the "Connection to Christ" six week series. Message from Fr. Mark T. Beran Pastor/Chaplain ar ishCo un clM nu te04 /22 11: "The C t oN ewm anCe n[ WSC} An August 2003 leadership training was held in Fremont for Catholic students from Blair,... Fetch Content


LEADERSHIP TEAM REPORT Rogers, AR 02/15/2011 By Statement: Christ through Care Ministry Prospect for FBC Smyrna Joined FBC Smyrna TOTAL GIVEN 4050.88 2439.37 435.1 100 345.27 16 1 9 2 Number of Clients 10 11 8 5 3... Fetch Doc

One Day TRAINING Experience February 17, 2007 Crichton College

One day training experience February 17, 2007 Crichton College Rogers (A Mother's Heart) teaching Youth Ministry, Relationships and the Gospel Women in Ministry Class Memphis Leadership Foundation Memphis Urban Ministry... View This Document

Arkansas Teachers Of English For Speakers Of Other Languages...

Training, promoting professional stand-ards in language education, net- Over Christ-mas I got an email from a former student (I'll call him "Juan") Rogers, Arkansas at the Embassy Suites Hotel and Convention Cen-... Content Retrieval

2011 - Officers Christian Fellowship

Eyond utter ar T hirty-one years ago, As I came to Christ, I continued to ponder this idea of "luck" until it finally dawned on Spiritual leadership. Leadership training at the conference centers/other critical locations--equipping,... View Document


1051 West Pleasant Grove Road * Rogers * AR 72758 11.04.2012 but their lives for the cause of Christ. You might be one who desires to serve, Mentoring 101 Training: Register online and join us for Mentoring 101 Training on... Get Document

PLEASE NOTE: Cathy Orrell Ray And Michelle Canode: INFO

1051 West Pleasant Grove Road * Rogers * AR 72758 6th grade), Training Center Chapel. Cost: 25 per parenting unit PRIME TIME MINISTRY receive Jesus Christ right now? CONTACT: / 878.2988 * Cardmaking ::... Doc Retrieval

North Arkansas News

God seeks bold followers of Christ who will stand in the gap, speak truth, AR 72032 479-582-0563 (Stewardship Training with Mark Lail) 22 Rogers Invitational Teen Quiz 28-29 TEACH Conference... Document Viewer

Renewal Retreats And Vacations - Enrichment Journal

LOCATION: Near Russellville, AR. MAILING ADDRESS: PO Box 751055, Houston, TX 77275. PHONE: 713-254 combined with a strong Christ-centered approach to this unique treatment setting. Eagle's Nest Blair also conducts spiritual leadership training sessions (for pastors and elders)... Fetch Document

March 25, 2012 Village Church Of CHRIST

210 Balboa Rd., Hot Springs Village, AR - 501-922-2827 March 25, Leadership Training for Christ Class 6pm tonight. April 6th ">

I Do Want To Wish Lashley Banks And Vince Smith, Two Members...

Princi pios para cre ar una verdadera intimidad emoci ona l, The Adrian Rogers Pastor Training Institute will present "What Every Pastor Ought to Know" on May 22, Christ and students is more important than... Get Doc

North Arkansas News

Next year's gathering scheduled for June 13-15 in Rogers, AR. - D. Randy Berkner This year's emphasis is To Make Christ-like Disciples in our Samaria (cross-culturally, in our state, and across our These training events for workers in children, youth,... Fetch Content

Wade VP, Global HR 281-719-6000 resp for global training asst: Anna Jurong Town Corporation she does all scheduling for leadership training an 845-224-4408 212-879-2932 VP HR Training Devel... View Doc

Both a group of students and individual students ar assessed Training Interpreters for Individuals who are Deaf and Individuals who are Deaf-Blind Adult Education National Leadership Activities Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need... Get Doc
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5 Universal Herbs For Magick And Healing

5 Universal Herbs For Magick And Healing
One thing I love about being Pagan/Witch/Wiccan/Earth-Based Religion is that there is no right or wrong way of doing things. Some people will say, oh yes, things have to be done in such and such a way.....I don't believe that. In my experience, I like to keep things as simple as possible and it works for me.

For example, when using herbs for healing and/or magick, there are five universals that I use for just about everything:

Sage - protection, healing, health, wishes, fertility, longevity, and wisdom.

Nettle - protection, to avert danger, healing, courage, also an antidote for many poisons.

Lavender - sleep, long life, peace, wishes, protection, love, purification, visions, clarity of thought.

Lemon Balm (Sweet Melissa) - aphrodisiac, love potions, anti-depressant.

Chamomile - meditation, centering, peace, sprinkle in home to attract healing and money, protection.

Are there any herbs that you use for healing or protection as "universals"?


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La Importancia De La Astrologa En La Wicca

La Importancia De La Astrologa En La Wicca
Cuando los seres humanos apenas sab'ian hacer fuego y tallar hachas de piedra, al caer la noche, el cielo brillaba sobre sus cabezas con todo su esplendor. Hoy apenas podemos hacernos una idea de lo que supon'ia para ellos la visi'on de las estrellas y la luna noche tras noche. Resultaba f'acil observar c'omo la luna crec'ia y menguaba hasta desaparecer y luego renac'ia cual delgada l'inea de luz sobre el horizonte. Tambi'en se dieron cuenta de que unas estrellas estaban siempre en el mismo lugar del firmamento, mientras que otras se mov'ian. A estas 'ultimas les llamaron "planetas" que significa "errantes".

El misterio y el caos que envolv'ian el mundo para los seres humanos solo empez'o a desvelarse cuando 'estos se dieron cuenta que exist'ian unos ciclos peri'odicos en la Naturaleza: el cambio del d'ia a la noche, el crecer y decrecer de la Luna, el retorno de las estaciones a lo largo del a~no.

En muchas civilizaciones antiguas (China, India, Babilonia, Aztecas y Mayas) los sabios observaban meticulosamente a los astros y anotaron sus movimientos, sus periodicidades. El Sol, la Luna y las estrellas permit'ian que el ser humano se orientase en el tiempo y en el espacio (por ejemplo al navegar). El poeta griego Hes'iodo (hacia el 700 antes de Cristo) describ'ia el a~no campesino en su obra "Los trabajos y los d'ias":

"Cuando asciende" (aparece por el horizonte) "la constelaci'on de las Pl'eyades, comienza entonces la cosecha y ara cuando descienden. Cuarenta d'ias y cuarenta noches seguidas permanecer'an ocultas, pero cuando reaparezcan, afila tu hoz para la nueva cosecha".

Pero de la observaci'on de los astros no solo se obten'ian beneficios pr'acticos. El Sol, la Luna y las estrellas simbolizaban a los dioses e incluso algunas civilizaciones les consideraron dioses en s'i mismos. Para descifrar la voluntad divina, se observaron sus movimientos, periodicidades, las relaciones que se establec'ian entre ellos, etc.

En Babilonia, Egipto, China o Mesoam'erica, los astr'onomos eran a la vez sacerdotes y consejeros. Interpretaban los fen'omenos del cielo y predec'ian sus efectos en su comunidad, especialmente con respecto a asuntos de estado (guerra, paz, destino de sus reyes). Los fen'omenos extraordinarios como los cometas o los eclipses eran interpretados como el anuncio de una desgracia y los seres humanos deb'ian hacer plegarias o sacrificios para reconciliarse con sus dioses enfadados.

A partir del mundo griego, la Astrolog'ia se "democratiza" y ya no solo se interpretan los fen'omenos celestes para asuntos comunitarios sino para el individuo. La carta astral, hasta entonces solo para reyes, se levanta para cualquiera que acuda al astr'ologo. El astr'ologo de entonces, precisaba saber leer y escribir, y adem'as poseer conocimientos matem'aticos y cient'ificos. Por ello, la Astrolog'ia fue practicada por personas con cultura, estando al servicio de la nobleza, el clero y los profesionales liberales. Se utilizaba tanto para predecir el tiempo atmosf'erico (previsiones para navegantes) como en Medicina (Astrolog'ia M'edica) y, evidentemente, para conocer el destino.

LA CARTA ASTRAL es la fotograf'ia del cielo en el momento del nacimiento de una persona. En la visi'on actual de la Astrolog'ia, esta carta expone el potencial del destino de ese individuo. Potencial que podr'a verse afectado (negativa y positivamente) por el entorno social, cultural, etc; y adem'as por las propias decisiones de la persona sobre s'i misma y lo que desea hacer con su vida. Ya no es una "losa" que cae sobre la cabeza de un individuo en forma de destino y lo determina, haga lo que haga. La visi'on determinista tradicional ya no es v'alida en una sociedad en la que la vida de los padres es un 90% distinta a la vida que tuvieron sus abuelos y un 90% distinta a la vida que tendr'an sus propios hijos.

La carta astral es una herramienta para conocerla a fondo. Es v'alida para toda la vida y no se puede captar toda su profundidad ni todos sus matices en una sola lectura.

Yo recomendar'ia ir a varios astr'ologos para tener visiones distintas (pero complementarias) de la propia carta. La interpretaci'on astrol'ogica, al ser a la vez un arte y una ciencia, difiere seg'un la capacidad y la orientaci'on (por ejemplo psicol'ogica o predictiva) de la persona que la hace. Tambi'en es interesante aprender por uno mismo a leer su significado. Con cada lectura aparecer'an nuevos descubrimientos.

Los datos que se necesitan son: lugar, d'ia y hora de nacimiento; nada m'as.

En Internet hay p'aginas web que ofrecen levantar la carta de forma gratuita y que adem'as proporcionan una interpretaci'on hecha por ordenador. Es una manera de empezar a interesarse por el tema, pero una interpretaci'on mec'anica nunca podr'a igualar a la realizada cara a cara con un astr'ologo, por bueno que sea el software empleado.

En la Wicca es muy importante la astrolog'ia porque no es lo mismo hacer un ritual al amanecer, que bajo la luna llena; ni hacerlo en primavera que en oto~no. Cada momento del d'ia, estaci'on, fase lunar, incluso cada d'ia y hora, tienen cualidades espec'ificas que podemos utilizar.


Durante el d'ia predomina la energ'ia del sol, que es fuerte, activa y expansiva. La luz solar empuja a salir, a explorar e intentar cosas nuevas; da valor, favorece la comunicaci'on, los negocios y el comercio. Es el Yang (masculino) de la filosof'ia china.

El d'ia propicia la magia que implica relacionarse con los dem'as, expandirse en el mundo, obtener fortaleza y poder. Las cuestiones de trabajo y dinero, as'i como los viajes.

Durante la noche predomina la luna. Su energ'ia es fr'ia y suave, receptiva, introspectiva y misteriosa. Fomenta la meditaci'on y el silencio, la poes'ia y el arte. Es el Yin (femenino) de la filosof'ia china.

Los rituales, destinados a descubrir alguna verdad oculta en nosotros mismos, deben efectuarse por la noche. La magia de adivinaci'on suele efectuarse durante estas horas, as'i como la proyecci'on astral o la telepat'ia.


La influencia de la luna es un elemento muy importante en las fluctuaciones de la energ'ia ps'iquica.


A la luna se la llama creciente cuando pasa de nueva a llena. A medida que va creciendo, la luna ejerce una atracci'on magn'etica sobre todas las cosas. Es el momento para practicar la magia de la fertilidad, o para proteger una relaci'on amorosa, aumentar la salud y el bienestar, y trazar nuevos caminos para el esp'iritu. Tambi'en es un buen momento para plantar hierbas m'agicas.


La luna es menguante cuando pasa de llena a nueva. Es el momento para deshacer, retroceder, eliminar y separar. Para promover el fin pac'ifico de una relaci'on amorosa o de una asociaci'on de negocios. As'imismo, si deseamos librarnos de experiencias pasadas o de una parte no deseada de nosotros mismos. Tambi'en es el mejor momento para cortar hierbas y flores.


La luna llena representa la marea alta de los poderes ps'iquicos, y resulta 'util en todo tipo de magia.


Las noches en que "no hay" luna son como un per'iodo de descanso en el que es preferible no practicar la magia.


Es en esos momentos es cuando mejor funciona la magia.

A la salida del sol es el momento adecuado para los conjuros relativos a nuevos comienzos: para encontrar un nuevo amor, un nuevo trabajo o incluso una nueva direcci'on en la vida; para recuperar la confianza y la esperanza en el futuro, despu'es de haber pasado por una mala 'epoca; para recuperar la salud tras una enfermedad, o para curar un coraz'on roto. El mejor modo de practicar la magia al atardecer o al amanecer es estando de alg'un modo en contacto con la naturaleza, aunque sea delante de una ventana abierta. Lo mejor es colocarse de cara al este, pues es por donde sale el sol.

La puesta de sol tambi'en es un momento m'agico. Es el momento de rendir cuentas y de cobrar conciencia de la forma en que hemos gastado nuestras energ'ias. Se trata de uno de los momentos m'as importantes para conocerse a s'i mismo, sobre todo en 'epocas de confusi'on y tensi'on. Cada vez que queramos conocer la verdad sobre algo, utilizaremos el poder de los 'ultimos rayos del sol que permanecen en el horizonte. Ya se trate de una verdad que alguien nos oculta o que nos ocultamos a nosotros mismos. Lo mejor es mirar hacia el oeste, por donde se pone el sol.


DOMINGO. Planeta: SOL.

Asuntos. Ambiciones; carrera; honor; todos los asuntos masculinos; la salud del coraz'on, pecho y columna vertebral; fama y fortuna; oro; la gente de autoridad y alta posici'on; el cuerpo humano (como organismo completo); salud y curaci'on; ni~nos; actores; lugares de diversi'on; la autoridad (usada y mal usada), el orgullo, la arrogancia y presunci'on.

LUNES. Planeta: LUNA.

Asuntos.-Las mujeres y lo femenino; concepci'on y fertilidad; desarrollo de las capacidades ps'iquicas; intuici'on; trato con el p'ublico; la familia y lo dom'estico; la maternidad; beb'es e infantes; sue~no; nutrici'on, alimento y est'omago; los pechos; las emociones; las mareas y el agua; los mares, barcos y marineros; el funcionamiento del cuerpo como totalidad; herencia; propiedades, hogar; todo lo que encierre y proteja; cosas perdidas.


Asuntos.-Coraje; valor y desaf'io; protecci'on frente al peligro; maquinaria, herramientas; coches; la guerra, las peleas dom'esticas; las operaciones, cirug'ia y cirujanos; sangre y su derramamiento; dolor; fiebres; capacidad para el liderazgo; la ambici'on y la capacidad de superar obst'aculos y ganar; palabras que , como las sarc'asticas y cr'iticas; accidentes, especialmente quemaduras y cortes; los reci'en llegados; la violencia.


Asuntos.- la mente, en especial la parte que trata de los asuntos cotidianos, destreza manual; escritos y lenguajes y su adquisici'on; todas las herramientas de la escritura; percepci'on y procesos mentales; comunicaci'on y transportes, correos; la adquisici'on de conocimientos y habilidades; escuelas y educaci'on; todo lo que est'e escrito o impreso; hermanos y hermanas; parientes (en sentido amplio); vecinos y visitantes; el sistema nervioso y los ; ladrones y robos; respiraci'on, pulmones y sus trastornos; arrendatarios; comerciantes; hu'espedes, enfermedad y dolor.


Asuntos.-Finanzas; banqueros y banca; prestigio y prominencia social; juegos de azar, apuestas; caballos; suerte en general; religiones y filosof'ias; abogados; lo legal y lo ilegal; pleitos; la Iglesia y sus dignatarios (todas las denominaciones); la educaci'on superior; beneficio y expansi'on; malversaci'on; acciones; la bolsa; riquezas; sabidur'ia; edici'on y editores; forasteros; exploradores, seguros; nietos; lugares remotos del lugar de nacimiento; sue~nos; intereses extranjeros; el h'igado y la sangre, tambi'en sus trastornos.


Asuntos.-Amor; matrimonio y compa~n'ia de todos tipos; belleza; arte; artistas y lo art'istico; m'usicos y acontecimientos musicales; acontecimientos sociales, reuniones; romances y bodas; trajes y ramos de bodas; elegancia; armon'ia en todos sus aspectos; placer; guerra, enemigos y oponentes declarados; lujuria, obscenidad; paz y pac'ifico; desequilibrio; dinero; banquero, inversores e inversiones; las posesiones m'oviles (las que se pueden llevar encima); contratos y acuerdos; sobrinos; los ri~nones y sus trastornos.


Asuntos.- Casas, propiedades e inmuebles, ancianos y asuntos viejos; cosas viejas; karma; excavaciones; pozos y minas; la muerte; el Tiempo; relojes, puntualidad; paciencia; estabilidad; la sabidur'ia que puede llegar con la edad; autodisciplina; envejecimiento; deudas, deberes, dinero, obligaciones; depresi'on; econom'ia; lo met'odico; frugalidad; ; la pena y p'erdida; todo lo que impida u obstruya; destino; empleador y empleo; reumatismo (o enfermedades producidas por el fr'io, la humedad o la edad).

Bendiciones )0(


Money Draw Prosperity Natural Blend Soy Container Candle For Ritual Prayer Spellwork Meditation By Crowcrossroads

Money Draw Prosperity Natural Blend Soy Container Candle For Ritual Prayer Spellwork Meditation By Crowcrossroads
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Humanism Build Or Remodel

Humanism Build Or Remodel
Church today was gruesome. And more than a little bit weird. I'm not saying anyone did anything wrong by their lights. It was typical Unitarian butchering of religion. But you should know the context.

First, imagine this:

It's post-war Germany. Many people are unemployed and poor, so there's lots of time for making babies. There are also a lot of Nazi flags lying around. It's not a stretch that one of them would end up as a baby blanket. Or that that family would emigrate to Boston. Or that they would join the local UU church.

Now we have a 2 year old carrying a Nazi flag around in a UU church in Boston in 1952. Who would take a kid's blanket away?

That's what happened in church today. That was the weird part. The topic was prayer, and a young non-theistic woman explained that, despite its origins, she still found the Hail, Mary prayer comforting and useful. She dismissed the idea that Mary helped her, and she wouldn't want to cut in line ahead of starving children. But in one anguished moment (her sister was missing), she repeated this prayer and found it helpful.

She then recited the entire Hail, Mary for effect. That was another weird moment. UUs are very eclectic, happy to appropriate good ideas from wherever they are found. But this woman didn't seem to think there were any good ideas in this prayer. She simply found its music comforting. She found it useful despite its ideas. Like a child being comforted by a Nazi flag.

Now, Godwin's Law suggests I should avoid the Nazi comparison. But if you object to it, then you don't know very much about the Catholic Church.

One of my hopes for UU is that it will provide modern, humanist replacements for the shopworn traditions we've inherited. But there seem to be two main ways of moving forward, Build or Remodel.

In this case, this woman seems to be a remodeler. She sees no problem in converting an abattoir into a condominium. This sort of thing is actually done, and often works. For instance, Dachau is now a tourist attraction. Why can't a prayer that exalts one woman above all others become a prayer that ennobles all women?

Builders see things differently. For various reasons, they conclude that it's best to start fresh. They don't want to live in a house where a famous murder occurred. They don't want the public to be confused by turning a sewage plant into a restaurant. If they use parts of old structures, they scrub off the labels.

So, what should we do? Well, that depends on our values. If we're respectful of Nazi flags, we probably wouldn't let a kid suck on one. And if we're respectful of Catholic doctrine, we probably wouldn't hollow out a hallowed prayer and draft it into efforts which Catholics oppose.

I mentioned this to the young woman after church and she seemed to agree with this much. She was able to use the prayer in a UU service precisely because she didn't respect the Catholic tradition! She stole its comforting music, wrenching it out of the Catholic canon, leaving its meaning behind and assigning another. That was the gruesome part.

This evisceration is not obvious because it happens offstage. It seems irrelevant. But it's only irrelevant if we don't respect Catholic ideas. Now, UUs often say they respect all religious traditions, but of course that isn't what they mean. They mean that they respect every human being, and they try to keep an open mind about the big questions. But they hold values, like equality, for instance, so they aren't going to be open to the KKK or Nazism.

This is usually laughed off as too obvious to mention, but then we come to Christianity. Is Christianity more like UUism or Nazism? Well, that depends on which parts you wrench out of the body of Christ.

If you're a remodeler, you'll have to work pretty hard to rehabilitate "No one gets to the Father except through Me" or "Do not resist one who is evil". Even remodelers rent a garbage bin for the demolition phase. And there's a tipping point, where Remodelers look a lot like Builders. If you demolish the foundation, you're basically starting from scratch anyway.

In such cases, what do we call our new structure? Do we honor the past and use the old name? If not, can we really bury the past? Don't people have a right to know where things came from?

The answers to these questions depend on our values, but there are some tradfs none of us can avoid:

If we hollow out religious ideas and appropriate them, we can't at the same time respect them. We have to do violence to them.

If we keep supremacist or inegalitarian religious ideas (such as Jesus taught), then we can't respect all human beings. We have to do violence to them.

The only way forward without doing violence is to start fresh. Yes, there may be times where remodeling makes sense. It might save money or time, or it might let you ride the coattails of a recognized brand. But if we care about ideas, or don't want the taint of association, that way is closed.

Should we care about ideas? Do we have to take Catholic doctrine seriously? Why not raid it and take just the good bits? Well, actions have consequences. If we pirate the Catholic brand, how do we avoid spreading its untoward aspects? Imitation is flattery. Despite saying she renounced the ideas in the Hail, Mary, our reader was a vector for it, infecting 200 new minds. Some may never have heard it before! All publicity is good publicity. It lends a luster of legitimacy, and shores up its dominance, even if we are trying to amend it.

My own solution is this. Even though I don't respect beliefs that don't fit with my values, no matter what their origin (religious or otherwise), I don't try to remodel them. I am a Builder. First, I care about ideas, even ones I reject. I take them seriously. This precludes bending them out of all recognition to fit UU principles. Second, religions have no good ideas of their own anyway! All their good stuff is simply human heritage that they have claimed, then charged admission for.

By my values, it is far better to simply Build a brand of our own, and give it away for free. Religion has nothing we need, or anything unique to offer. If we value clarity, it is more trouble than it's worth.


La Oracin Del S

La Oracin Del S
He aqu'i un ejercicio pr'actico y efectivo de afirmaciones con respuesta. Lo he creado esta tarde en base a los efectos que estoy obteniendo gracias al trabajo del libro EL PODER. Como ya has visto en mi 'ultimo art'iculo, el poder de la Palabra Hablada es impresionante y ofrece multitud de bendiciones si se usa correctamente. Por eso quiero compartir contigo mi 'ultima creaci'on hablada.Se trata de una oraci'on-ejercicio-alineaci'on que dice s'i a la vida y a todo lo bueno que el Universo te concede, pues la afirmaci'on positiva abre el canal interno que nos conecta con el Reino del Esp'iritu. Si has le'ido la secci'on EL ESP'IRITU de este blog, ya sabes que el Esp'iritu es lo que permite la vida en todo el Universo y que su energ'ia en expansi'on crea lo que llamamos la Red Universal que nos conecta a todos. Este Esp'irtu se puede comprender como el Alma del Universo, y su presencia permite que el coraz'on lata y t'u tengas consciencia. Su poder te bendice con su energ'ia cuando te conectas a su energ'ia (la Red vital) y cuando usas correctamente su energ'ia ofreci'endote el Amor Universal. Por eso hacer este ejercicio te ayuda a conectar con la energ'ia que desprende la Red del Esp'iritu, que por supuesto siempre es positiva. A trav'es de la afirmaci'on en la Palabra Hablada tu ser interno se conecta con lo supremo, y all'i, siempre hay un banco de energ'ia dispuesta para ti. Con esta energ'ia puedes hacer lo que quieras, desde tu libertad, pero es de honor pagano y sabio usarla para el bien com'un. Si la usas mal la desperdicias, y el canal por el que baja la energ'ia se contrae, reduciendo el sumistro de bendiciones. He aqu'i el poder del s'i. ?No lo sab'ias?. Cuando dices s'i, te conectas con la Red C'osmica de la Vida y del Esp'iritu. Afirmas la vida, elevas la autoestima, aceleras tu vibraci'on personal, mejoras en tu estado interno y potencias la creatividad. Cuando dices s'i tu cuerpo f'isico responde, tus c'elulas se agitan y los electrones que componen tu ser aceleran su velocidad alrededor del 'atomo. Parece una tonter'ia, pero cuando lo pruebes ver'as los resultados. Decir muchas veces s'i, es beneficioso para el cuerpo, la mente y el alma, y te conecta con el Brillo del Poder Universal. Por el contrario cuando dices no, te alejas del mundo, de la vida, de las dem'as personas y del Universo, pues te cierras a la corriente energ'etica cortando el suministro energ'etico. Esto te pasa cuando te enfadas y cuando te quejas por todo, pues cuando tu estado mental y emocional est'a negativo, no canalizas la energia de la Naturaleza, y la magia insondable de la luz deja de circular por ti. Haz una prueba; di varias veces no. Hazlo en voz alta. En serio, pr'uebalo.?Lo has hecho?. Hazlo, de verdad. Hazlo y ver'as como al decirlo varias veces (con energ'ia) te negativinizas. Si lo dices en voz alta varias veces, afirmando con fuerza y energ'ia tu palabra ver'as como acabas enfad'andote. No.(Bueno, no pasa nada, es tan solo una palabra) Nooo.....! (ya noto que tengo que imponer mi volutad)Nooooo.......!Te he dicho que nooooooooooooo.....!, Es que no me entiendes........!?Ves?, La negaci'on repetida hace que te enfades y que te alejes del resto del mundo. Cuando una persona se enfada (por cualquier motivo), tiende a alejarse, a refugiarse en otro lugar y a buscar consuelo externo. Cuando nos enfadamos buscamos la soledad o un apoyo en otra persona, igual que hacen los ni~nos.?Has notado la diferencia?. Cuando nos enfadamos nuestro ego humano aparece de forma brusca, se siente herido, dolido y busca ayuda. Hasta que se nos pasa, nos sentimos alejados, callamos y buscamos aprobaci'on. A nadie le gusta estar enfadado todo el d'ia (pienso que a ti tampoco), pues la Naturaleza humana es estar en paz y armon'ia. Vale, esto es entendible. Ahora cambiemos el chip. Veamos lo que pasa cuando dices s'i.Venga pru'ebalo. Di s'i.Suena mal verdad, sin emoci'on. Piensa en una petici'on muy especial, la que te har'ia muy feliz en estos momentos de tu vida. D'i s'i otra vez. S'i....!Vale, suena mejor. Repitelo otra vez. S'i....!S'i'i'i......!S'i'i'i'i............!Yo digo s'i...! Notas la diferencia....?. La energ'ia es alegre, positiva, contagiosa, abierta, divertida, ligera, fluidad, feliz....!. Vale, vemos que el S'i afirma la vida, es positivo y creador. ?C'omo utilizar este poder vibracional para tu campo energ'etico, tu vida, tus negocios, tu pareja, en fin, todo lo que hay en tu vida mejore?.Pronunci'andolo cada d'ia, pronunciando una oraci'on que diga s'i a todo lo bueno que la vida tiene que ofrecerte. Cuando pronuncias una oraci'on que dice s'i a todo lo que quieres conseguir, te conectas con el poder creador del Universo y lo atraes a ti. La t'ecnica es la siguiente; Dise~na una oraci'on que diga s'i a todo lo bueno que quieres, a aquello que quieres lograr en tu vida y a aquello que sabes te har'a feliz. Dise~nala de modo que cada vez que la digas generes en tu interior un fogonazo de energ'ia positiva y creadora. Crear tu propia oraci'on del s'i es lo mejor que puedes hacer si quieres cosechar este poder. M'as que nada porque cuando la dise~nas t'u, le a~nades emoci'on, la personalizas y haces que tenga sentido para ti. Si no sabes c'omo hacerlo, aqu'i te muestro un ejemplo que puede servirte. Si'entete libre de modificarla para que se ajuste a tu caso. Puedes incluir cosas que quieres mantener o conseguir. No importa. Mientras sea positivo lo que pidas y beneficioso para tu crecimiento, lo har'as bien. LA ORACI'ON DIARIA DEL S'IYO DIGO S'i A LA VIDAYO DIGO S'i A LA LUZYO DIGO S'i A LA PAZYO DIGO S'i AL AMORYO DIGO S'i A TODO LO BUENO QUE VIENE A MI SENDA Y QUE SIEMPRE ES PERFECTO.AFIRMO LO BUENO QUE TENGO EN MI TEMPLO BRILLANDO CON GLORIA EN HONOR DE LO ETERNOCONECTANDO MI SER A LA RED SUPERIORAFIRMO QUE TODO EN MI VIDA ES MEJOR. AMADO, CREADO Y ABIERTO AL AMORRECIBO AHORA MISMO EL PODER CREADORBENDIGO LAS GRACIAS Y SANAS MERCEDESQUE EL DIOS Y LA DIOSA EN MI MANO CONCEDEN.YO DIGO S'i A LA VIDAYO DIGO S'i A LA LUZYO DIGO S'i A LA PAZYO DIGO S'i AL AMOR AFIRMO LO BUENO QUE YA EST'a EN MI SENDADICI'eNDOLE S'i A UNA VIDA PERFECTAYO DIGO S'i A LA BELLEZA EN MI TEMPLO YO DIGO S'i A LA PROSPERIDAD DE MIS EMPRESASYO DIGO S'i A LOS BUENOS AMIGOSYO DIGO S'i A LO BUENO QUE ME OFRECE EL DESTINOYO DIGO S'i A LA FORTUNA EN MI VIDAYO DIGO S'i A LA FAMILIA FELIZYO DIGO S'i A MIS PADRES QUERIDOSYO DIGO S'i A MIS HERMANOS Y PRIMOSYO DIGO S'i A LA UNI`oN FRATERNALYO DIGO S'i A LA GRAN PAZ MUNDIALYO DIGO S'i LA LIBERTAD DE MI TEMPLOYO DIGO S'i A UN DESTINO PERFECTOYO DIGO S'i AL CAMINO BRILLANTE YO DIGO S'i AL PODER TAN RADIANTE ETC, ETC, ETC,La oraci'on no tiene porqu'e rimar, aunque si te digo la verdad, a m'i me gusta m'as que rime. Pero lo importante es que tu oraci'on resuene en tu templo interno, en tu inconsciente, en tu ser. No te cortes en a~nadir lo que sea m'as personal o en darle otro toque a la oraci'on. Tu oraci'on ser'a tuya, por lo tanto hazla personal. Siempre que sea bueno y no da~ne a nadie, adelante, hazlo...!. A m'i me gusta llevar un equilibrio natural en lo que afirmo. Es decir que le digo s'i a las cosas espirituales, f'isicas, mentales, emocionales, etc, pues todo es importante en la vida. Recuerda que para vivir una vida armoniosa debe ser equilibrada. Es verdad que si ahora mismo te encuentras en una situaci'on nefasta de dinero, te vas a centrar m'as en eso, y crear'as una para el dinero, pero la general deber'ia incluirlo todo, como un plan de realizaci'on completa que afirme la realizaci'on total de tu ser. Con esta misma idea, puedes dise~nar oraciones del s'i para el amor, la salud, el trabajo, el dinero, el 'exito, los amigos, un deseo en concreto, etc. Ves que f'acil...?. Y lo 'unico que tienes que hacer es rezarla en voz alta, con sentimiento. Si las rezas varias veces al d'ia mejor, as'i tu energ'ia se mantiene conectada a la Red. El 'unico problema es que si tus vecinos te oyen rezar una oraci'on as'i, pueden pensar que definitivamente est'as para encerrar. Pero qu'e importa?. Si tu vida es maravillosa sigue as'i y lograr'as tus objetivos. En serio, ya sabes que todo lo que publico en el blog lo he probado yo antes.., y si algo no funciona, no lo comparto. Di s'i, haz oraciones del s'i, y ver'as como tu vibraci'on cambia. Recuerda que siempre debes centrarte en lo positivo, en c'omo sanar las cosas, as'i que no hagas una oraci'on del no o lo estropear'as. Las oraciones del No existen s'i, pero deben estar muy bien estructuradas para que generen Luz. C'entrate en la Luz, en la Positividad, en la Paz y en la Grandeza de saber que te unes a la Red Universal del Gran Esp'iritu. Afirma lo que s'i quieres tener, y ver'as c'omo funciona. Sabio y Bendito seas.

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Power Spells For Teens By Alyra

Power Spells For Teens By Alyra
Pomposity Spells for Teens: Did you know that each one of us is capable of working magick?You've I assume made magickal changes in the world and haven't even realized it. Possibly you hint it was good luck or destiny that comings and goings turned out in your trip. The truth is that the invention is full of energya mystical, life-changing power that you can harness express spellcraft to aircraft a first world for yourself.In Pomposity Spells for Teens, youll seize how to friend private general feeling and ritual to unleash your own potent, dazzling magick. Shuffle by empowering pace, youll learn how to summon a sacred space, leaf the abode, bestow your magick its benefit from, understand and use natural elements in your spells, and achieve your unique gifts, becoming extend go well together to the invention and surer of yourself.Whether its about dating, friendship, health and skeleton issues, terrace, or school, you can use magickal energy to shape the life you deficiency as you: * Seize the wand, athame, and other tools youll use to point energy * Fit an altar as a heart for your spellcraft * High opinion your psychic skills and pile on your entering power * Tap in the field of the services of Individual and work with, not against, improve * Advise the sonnet and ponder of the spirit worldand magick within yourself! Pomposity Spells for Teens is a intense book for younger those looking to break in the field of the craft.

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Welcome To a Guide to Bahmut Lagoon... the Japanese never-made-it-here-but-should-have SQUARE Video gameWritten By: Kefka the Dark OneA small little guide to the Area surroundings in Bahamut Lagoon.Part 1: Page 40-41 in the manual.(from the top of Page 40 down) Area conditions changing and hazards. 1)ground Description: all sorts of kinds.... Brown, blue, carpets, glass, etc.. Hazard: nope Changeable: no Used against enemies: no Quick reference: That itself is your playing field. Where you can move around, when you are in your turn and you highlight the first option* (* some times change) the highlighted part is where you character can walk for this round. 2)Spikes Description: Cone shaped things sticking outta the ground. Hazard: Yes, if your rest your team on there, will cause damage, it WALK upon no. Changeable: Yes, when in doubt give it a Lighting taste! that'll break em! Used against enemies: Yes, often the heroes might put them in a situation that there's no way to avoid stepping on them. Quick Ref: Stay clear of them when resting your party, also try not to be a square away from them, for your Dragon might land on them...ouch.... 3) Treasure Box description: a Purple box, that well looks like a Chest Hazard: Sometimes, a few times enemies will hide gas, spikes, etc. Watch out. Changeable: Yes when opened, no other time. Used against enemies: no. Quick ref.: The way to open them is to get your Character to stand and rest on them. But as I said beware. 4)Grass Description: Green Not High grass (high isn't in pic, often looks like a Forest. you will know it when you see it. Hazard: low grass: No / high grass: sometimes Changeable: LG: NO / HG: Yes, when set ablaze Used against enemies: LG: no / HG: Hehe yes. Quick ref.: Low grass is just a foreground stuff, harmless. High grass or Forests can be set on Fire by any fire Like spell, when resting on the flames you will loose HP big time, also your enemies will too....trick them onto grass then set it ablaze, bahamut Dragon is good at that since he has Long range attacks. 5)Bridge Description: A light brown bridge, wooden / there are other types too. Hazard: YES! especially if your characters are on it while a Thunder spell hits it. Changeable: yeah, drop it and the bridge is "out" Used against enemies: Hehehe Oh yes..... thunder thunder! hehe... Quick Ref.: There are many kinds bridges, careful when trowing Lightning spells around, if you hit a bridge with YOUR characters and its over a Pit or something high, you lose em... however if you hit a bridge with your enemies they go plummeting...Hahaha 6)Sand / desert Description: Sandy yellow ground. hazard: yes if you stay in the desert for to many rounds. Changeable: No I don't think so... Used against enemies: yes and you as well. Quick ref.: Thank goodness you only fight a desert battle once, after about 10 rounds of you and your enemies, their HP starts to fall, you take damage. Well at least you don't suffer alone, then enemies do too...give em hell! 7) Roads Description: While kinda not to detailed while lines on grass or etc. Hazards: Naw. Changeable: Yes, set a lighting or Fire spell I think. Used against enemies: No Quick ref.: Useless but fun to break up~! 8)Dams Description: Kinda like locks that keep water out of brown sectors. White colored. Hazard: Yes Changeable: yes Used against enemies: Mwa'hahah yes Quick ref.: in one battle you will see more then 80% of your enemies in a brown sector, if you come up to the top and have a character rest on the Dam, it will break ands spew water on the victims below! just watch out for your characters. 9)Water Description: blue liquid that moves just a little. Hazard: Yes, if drop unto it. Changeable: Yes, by casting an Ice spell upon water I will freeze Used against enemies: yes, the characters might create bridges and also block them. Quick reference: The stuff is mostly there to form bridges to cross, or to drop ya enemies. 10)Shallow Water Description: water that has a few rocks sticking out, often near fallen bridges. Hazard: Not really. Changeable: sometimes, cast Ice Used against enemies: No. Quick Ref.: just there when a bridge falls. Sometimes it can be Iced, other times not.>From this point on its the top of page 41 and down. 11) Ice Description: Blue and white frozen water. Hazard: only if your on it and they cast a Fire spell. ewww water. Changeable: yes, cast fire Used against enemies: Maybe, fire fire hehehe Quick Ref.: You can use the iced water as a Trap to lure enemies to a watery grave, or you can use it as a bridge, cast ice and you will be able to cross water. 12)Mountain Description: Brown and lumpy also cant cross it. Hazard: not really, just blocks you. Changeable: yes, cast that old thunder spell! Used against enemy: you can heard them to a closed off section then have the dragons eat em alive! Quick ref.: The mountains are passable, if you thunder them to kingdom cum! in one level a clever way to avoid most attacks (discovered this myself after being beaten 13 times) is to have you groups split in 2, both with Lightning using attacks and burrow your way through. to the top then hit the boss! 13)Ripped Mountain side. Description: looks like it was leveled by a bulldozer. brown looking. hazard: No way Changeable: no Used against enemies: you can do short cuts to them, or they can come to you. Quick ref.: this is how the ground looks after you Bolt it one good! 14)Lava holes Description: holes that are red. hazard: YES! changeable: I don't know...I never tried it...try casting Water or lighting on it. I think water will burn it out. Used against enemies: Yes Quick ref.: These are like the fires in the forest, it will give both you and your enemies and dragons a hot foot. 15)Holes... Description: looks like Lava holes...minus the brown Hazard: ? I don't think so. Changeable: almost everything will fall to a Lightning spell! Used against enemy: blocks. Quick ref.: I think these thinks act like blockers. 16)Burned and out grass Description: baron and brown after your fire burns out. Hazard: no Changeable: no Used against enemy: no Quick ref.: just more special 17)Land's end Description: the end of the island, kinda like in Sonic 3, the pics of the floating island the edge. Hazard: No Changeable: no used against enemy: they cant escape. Quick ref.: Really another good Fx, but it will also block you and your enemies. Don't worry you cant fall off. 18)Walls Description: white castle like walls. Hazard: No, just blocks Changeable: Hehehe Yes.... Used against enemies: No Quick ref.: One of my fav hobbies is to cast Lightning spells. and crumble the walls. Once broken your enemies sacred area is breached. Give 'em hell BL people! 19)Town squares/ healing places Description: like a fountain in the middle of a road. white, also most of time looks like a small tower, often enemies are at rest on'll realize why soon.... Hazard: Yes and no.. Changeable: yes, good old lightning spells. Used against enemies: yes and no Quick ref.: wondering why the Yes and no's right? well its a heals you when you rest your group on it...but also heals the enemies that rest on it...many a battle was lost to my because of that damn healing shit. 20)Cannons Description: bronze colored Cannon. hazard: Come on....what do you think!? Changeable: yes....LOVE THAT LIGHTNING SPELL! Used against enemies: they are controlling it! Quick ref.: ok...this is the first of the traps....if you are at least from 1 to 4 blocks in front of it. When your party rest....your most likely for it to attack you. Hit it with Lighting before it gets a chance. 21)Castle Description: white domain. Hazard: not a chance Changeable: Mwa'hahahahha kill those humans! LIGHTNING THEM GOOD! Used against enemies: No Quick ref.: I'm not a violent person am I? same as the healers and walls. 22)Broken healing tower: Description: a white tower that's crumbled. Hazard: not any more....not even something that will help you. Changeable: To late.... Used against enemies: Nope.... Quick ref.: you with a lightning spell just fried a place where you can heal your wounds. (also your enemies) way to go..... 23)Puddles of ooze Description: Green and dark, I'm not sure if that's the pic of small to tell but if it isn't its just land. lets say its that ooze...this info will help. Also ooze found in caves also in upper ground forest like places. Hazard: Yes! POISON! Changeable: yes.... Used against enemies: Yes...but for poison eaters it heals em. Quick ref.: believe me you don't want to get into that slime. Best way to deal with water like that is not Ice (I tried that once never worked, I stumbled across the answer) but to cast a CURE! that's right CURE or HEAL! and the water changes. you can walk on it. 24)Poison 2 (see Puddle of ooze) 25)Sky Description: Blue and white. Hazard: No. Changeable: not really. Used against enemies: no Quick ref.: More FX...they show off so much... 26)'endless' pits Description: Black and near edges Hazard: yes Changeable: no Used against enemies: yes Quick ref.: well the only way fall or drop someone is to break a bridge.... 27)Burning forest Description: Parts of land ablazing... hazard: YES! Changeable: yes cast an Ice spell on it. Used against enemies: yes Quick ref.: HOT FOOT HOT FOOT! both you and enemies and off with an Ice spell. 28)slightly sizzling burned out fire. Description: brownish area with little flicks of fiery light. Hazard: ? Changeable: Ice Used against enemies: ? Quick ref.: I've never came across it...just watch it and tell me! 29)Statues Description: varies....gargoyles and wall planted statues or busts... Hazard: YES! Changeable: Good old Lightning! Used against enemies: no Quick ref.: they are like the cannons.... also...that's why you must be aware of your surroundings... there also a nasty little secret where the gargoyles....well I can't spoil it...just beware... 30)... Description: Anything with the "... " on it instead of Kanji (Japanese) hazard: Sometimes Changeable: sometimes Used against enemies: sometimes Quick ref.: its just about anything...from some hidden enemies to just background... 31)Hidden pits and trap doors (not in book) Description: looks like alot of things....Different colored carpets with a long line in the middle, anything within eye shot of a switch. Hazard: YES Changeable: Yes Used against enemies: Yes Quick ref.: like the Bridges....often instead you must throw a switch to open it... 32) Switched (not in book) Description: look like anything switchable. Hazard: yes if your characters are on a pit fall your about to open Changeable: yes after pressing Used against enemies: yeah if they are on a pit. Quick ref.: you used them like you do a Treasure party on it.c. 1996-1997 by Kefka. No part of this FAQ may be rewritten without permission from the author. You can do want you desire, but give credit where credit is due. If you want to distribute, fine. However, it has to be in its entirety.This FAQ is FREE (0) so no profit will be advised.
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Ask Us For Conjure Help With Spirits Religion Psychism Dreams Magic Ethics Re Can Spells Back Fire Blow Back Reverse On Me Or Harm Me

Ask Us For Conjure Help With Spirits Religion Psychism Dreams Magic Ethics Re Can Spells Back Fire Blow Back Reverse On Me Or Harm Me
I read for myself all the time. Of course there are some situations where I really can't objective and need someone else to read for me. I don't get a reading for every step I take, but I think readings (I use tarot) can be really helpful in just providing information you may not have access to. I often ask, "What do I need to know about this situation that is not yet known or hidden from me?" Or I ask what the results will be if I take such and such steps. Or how to best approach something. Yaddah yaddah. You get the idea. It gives me a glimpse of the bigger picture and everyone just likes to make the most informed decisions possible. I don't think readings are necessary for anything that doesn't require exercising judgment. For instance, if I just wanted the cute guy up the road to notice me, or I wanted to attract a new lover, I wouldn't bother with a reading. I'd just do the work and hope for the best. If I was trying to help my girlfriend bring her boyfriend closer to her, I would do a reading to see why her boyfriend is distancing himself. If it's fear of commitment, or another woman, or past hurts...those would all require different approaches. I hope this makes sense.

Sometimes, like recently, I go off half cocked and set off a bunch of spells in a fit of anger and then I make a mess for myself that I have to go back and clean up. If I had actually done a reading first, I probably could have saved myself some time, effort, and new problems to solve.

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Are You Resisting Sanctification

Are You Resisting Sanctification
I have been noticing a pattern of sin in my life that I know has always been there, but I never really recognized it for what it was. When God redeemed and made me a new creation almost 13 years ago, He gave me a new nature. As part of that nature, God made me aware of my sin, not in a generic sense, but in a very specific one. No longer did I feel bad about coveting, lusting, lying or hating just because bad consequences occurred. I actually began to hate my sin because I saw it for what it was, a rebellious act toward a kind and loving God. A God who mercifully redeemed me by the shed blood of Jesus Christ. And instead of just trying to find someway to justify my sin, I now wanted to repent of those things because I loved my Savior. That battle to repent from my sins and to live a life that is pleasing to God has never been an easy one. In fact, one besetting sin stuck with me for over three years before God helped me to see just how wicked it was. Today I struggle with that sin, but I no longer dive head long into it. I make great efforts to never again set my feet anywhere near the path that leads me there. I rejoice when God gives me victory over sin, but I am ever aware that this wicked flesh is always waiting to find reason to transgress God's law for its own satisfaction. However, as of lately, I have become aware of multiple areas of sin in my life. Perhaps it is because my family and I have been going through many trials that I am more sensitive to His working in me. We certainly have had to rely on the Lord far more than ever before. As a result of that, I am becoming more aware of His working in our lives. And perhaps that is what has opened my own eyes to the sins I had previously ignored. Yet, it is my reaction to these areas of sin that is an even greater problem than the sins themselves. It is this area that I desire to share with you in hopes you can be edified and strengthened. I have noticed that whenever I have begun to see an area of sin in my life that God is exposing, my first reaction, almost without fail, is to become upset, despondent, sad or depressed. I will practically shut down and begin to focus solely on myself and my failure to live up to the perceived standard I am supposed to live up to. I then complain about what a terrible Christian I am. I begin to seek comfort with family and friends, telling them about how bad I realize I am in the eyes of God. When they console me and tell me I am being too hard on myself, I feel refreshed, thinking I clearly have misunderstood what God was showing me. I then proceed on with my life as if nothing had ever happened. Did you catch the sin? I see that God is showing me an area, or even areas, of sin, but rather than admit it and repent, I become introspective and complain to others. That is the sin. As a Christian, I am one time sanctified, made righteous in the eyes of God through the propitiatory sacrifice of Jesus Christ. In other words, my rebellion and wickedness is placed on Jesus at the cross, His perfect righteousness is accounted to me through repentance and faith. From that moment on, I am seen in God's eyes as perfect, because all my sin - past, present and future - was punished at the cross. So no matter how often I stumble into sin, I am secure in the Father because I was purchased by the Son. However, it does not stop there. Throughout my walk as a Christian, I am sanctified by God. That means that He is continually working to make me more like His Son. He is ever growing me through the reading of His word, expanding my understanding of the richness of His grace. He leads me in deeper prayer and worship, causing me to love Him more, and in turn, loving others around me. He causes me to care less about myself and to desire to serve Him alone. And He is also constantly exposing areas of sin in my life, leading me to repentance. God is purging me of my sins so that I may reflect my Savior in my thoughts, words and deeds. This process of sanctification is ongoing, never ending, right up until the day God calls me home. On that day, I will be glorified. I will be made perfect and will sin no more. But until that day, God sanctifies me and every other Christian He has redeemed in Christ. So the process of sanctification should be welcome in the life of every Christian. After all, God is refining us in the fire, removing the dross which is the sin for which Christ died. Yet, I find that rather than embrace sanctification, I am actually resisting it. When I become morose over an area of sin in my life I am actually doing a couple of things. First, I am actually denying my own sinfulness. By acting shocked that God has revealed more sin in my life, I am claiming I should be able to not sin. If I am in fact, as the Bible describes me, a wretched sinner deserving nothing but judgment from God, then I should not be surprised that everything I do is tainted by sin. I should expect, daily, God to be showing me areas from which I need to repent. I should express concern over sin in my life, because sin is wickedness against God; however, I should not become distraught over it. By succumbing to emotional turmoil, I am actually stating that I believe I am capable of not sinning. I am ascribing to myself a kind of sinless perfection that exists only in God Himself. Secondly, when I become this despondent over my sin, my inclination is to seek comfort in the eyes of others. By seeking their comfort, rather than repenting before God, I am actually trying to deny that sin which God has revealed. As I described above, I have personally complained to family and friends when I start seeing new sins in my life. I seek their comfort because I secretly believe that they will dull the edge of the sword which God used to expose me. When we run to others, asking them to reaffirm our personal image of ourselves, we are asking them to actually act in God's stead as our judge. We value their opinion over God's word because we believe their personal relationship with us will prevent them from saying anything too harsh about us, even if it is true. We are further sinning because we are setting up men in the place of God to judge us. And if you doubt this, check your reaction when a loved one doesn't affirm you, but rather points out that sin God is revealing. If you are even more hurt by what they say, then you know that you were not asking for the truth from them, but a lie which would make you feel better. So by ascribing to ourselves a kind of pseudo-perfectionism and getting others to affirm it, we are actively resisting God's work of sanctification. We are denying that we need to repent before the Lord and submit to His holy work in us. This is utterly sinful, yet we can submit to it so easily. We can justify this mindset because we know that we should not sin, especially because we have a new understanding of how evil sin is. So we make the mistake of setting up personal, legalistic standards that we can then judge the progress of our Christian growth by. In doing so, we actually are falling back on idolatry because we become the judges of ourselves rather than God. In God's eyes we are completely sinful and only the blood of Christ makes us righteous. In our own eyes, if we can reach certain benchmarks, we can declare we are righteous by what we do. When God exposes sins that we were previously unaware of, it deals a serious blow to the idolatrous view of ourselves. Wanting to reassert that view, we can easily fall into the trap of resisting God's work of sanctification. So what are we to do? The first thing is to remember who we are in Christ. Before we were redeemed, we were rebellious and wicked sinners bound for Hell. There was absolutely nothing good about us. By recognizing this, we can do away with the absurd notion that we are capable of not sinning at all. We will sin, even as new creations in Christ. But because we have been bought by His precious blood and have been made new by the Holy Spirit, we have been set free from the bondage of sin. We no longer have to sin. We will be tempted because our flesh is weak and longs to be satisfied. Because of that, we will fall into sin. Yet, because the power of the Holy Spirit resides in us, we can trust in God, being slaves to Him, to give us a way of escape when temptation comes. So we recognize that we are not capable of perfection of our own accord, but only in the power of Christ can we resist temptation and sin. The other thing we can do is embrace sanctification. Rather than retreating into ourselves and grumbling over newly discovered sins (or the discovery that we are still struggling with the same ones) we should rejoice that our heavenly Father is at work in us. By revealing this area of wickedness, God is seeking to make us more like His Son. He is refining us into a tool fit for His use. If I am overly concerned that I am still sinning, yet I do not repent, it is like I am refusing to sharpen the blade on a dull axe. Instead of making the tool fit for use, I am demanding that God use the tool in its busted condition. It is a ridiculous notion to think that I am already a tool that is perfect in design and will never fail. But if I yield to the sanctification of God, He takes me as that busted and worthless tool and makes me into one that is perfectly designed for the job He has in store. My encouragement to my brethren is to examine your own heart when it comes to sanctification. If you are angry at your sins, depressed and begging for affirmation, then you are denying the need for God's perfect work in your life. If this is happening, repent, turn from that wickedness and yield to God. It is part of His perfect plan and will that you be made into a tool fit for His use and His glory. Therefore, I urge you to submit to and rejoice in His sanctifying work in you.