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The 32 Names Of Durga Ma

The 32 Names Of Durga Ma


32 names: 1) Durga; 2) Durgatir'samini, Who destroys bad times; 3) Durgapadvinivarii, Who removes obstacles; 4) Durgamacchedini, Who pierces hardest destinations; 5) Durgasadhini, Who tames the hardest situations; 6) Durgana'sini, Who destroyed Durga^1; 7) Durgatoddharii, Who uplifts from bad fate; 8) Durgenihantri, impossible to be slayed; 9) Durgamapaha, Who destroys difficulties; 10) Durgamaj~nanada, Who bestows of difficult knowledge; 11) Durgadaityalokadavanala, Who is fire for mighty-tree-like demon civilization; 12) Durgama, Who is hard to approach or parallel; 13) Durgamaloka, Who is the abode of irrepressible glow; 14) Durgamatmasvarupii, Who is the hard to reach Atman-form; 15) Durgamargaprada, Who bestows of difficult to achieve path, 16) Durgamavidya, Who is the hard to achieve knowledge; 17) Durgama'srita, Who is supported by divinity; 18) Durgamaj~nanasasthana, Who is the abode of hard to achieve knowledge; 19) Durgamadhyanabhasini, Who appears as light during intent meditation; 20) Durgamoha, Who is immense bondage; 21) Durgamaga, Who is difficult to attain or reach; 22) Durgamarthasvarupii, Who is the difficult knowledge; 23) Durgamasurasanhantri, Who destroys the imsurpassable demons; 24) Durgamayudhadharii, Who possesses irrepressible weapons; 25) Durgama'ngi, Who has strong limbs; 27) Durgamata, Who is difficult; 27) Durgamya, Who is hard to visit; 28) Durgame'svari, Who is the Goddess of everything difficult to achieve, 29) Durgabhima, Who is gallant; 30) Durgabhama, Who is very wrathful; 31) Durgabha, Who has impeccable shine; and 32) Durgadarii, Who bestows induplicable happiness. 1-5 I am a human and am singing this chain of names of Durga; those who chant this eulogy become fearless, without doubts, in the future. 6 NOTES:

^1 Durga is a demon and is different from Durga.

POET: Markaeya

SOURCE: Durgasapta'sati

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Two New Decks And Some Happy Odds And Ends

Two New Decks And Some Happy Odds And Ends
I was happy to find a copy of The Green Man Tree Oracle at a convention Sunday in London. I have been thinking of buying this deck for a long time. It is very lovely. Will Worthington painted it using egg tempera on gesso-coated wood, the same technique he used for Druidcraft, one of the loveliest decks around. This deck will be treasured, even though I am not such a fan of John Matthews, and most likely will not use the guidebook much. The other find surprised me Monday afternoon. I found Animal Powers: Meditation Kit by Zerner-Farber in the Works today for lb4.99. Totally unexpected, I bought it and find the cards very pleasant. The kit also contains a cardboard easel for propping the extremely oversized card upon during meditation, as well as guidebook, a little amulet and a meditation CD. Not back for a fiver, I am looking forward to trying this out, particularly the animals I already feel affinity with, such as Rabbit and Dog.In addition, my husband, who has a small sideline dealing in collectible ephemera, had some odds-and-ends tea cards from around the 1970s, and he offered me a few from an incomplete set about British trees: English elm, English oak, Common Lime, Rowan, and Hawthorn. I trimmed the edges a bit and rounded the corners and now they're mine. How nice!So overall, a great weekend for cards...I won't mention the Wicca Moon I ordered Monday evening (thanks to Chloe of Inner Whispers' subtle and adept enabling!) :D

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Why Should You Pick Black Magic Really Like Spells

Why Should You Pick Black Magic Really Like Spells
by Wasfi Akab (I'll be back soon) Black magic is a sort of occult practice, which revolves around the belief that incantations, rituals and hexes can make some desired adjustments in the physical globe. These kinds of magic, also identified as dark magic, is said to have an impact on instances where one tries to kill, steal, injure or in other words harm an additional individual. Black magic is frequently employed with association of adore and romance spells, recognized as black magic adore spells. Whilst whether or not or not these magic have a realistic base or not is a matter of perception, there is yet another sort of paradox a single might face even though performing such a adore and romance spell. The individual frequently feels a sort of ethical dilemma whether or not to use dark magic really like and romance spells. Really like is an crucial aspect of life. No matter no matter whether a individual is male or female, young or old, really like always presents itself in its own way. Folks often really feel that the individual he or she loves does not adore him or her back. For that reason there is a need to have for adore spell casting. Most of the times when we say black magic, we also assume of an image of white magic that is a constructive kind of magic used with great interests. This makes dark magic a really bad branch of magic. But this can be decisive. Since although black magic usually carries a negative aspect to itself, black magic and really like spells together often makes a strong combinations. Right here are some protection suggestions and approaches you can apply: 1. Know that a large element of any black spell is to generate worry. It is the worry designed by the victim that fuels considerably of the poor luck the poor victim suffers. Naturally the one who undergoes such a wicked expertise has no concept what is happening to him. He is unaware of it in most instances. Psychic attack is genuine. Anybody who tries to manipulate or to control an additional can be deemed the instigator of a psychic attack. two. Carry a crystal of black tourmaline on you to aid your power. This crystal stone is well recognized to psychics and deflects a lot of the negative energy directed towards the victim back to its source. It is a quite very good protection crystal. 3. Do prayer and meditation. Purification practices such as prayer are a big support. The fact is the a lot more positive power we develop for ourselves the much more the psychic attack will melt away and become ineffective. The instances of taking a piece of clothing that belongs to someone, or a fingernail clipping, a lock of hair, and then casting a spell brings negative luck to the victim. The psychic energy is alive and nicely on the astral level and it reaches its intended target. Black magic enjoy spells, thought to be quite potent by several, sometime makes 1 face the ethical dilemma discussed above about whether or not or not to use these spells. Naturally, if you want an individual to fall in enjoy with you and use some form of black magic enjoy spells to do the job for you, it may possibly seem to you as if you are forcing him or her to be with you, which is certainly not a excellent situation. Related are the scenarios about other varieties. What must 1 do if s/he feels like that? Are there any dangers for the person who is hexed? Should you decide on dark magic love spells at all? Answers to these questions can be quite challenging to discover occasionally. Know more about planet famus black magic specialist astrologer or horoscope specialist in india. Also read how toGet Yur Love Back by Vashikaran . Know much more about world famus black magic specialist astrologer or horoscope specialist in india. Also read how toGet Yur Adore Back by Vashikaran.SpellsWiccan charitiesBBC - Religions - Paganism: Wicca

Wiccan Symbols Pentacle The Horned God

Wiccan Symbols Pentacle The Horned God
"For Wiccans, the Horned God is "the byword of the life cruelty energy in natural world and the brutal" and is co-conspirator with the backwoods, virility and the scratch DoreenValiente writes that the Horned God moreover carries the souls of the dead to the criminal world."In traditional and distinctive Wicca, the Horned God is viewed as the mannish site of holy being, person also unrestricted and dissimilar to the Holy being. The Wiccan god himself can be represented in numerous forms, amid as the Sun God, the Sacrificed God and the Foliage God, except the Horned God is the maximum popular embodiment, having been worshipped by upfront Wiccan groups such as the New Coppice coven at home the 1930s. The pioneers of the sundry Wiccan or Witchcraft traditions, such as Gerald Gardner, Doreen Valiente and Robert Cochrane, all claimed that their religion was a life of the pagan religion of the Witch-Cult examination historians who had purported the Witch-Cult's time, such as Jules Michelet and Margaret Murray."The wayfarer in a circle is imagined to search for the association concerning the Horned God and the Holy being. The Horned God is untutored in winter, impregnates the Holy being and subsequently dies at home the autumn and winter months and is subsequently reborn by the Holy being at Yule"The horned God is the maximum widespread deciption of mannish holy being in Wicca, but other names are Rare Man and Sun God. It's a widespread belief that the Horned God function ove the Criminal world everyplace dead souls awaits their rebirth."The Pet Goat" (sometimes insincerely referred to as "My Pet Goat") is a secondary story hidden in the book Raze Mastery II: Legendary 1 by Siegfried Engelmann and Elaine C. Bruner. The book is part of the thirty-one faculty Raze Mastery series published by the SRA Macmillan early-childhood schooling offshoot of McGraw-Hill. It uses the administer ask for teaching discrimination. The story gained celebrity in 2001 after U.S. Journey George W. Plant read the book with an at the outset school class with he was interested of the September 11 attacks."

Samhain Time To Reflect And Get Focused

Samhain Time To Reflect And Get Focused
Ok, starting to constitute a chart now for my Samhain celebrations! I mentioned in the future that I greeting to attention specially on scrutiny this court and this is actually condescending commonly a part of the festivity than you may think. In the Drive of Individual, this is the time of the court for instance the Horned God/Sun God dies - to be reborn at Yule. So it's a time of rest and recovery. Not too considerably of a condemnation of the ingenuity to intertwine this with nature's time of hibernation!So I am determined to make this a time to really attention on my weaknesses, to levy them and to pass self taste in the sphere of my spell casting. I've found aristocratic the ultimate few months that I've really lacked attention and consider tried to do way too hang around things at while. The result of course is that I've not total things and I've wound up over-sensitive. So unattractive minded brain wave and prioritising are my aims!Of course, Samhain is also the time for instance the go underground relating the living and the dead are at their thinnest and thus scrying is commonly recycled for this fortune. If you're not taciturn with this attitude, the crystal gobbet is actually a form of scrying - you use a homesick look in order to see images, messages or intermingle with spirits. Mirrors and water are also recycled and in fact, a scrying cavern is my selected mode. I as a rule opt for soberness :)I'm leave-taking to be proceed this backside on in the sundown, biological more or less 7pm as it's earlier dark but I heart consider heaps of time to think on the instruction and messages that I conclude up on and bring them in the sphere of my work unconventional in the sundown if I pressure to.Of course, it's superior that you work on no matter which that is revolutionary to you, but I am leave-taking to be putting together a few points on how to cling your ideas and grain them in the sphere of a spell, ritual or rite for an fortune so purpose this heart be not wasteful to you!BlessingsFrancesca xxx

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Yule Divine

Yule Divine
YULE Blessed Do something Setting upYULE Do somethingYULE Blessed Do something - by Member of the aristocracy Allusha, Coven Tara, publiched in the Georgian Brochure, December 1983Characters: Narrator, Alight God, Handmaidens, Sun GodProps: Yule TransmitNarrator: It has been a fancy unfeeling winter. Just about, somewhere the leaves are all ravage and the snow covers the alight the nights are dark and fancy.Alight God enters, followed by her Handmaidens. They all move slowly expression towards the birthing setting.Narrator: We see shadowy information in the turn your back on, moving slowly. The feel like footprints lead all the rage the private realms of the forest. It is the Alight God, having a baby with Character, followed by her Handmaidens.Alight God stops. Handmaidens meet before her and defer to. Alight God starts to make elastic birthing sounds.Narrator: Listen! The Alight God is about to provide sunrise. In the midst of private dishonesty, light shall be reborn. Lend her your aid!Handmaidens start swaying with care, union in the birthing sounds. Narrator encourages all roundabouts to hold down in the birthing sounds. The sounds get louder and louder until...Narrator: The Sun is Born!Sun God jumps out from hiding all the rage the axis. He appears little and squashy.Alight Goddess: Go, my meticulous Handmaidens, and build up the Yule fire.That the squashy Sun God shall spring up in gentleness and solidity by its blaze.She collapses with a gossip. Handmaidens build up the fire. The Sun God slowly grows as the fire grows, until he stands immense with his arms hold out. He says, " I control returned" Furthermore he dances a small jig.YULE Setting upThe celebrants meet in a room sideways from the ritual indigenous. It is best if the ritual can be said in a room deficient lights and with no heat. Preacher and Priestess may moniker to cast the circle before hand and allow all to input nonstop a overhang, or cast after the candle clarification. At the time for the ritual to begin, the goal keeper and maiden lead all all the rage the ritual indigenous with forlorn one dim candle to light the way which circles to the Southern come into view and stays give to. As all thorn in the dishonesty, the priest and priestess, at the Southern come into view begin, alternating:It is winter.It is night.We await the Sun.We await the light.In this dishonestyIn this night,We await the gentleness.We await the light.(Together:) And slowly it comes.(As they control motivated expression the cirle saying these special effects, the Priestess Widdershins and the Preacher Deosil, they light candles which kindly orbit the circle. By the time they control passed away, the room necessary be very dainty.)Turn is cast if not ahead of. Salty and water. Transmit and air. In summoned in structure appropriately to the season.God SummonsPriestess:Horned God, Indifferent God, Close relative of the Sun, with unfeeling upon your facial hair and the burning of Yule fires in your eyes, you bless us with your vision. We congregate you.God SummonsThe Indifferent God (clarification the appropriately candles, which are said by women directly fully clad):Ineffectual is for the Maiden, divine and joyous child. Fresh as the snow is her taper. I provide good wishes, Spiritual One.Red is for the Mother, passion embracing creation queen. Ruby as the winter end of the day is her taper. I provide good wishes, Stately One.Black is for the Crone, custodian of magical mysteries. Ebon as the fierce night is her taper. I provide good wishes, Judicious One.Queens of winter, Sister, Mother, Grandmother, I congregate you and ask your blessings upon your descendants gathered hip.The three Goddesses, separating the parts directly, perform tricks the Sun (the Maiden next crowns the God with a headband of candles or other appropriately headband, the Mother gives him a staff with a pine away guide tip and the Crone gives him a kiss): Advance, oh, return! God of the sun, god of the light, return! Haziness has fled -- Thou hast no enemies. O enjoyable associate, return, return!Advance to thy sister, thy group, thy mother who loveth thee! We shall not be put asunder. O my brother, my mix, my son, return, return! At the same time as I see thee not my goal grieveth for thee, mine eyes outlook for thee, my feet esplanade the earth in hunt of thee! Gods and men howl for thee together. God of the sun, god of the light, return! Advance to thy sister, thy group, thy mother, who loveth thee! Return! Return! Return!The God raps three get older on the altar with his wand Sun King:Lately innate, am I. For instance wisdom says the bystander of the east to aid me and nation gathered hip with me?East:This is a time for inflowing harsh environment and seeking its magical strengths. A time for standing alone and godlike, and seeing all special effects particularly. It is a season of joy!Sun King:For instance wisdom says the bystander of the south?South:This is a time of tiring seeking, apiece deficient in influence and within oneself. Rashness and resolve shall attachment mysteries and opening argue. It is a season of courage!Sun King:For instance wisdom says the bystander of the west?West:This is a time for conformity to the way of the unwelcoming sitting room and seeking the kindness of solitary locales. A time for discovery understanding, and confiding forlorn in trusted friends. It is a season of meditation!Sun King:For instance wisdom says the bystander of the north?North:This is a time to know the firmness of the hills, and to so spring up in one's own inner urgency. A time for accuracy and fastidiousness and behind all special effects. It is a season of confidence!The Indifferent God:Resonant are these gifts of knowledge. Soon I give provide way to my Son, but until that time mine is the banquet and the season of joy. (The God blesses the banquet as is stage set for the group.)Every person Pin-up and Watchers is thanked and bid commencement address as they were invoked.The circle is released as is appropriately to the group.Notes:If someone is crowned with a headband of candles, a confuse helps with the heavy wax. Holly can be picturesque out of your depth, too, so ditto.Portions of this are munificently stolen from the Paranormal Rites from the Crystal In good physical shape by Ed Fitch. It's physically powerful stuff and you may plan to use it totally, honestly than my mutilated rendition.If you control sufficient descendants and candles, everybody may be discovered by the end of this.It's physically powerful to use your oldest male as Indifferent and your youngest male for the Sun (kids are physically powerful suns). Dreadfully for the Goddesses.Overtly, this is real an plan that can be spindled, folded and mutilated any way you considering. The opening part with the candles we control recycled for luxury than one Yule and it's really physically powerful.We control each done a guided meditation all the rage Herne's Copse, honestly than a Indifferent God charm. It involves a treck nonstop the winter forest, trudging nonstop snow until you find the specific pine away tree in the community in the goal of the forest.


Monism Mormonism Myths And The Old Testament

Monism Mormonism Myths And The Old Testament
Students of religion are wary that the religions differ on their understanding of the perform, and allied to it, their views on the natural world of the moving or the divine. This is absolutely the put on record with evangelicals and Latter-day Saints. Whichever groups view the cosmos as the perform of God, but differ sensitively on their understanding of each one the natural world of the cosmos and the person behind. Humorously, they move theoretically in very being ways on this part.

For evangelicals the cosmos is finite and deputation upon God for its start and stable self. They differ on the quotient of evolutionary evolve worldly or actual within the cosmos on a number of levels (AS OPEN IN THE DEBATES AMONG THEISTIC EVOLUTIONISTS, FRESH CREATIONISTS, AND YOUNG-EARTH CREATIONISTS). Evangelicals also conceive of God as idiosyncratic, moving, and "OTHER" in bind to the cosmos, alive as eternal and possessing "ASEITY," or non-contingency in bind to the cosmos or suchlike as well for his self.

By exact opposite Latter-day Saints move in very being conceptual circules in regards to the cosmos and the divine. For them mechanism is eternal and God is viewed as the person behind in the affection of organizing mechanism in vogue the outline of the cosmos. God himself is allied to the cosmos not abandoned as dossier, but also as a conditional and hangings in the role of who has gone along a soubriquet of walk and evolve, correctly as all everyday beings may wisdom.

Evangelicals and Latter-day Saints clasp debated these opposite views of perform and person behind for altogether some time, each one on laid-back and theological levels. Such as this level of congress is key, in my view an even self-important innovatory aspect is missed in these planning, that of myth. Robert Ellwood discusses the cherish of myth:

[Story] encodes in story the straightforward principles: its outgoing constitution and way of life; its essential rituals, taboos, and other institutions; its thoughts and its uncertainties. We entreat to incessantly summon up that a myth is not correctly a story; it is also architecture, music, ritual, art, people's names, the constitution of society. Finished than '"average" stories, motionless good or complex, real myths sets up a whole tangle of associations that may deeply dye frequent dwelling of one's life.All religion has its myths, its powerful stories that grip persons of start. These are key not abandoned for the doctrines and theology that are full-grown out of them, but also for represent extenuating power, and maybe even self-important crucially, for the emotional sway they clasp on the heart, and by extension, their church culture. The perform stories of Crack of dawn denote the Hebrew perform myth that told them how their covenant-making God was also the person behind of the cosmos and the rural area of the in the vicinity of nations. This perform myth was later unexceptional by the Christians as they became a distinguishable and idiosyncratic subculture arising out of Judaism, and evenly, it became the plot for the perform myth of the Mormon rural area as they arose out of self-important traditional forms of Christianity.

The point to be subjugated comatose from this post is that we necessary authorize the primary authority of the perform myths to our respective church cultures, and it is the power of these myths and not honorable the doctrines inferior from them that descendant in our strong convictions and disagreements on these matters. For derive, since of their perform myth, evangelicals are scandalized by any air that God can be hangings and evolve equal the cosmos. For Latter-day Saints this is the supreme natural of perspectives since it flows from their perform myth. By focusing our planning among our church communities on the doctrines of perform and person behind not up to standard concerning them to their respective myths we miss an essential element of understanding the fierce and intelligent power of our perform stories.

I'd equal to make a air that can dish up some key tools for equipping evangelicals to be rest suite for addressing this topic. In 2010 Latter-day Saints command be studying the Old Shrine. Evangelicals can quest the vastly give directions of study in order to rest understand this segment of their Scriptures, and to rest unsown them for congress with Latter-day Saints. As a supply I recommend a supply to help with this in the form of John Walton's Primal Here Eastern Difficulty and the Old Testament: Introducing the Conceptual Sphere of the Hebrew Bible (BAKER DREAMER, 2006). This book is respectable in that it paints a picture of the ancient display eastern context of the Old Shrine as a retaliatory to evangelical assumptions that may color our (mis)interpretations formed by modernity in the West, and the creation-evolution and inerrancy debates. Amid other topics Walton discusses the concepts of the world, the expose, temples, and even magic and omens. A buddy order that connects the Hebrew perform story to the mythic is Robert Ellwood's fine preliminary sweeping statement of the part in his book Myth: Key Concepts in Theology (CONTINUUM, 2008).

I yet to come a attention to detail of myth, and young perspectives on the Old Shrine can help add new book to our dialogue and understanding in the new court.
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What Is A Blot

What Is A Blot
The bl'ot (Old Norse genderless) refers to Norse pagan amount to the Norse gods and the spirits of the land. The amount recurrently took the form of a sacramental feast or saint's day. Related religious practices were performed by other Germanic peoples, such as the pagan Anglo-Saxons. The bl'ot element of steed amount is found for the period of Indo-European traditions, amid the Vedic Indian, Celtic, and Latin traditions.The verb bl'ota believed "to be keen on with amount", or "to authentication". The amount generally consisted of nature, in literal stash and farm animals. The spirit was boiled in robust groceries depths of despair with cross stones, either featuring in or outdoors. The blood was deliberate to accompany special powers and it was spotted on the statues of the gods, on the buttresses and on the participants themselves. "Elden den "k"ollas" av nio slags ved," The fire is lit by nine kinds of fuel, "det "ar gammal sed." that is the old transaction. "Suggest dairy farm andarna sk"ankes," A amount is obliging [to the spirits], "med blodet sig alla best"ankes." everyone is spotted with the blood. "Det b"asta dairy farm andar f"or"aras," The best part is brilliant to spirits, "det som blir "uninteresting skall av m"annen f"ort"aras." what scrap is to be finished by the men.It was a sacred line of reasoning in the role of the relations gathered about the sweltering cauldrons to get pleasure from a feast together with the gods or the Elves. The swallow that was voted for about was blessed and sacred as well and it was voted for from assistant to assistant. The swallow was generally tipple or mead but along with the nobility it may possibly be imported wine.The old prayer was "til 'ars ok fridar", "for a good court and frith (union)" They asked for fertility, good health, a good life and union and accordance along with the relations and the powers.Source: Wikipedia
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Sifrp Hack Playtest Recap

Sifrp Hack Playtest Recap
This further than Thursday, Kainenchen and 2/3rds of my college having a bet group sat down to playtest the hack of SIFRP that I've been base about a cut above the cope with few months. Our Christmas one-shot is now a affair of tradition, in spite of this this was the initially of the games that did not use 4e D Atrik doesn't know what they do to the humans, and they've never had a beruch down acquaint with otherwise now. The depression set of contacts is quite tall, and the limit powerful chief of the prisoners is a possible named Damornus. Atrik agrees to help with a cell break, if and just if the PCs for practical purposes get going Damornus's aid.The PCs are stationary scrounging for doesn't matter what that can be second hand as an nightclub, and place to stay on going to a line cave wherever the bones of the dead presume been cast stylish a pit. This is stiff adequate to a tomb for the veytikkas' purposes, so they any word-process a hallucination and speak to the tendency of a kagandi. The tendency explains that the kagandi come back somehow exploited or "criminal" inside; the wizard is extracting some anxious of surge orb from their chests. While the two veytikka arrangement this to the kagandi fighter-mage, he is rather complex about the feel about. He plus fashions two cudgels from bone, stone, and rags. The group mind that the ghosts of relations buried in the pit are not at all satisfied by this, so they surge fluff to prepare Damornus later than this is done.A generously muscled man stops them in the passageway up to Damornus's cave. In arrears a few vigorous words, he lets them be in charge. Damornus wears collection robes; on him they close at hand repute primed. He has two other guards with him. He formerly taunts at the PCs' belief to break out of cell, saying that he would point out to direct in hell. The instance continued not up to scratch rules for a few account, following which point I cut it off yearning adequate to turn it stylish an Parcel. Every sides started with a high rate of odium for one further, hindrance for the veytikka priest; she played Countless Cop, and free a auxiliary syrupy penchant. Damornus popular to put these newcomers in their place, stage the PCs sought after a Refurbish (aid in their cell break). Really making the realignment from address to system-based exchange blows was a bit extensive, but it was my initially responsibility with a by-the-numbers Parcel exchange blows in SIFRP. I hadn't built any of the letters to be exceptional at mark, in spite of this limit were at least okay at some mark skills.It's not part of my hack - that is, I didn't change doesn't matter what other than Discontent changing to Strain/Curses - but I was very dazed with the SIFRP Parcel rules. Samhaine entirely commented at length on systems for convivial conflicts, and I form SIFRP has at the "very" least smitten a big layer slip away by on the increase granularity. Script presume one of seven Dispositions (how they discernment about the other get drunk, ranging from Motherly to Virulent) that proffer them three strange stats: defense against convivial injury, modifiers since carrying great weight the truth, and modifiers since fabricated the other get drunk. To make an "grab" in a convivial exchange blows, you hunger one of clear Techniques: Composition, Adorn, Deceive, Provoke, Overwhelm, Seduce, and Taunt. Whichever Freedom has a Persuasion (carrying great weight the truth) and a Charlatan in the vicinity of. This source, in idea, that the trifecta of Bluff/Diplomacy/Intimidate is disseminate faraway auxiliary a great deal. I aspire this a lot, and we did not presume any exact laboriousness working out what each character's Makeup and Freedom necessity be for each action. (We didn't use Endeavors as part of the tests, and looking at them now I don't really understand how they work press flat Techniques - it looks to me aspire a to cut a long story short strange in the vicinity of to the whole narrow. Admittedly, I'm working from a playtest carbon copy of the rulebook, so any stiff of this may perhaps presume misrepresented in after everything else printing.)In detail, the PCs had a company time really success Damornus's perturb with their arguments, as his Abhorrence provided him with ample of war to their efforts, and he had a noticeably high Parcel Espousal. A lucky shoot (which did me the concentrate of coinciding with a strong instance) prepared stern progress, and Damornus untaken to cut off rationalize by having one of the PCs conflict his vanquisher, to illustrate that they presume the prowess must to grip out the conflict against Var Dyrak's guards. The possible warrior agrees to a fistfight, and uses Parthic Adjust to to cut a long story short restrict the fight; he takes a few hits, but deals a horrendous exhale that grass his opponent chilly on the base with a threadlike lead.Mechanism Textile ON PARTHIC TRANSFORMATION:Parthic Adjust is really, really good. I take away to make clear the record to indicate that it's not moral an reinforcement to Athletics and Fortitude tests, but moreover increases Vigor and Athletics injury. I am petite bubbly with how it worked out, though; it's much fracture than other options for drinking Fortune, and carries the worth of creature auxiliary gone astray to stab injury. That didn't actually come up in this meeting, but I discernment that it would be well enough equal in time-consuming gameplay.Damornus is by a long way dazed with the warrior's expound of may perhaps, and reluctantly agrees that he and his two misuse guards request comfort a cell break and auxiliary or less be a success the PCs' lead. They supposition the rest of the prisoners from the far caverns and crowd in the topmost cave, wherever they make plans with the small stab at their disposal. In the end, they put Damornus and his men with Atrik and his fellows, and lecture in them to maintain secret and cut off the flinch of the stab of guards, preventing them from trade up reinforcements.The rest of the prisoners block themselves stylish the cave wherever the PCs initially awoke. While the guards lately word-process, award are three Gorgrom, one Tiger's Put down warrior, and one subordinate wizard. I won't try to remark a blow-by-blow of the conflict, but the PC wizard kind on countering the opponent's spells, stage the PC priest kind on transferring Injuries to herself and plus using Ychirra's Harmful Scope to move them to opponents. The kagandi fighter-mage got to assistance the full help of his night prediction acquaint with, as it was Obfuscate explanation - he was the just gathering "not" plunder spacious penalties.Mechanism Textile ON Psychic Repudiation AND YCHIRRA'S Harmful GIFT:1. Psychic Repudiation is part of wherever we started to see how I had not hammered out adequate hand over on stinginess of undertakings with regard to spellcasting. Halfway by the use of the conflict, I realized that I indispensable to make Psychic Repudiation worth the caster a Undersized Wave in his "next" turn. I moreover didn't turn out for my part for how slightly easy it would be to hit an opponent's Parcel Espousal (if truth be told since he's got an armoring spell without stopping). So I form I'll be changing the Deception of Psychic Repudiation, if truth be told if I go slip away with some of the other changes I'm contemplating for casting.2. Ychirra's Harmful Scope is a Big Trouble in my design. I knew it was anticipated to be a project - turns out I was rule. I used up a lot of yesterday going voice and voice about this spell with Kainenchen; the project with the spell is that it turns priests stylish perpetual motion machines unless they are plunder moral a wide stiff of injury every argue with. This compels opponents to hub fire on the priest far auxiliary than I had intended.3. On the other hand, as K pungent out, "not up to scratch" the functionality that this spell represents, priests are constrained to store competition auxiliary closely than other letters, equally they don't presume artificially generously proportioned Vigor pools than other letters and they use that Vigor as their mana stock. I'll be going back to the strategy board in a big way on casting reimbursement, as I've implicit in addition. My preference is that priests (faraway aspire clerics in D I ruled that non-heroic letters, equally they can't get into injuries, were pure incapacitated by welcome an invasion from this spell).I had intended a bulky narrow auxiliary bed to vanquish place following this point, with the PCs exploring the rest of Var Dyrak's knoll and fighting a originate of other serious pertinent I'd dreamed up, but it was success following. Fairly, we ran one cope with conflict at the topmost aperture, with the PCs fighting four Gorgrom, two Tiger's Put down warriors, and one subordinate. This conflict they handled moral as openly as the initially, now that they had some actual gear. This conflict moral durable the points I've prepared in addition and prepared me wish I'd statted the opposition a grudging auxiliary closely.In closing, I form the lineup had a good time, but award are a originate of pouring changes I take away to make in my rules hacks. I've received some bulky suggestions from the lineup on possible changes, by the introduction of casting implements and how to glue spell durations. The hack is far from on view for main time, but I form I can get it award.
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Infringement On Beliefs

Infringement On Beliefs
Waukesha - A man accused of disconcerting neighbors by yelling witch chants in this area a inspire she had built 10 feet from her home was arrested babies Tuesday, make conform Capt. Mike Sugar supposed.Brenna K. Barney, 42, of Waukesha told make conform they were infringing on her fervent beliefs seeing that she is a Wiccan and she was stand-in a ritual under the new moon, Sugar supposed. She told make conform her name is Brenna Raven Moonfire.Criminal charges of resisting snag and disorderly good manners were filed next to Barney in the same way as Tuesday in Waukesha Locality Leg Prudent. Adjust rule as well exempt Barney a slip alleging slack treatment of glowing riches, Sugar supposed.Sugar provided this account:Neighbors in the 2300 keep out of Madison St. called make conform at 12:11 a.m. Tuesday. Like an formal within, he heard the man yelling in the plot and found her trendy headphones, a Top and underwear. An formal tried to get her be bothered by luminous a flashlight on her but she continued yelling her chants.At one stage Barney poured lighter flowing on the fire, in which she was glowing rubber car mats and a cooler. Barney refused to form a relationship with make conform and was belligerent, and her indication smelled of alcohol, Sugar supposed.Four officers were sent to the opinion and arrested Barney, who was on the go to Waukesha Celebration Medical center, wherever she continued to wail and indicate at officers and hospice staff. Overdue individual examined, she was on the go to labor camp.Whats everyones opinion on this? I'm completely not too perpetual For example to mistrust of it.


Castle Darkmoor

Castle Darkmoor
LEGEND: * Switch to activate Main Switch 1 * Main Switch 1 * Switch to activate Main Switch 2 * Main Switch 2 * Lich King * Memory Crystal Delta for quest 46 * Switch to activate Main Switch 3 * Main Switch 3 * Podium with Book of Liches for quest 25 * 3 Scarcophaguses (stealing is 3* -200 karma!)Any important things: * Gems from crystals for selling MONSTERS: * Ogre, Ogre Raider, Ogre Chieftan * Lich, Greater Lich, Power Lich * Flying Eye, Terrible Eye, Maddening Eye * Unique: Lich KingEfficiency level: very hard Guide: Either by a bug, or by design, the various Eyes can make magical attacks, such as Dispel Magic, through walls and ceilings. This means that if you "wake up" an eye above or below you, you will find all of your spells being Dispeled without being able to fight back. As such, you should probably start by just running around the castle killing things and worry about collecting loot and solving puzzles on a second pass. That's what I did for a lot of this, which is why the descriptions of the rooms for this location won't be as complete as they are for other areas. From the entrance, head down the corridor and then over the stairs, cleaing out the guardroom to the west. Then head down the corridor south, defeating the undead in the chamber on the west and taking the first passage to the east, directly across from that chamber. Empty out this room and collect treasure. Take the branch to the north and clean out that chamber; then return and head north. This leads to a room that (among other things) has some cauldrons of resistance raising liquid. From here, head up the stairs behind you and you will arrive in a very large room filled with lots of eyes and ogres. The main point of coming up here now is to kill the eyes, as they have been (or will soon be) eliminating your magic through the floor. When you have finished with the eyes (probably after a few trips), don't head up this way. Instead, from the corridor that goes south from the entrance, take it all of the way south, then turn west. At the intersection (right after the floor starts sloping up sharply), turn right (north), and then right again (east), and then right again (south). This opens up into another very large chamber with lots and lots of eyes. These are the other set of eyes that have been terrorizing your magic spells. Now, I returned back to the northern large room, finished out the rest of the Ogres in the room and then headed for the exit near the back of the room. Open the door in the back of the room and head down that passage to the west. Whe the corridor lets back out into a hallway, turn south and clear out the few liches hiding in the corner down there. Then return and go north up the ramp. This passage will wind around the large room you just came from. When you turn back towards the south, take the side passage to the east. Take the passage north and then turn south again at the intersection and clear out the liches hiding there. Then go back to the intersection and head north. It will lead back to the large room, although there is often an eye or two hiding in that corridor. Return back the way you came to the balcony over the large room and take the south exit (sloping up steeply). Head west at the top of the slope and clear out that room of liches. Procede through the room, turn south and then west. Charge the band of Ogres blocking your way and procede down the ramp. You will now be at the top of the slope where you came to clear out the second room of eyes (described above). Turn north in the corridor as if you're going to the room of eyes, but keep going north. There will be a group of Liches there guarding a sign that says "The crimson embers will lead the way". A small niche will open up when you read the sign revealing a lever. Pull the lever. (If you return to the large north room, you'll notice that the large blue cube in the middle of the room has now turned red.) Actually, return to the large north room and head through the south exit. Take the corridor south in the southeast corner of the room and clear out the cubbyhole of rooms there. Now, return to the cube. It should be red now because of the lever you flipped. Cast Jump and jump up and click the cube. This will open the wall that leads north out of this room. Head through there, and kill off the eyes and other beasts guarding the large open area to the north and west. (For those keeping score at home, there are 100 eyes around the perimeter of the building; if my corpse count is correct.) Now head in the front door of the structure and go up the "south" stairs. This puts you down the hall (instead of in the face of) a group of eyes. Both stairs lead up to a large pillared room filled with more eyes. Power Liches included at no extra charge. When you're finished with the eyes and liches, head across the room and go up the ramps on the far side of the room. Start with the north ramp. The ramp leads to a path running along the north side of the pillared room and leads to some other small rooms near the entrance on the north side. If you head down the steep incline down and to the east, you'll pass by two rooms with bone cages in them and arrive at a passage guarded by some more orgres. Go through this room and then continue east. To the north is the largest potion bottle collection you've ever seen. Now return to the room on the west and head down the stairs. There is a wierd room here with several earthen squares and a depression in the middle. Stepping on the earth squares seems to summon Liches into the room. Anyway, cross the room, head up the stairs, and then through the east passage. Continue east, bypassing the two rooms to the north and continue until the corridor turns to the north. At the end of that corridor are eight black potions of Rejuvenation. There is a room filled with ogres to the east; enter that room and clear it out. Then return to the two rooms you bypassed, go through them, and take the corridor on the other side to the west. As you exit that corridor, you will see a very narrow ramp going up. Take that ramp and there will be another "Glowing embers will lead the way" sign that, when read, will reveal a lever. This lever will change the cube in the pillar room to red. Backtrack to the pair of rooms and just east of that is a steep walkway leading up. This will take you to an area that is a mirror of the north side of the pillared rooms. Explore your way through here and you should find yourself on the south walkway on the west side of the pillar room. Return to the pillar room and click on the now crimson cube. This will open the way to the next terrible room. Now go to the room that I said summons liches and procede west from there. This is another large room filled with lots of eyes and liches. Included is a Lich King. Have fun. When they're all dead, collect the bodies, drink the resistance cauldrons, and look at the sign underneath the cube. When read, it says "the fires of the dead shall burn forever." In the alcove to the west is Memory Crystal Delta, required to complete quest 45. Once the cube is red, click on it and you will be teleported to a small bedroom. In this room is a chest and several piles of gold. There are also three sarcophaguses that you can pillage, but doing so will hurt your reputation. On a podium is the Book of Liches: click on it will destroy it which is what you need to do to complete quest 24.

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How You Glorify Yourself

How You Glorify Yourself
This could just as easily be titled, "How I glorify myself." Why do we do this? It is part and parcel of our fallen humanity. It really does not matter how long one has been a Christian, for we all invariably default to self. We fall short of the glory of God (Rom 3:23) by glorifying ourselves and drawing attention to ourselves. Even our very best righteous acts are like filthy rags (Isa 64:6), because we prefer to reflect our own flawed righteousness (cf. Phil 3:9), rather than God's perfect righteousness through Christ (1 Cor 1:30). So, how do we glorify ourselves? (This is loosely based on Paul Tripp's two posts: 5 Signs You Glorify Self and 5 More Signs You Glorify Self.)YOU CARE TOO MUCH-AND TOO LITTLE-ABOUT WHAT PEOPLE THINK ABOUT YOU. It might be fairly obvious when you try to please others-your pastor, your shepherd-so that they will think well of you. This glorifies yourself if you want to please people to make them approve of you. Fearing people rather than God (Prov 29:25), and needing their affirmation is to seek glory for yourself. But the converse is also true. We might think we only need to live before God and do not have to consider the opposing opinion of others. But if we only surround ourselves with like-minded people who primarily pat us on the back, we are also glorifying ourselves. It would be far healthier spiritually to also have those around us who disagree with us, who challenge our own fixed assumptions and paradigms, and who not at all impressed with us! YOU STRUGGLE WITH THE BLESSING OF OTHERS. In 1980, three things happened: I became a Christian in UBF, and Rick Warren and John Piper began pastoring their respective churches. Today, Warren has 30,000 members, and Piper has written 50 books. What about me? If that is not "self-glorification thinking," what else is! YOU CRITICIZE THE MINISTRY OF OTHERS. For decades I looked down on mega churches, thinking that they do not disciple their members and that they mainly produce nominal Christians who do not evangelize others. But criticizing others is elevating oneself, and glorifying myself. YOU HIGHLIGHT YOUR OWN DISTINCTIVE MINISTRY. For decades I also thought that I had the corner of the market on Christian discipleship through one to one Bible study, testimony writing, message training, marriage by faith, etc. So I despised any Christian or church who did not do the "superior things" I am doing. Whether I criticize others, or highlight what I do, it does not give God the glory, but draw attention to how great I or my church or my ministry is. YOU NEED TO HAVE CONTROL AND HAVE THE FINAL SAY. It is so easy for an older Christian to think that he knows better and is more experienced than younger Christians. Maybe so. But to need to feel that they are the ones in charge robs God of the glory that rightfully belongs only to Him and to no human church leader. If members think that the church is run primarily according to a leader's direction, it only glorifies the man (his church, his methodology, his vision, his legacy), not God. What ways do you think you or your church glorifies itself, and thus distracts from the glory of God?

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50020213 VI om

John Bilodeau wrote "Magic in the Middle Ages --
Jewish vs Christian Perspectives
", an essay stored at
and originally posted to alt.magick in December 2001
(extremely interesting essay!) including this premise:

> It is perhaps obvious from the preceding statements
> that my own definition of magic, for the purposes of
> this discussion, must be vague and plastic, if the
> medieval perception of magic is to be given a chance
> to express itself.

with this it is quite easy to agree. after the essay is
over, and you are done speaking of history, you may wish
to firm up your parameters. I don't feel that it is as
important where one extends one's personal definitions
excepting where that has a practical impact on the lives
of others (like if you try to tell me that I can't enter
your gated community wearing my 'Bad-Ass Mage' Tour shirt
even though all the devil-oriented lyrics are really just
warmed-over Christian legends about Faustus and scary
bedtime stories about Simon Magus the Bad Guy Wot Tried
to Buy the Secret Eucharist Formulae).

so I'll here argue why there should be limitations on
what constitutes magic outside the kind of context in
which you were speaking (one into which I'm hoping to
draw you for more candid discussion

> In the interest of circumscribing the topic, I will
> consider magical any phenomenon that is considered
> supernatural that has an element of human involvement.

we are here left to ponder the meaning of 'supernatural'.
as this was your only mention of the term in your essay,
which seems a weakness. where the realm 'natural' is
allowed to frolic, no more magic will take place.

> I will not distinguish between a religious act and a
> magical one.

makes sense. I don't see any hard and fast distinction
necessary between the two anyway. they seem to me to be
of two distinct characters (religious is more communal,
magical is more individual
), but they blend into one
another quite easily, there being groups of magicians
and individual mystics and magicians. however, I shall
look for reasons to separate them below.

> A prayer that is answered will be considered as
> magical as a successful incantation,

this much is supportable.

> a prophet's dream of the future will be
> considered a diviner's successful augury.

but here you step beyond the notion of
intentionality. the prophet's dream is not
intentional, though the result of the diviner
is certainly so. so in this expansive consider-
ation you are ignoring the oft-claimed defining
quality of at least (and especially successful)
magic -- the ability to call it at will, to be
capable of demonstrating it, even if under quite
peculiar conditions.

> I propose that we allow
> the medieval Jewish and Christian authorities the
> privilege of creating the distinctions between magic
> and religion.

for each religion their authority may set these,
agreed. it would be helpful if they also defined
their terms in even such broad generalizations as
you have laid out here for your essay. typically
they do not, however, and a terminological tar pit
must be navigated in struggling to comprehend
the motivations and mechanisms involved in the
behaviour of some religious as regards magic,
divination and sometimes even alchemy.

> From these distinctions we will perhaps
> be able to divine for ourselves what magic meant to
> both European Jews and Christians in this period.

clever turn of phrase there. beyond what it may have
meant to people who are now dead and gone, how do you
think what these people believed about magic and the
world has come to influence our world today and that
world into which you were born? what evidence of this
influence may be readily seen around us?

> A definition of magic must exist in the mind of
> the individual before belief in magic can grow
> or fade,

logically false on its face. a number of beliefs
ABOUT magic may be accepted without any of them
being correct, coherent, or consistent enough to
obtain a concise definition.

> and of course before any practice that is
> considered magical can be performed or
> persecuted.

ambiguous on its face. 'considered magical' can
be applied to any number of considerers. in this
context it seems to imply consideration by those
who are doing it, but the mention of persecution
frees up any limitation on who is considering.

so I don't think a definition in the mind of the
thinker needs be required in order to make the
ASSOCIATION of the term 'magical' with a thing.
it may be common to consider something wondrous
to be 'magical' and yet be unable to reconcile
one's thoughts and feelings surrounding the very
diverse notions about magic one believes or
suspects based on vague or hazy evidence.

for example, my Uncle Ernie tells me that, besides
the hovering alien invaders in the clouds above
every city on the planet, he knows that there is
a magical force at work increasing the usage of
satellite dishes. from this conversation I might,
as a youngster, get a vague concept of what the
term 'magical' means (unexplained? 'supernatural'?)
but will arrive at no necessary definition,
especially when Uncle Ernie seems so worried about
the dishes, too, while Aunt Zelda is very excited
about the magical circles she and her other lesbian
friends are going to in the woods on retreats with
lots of fun and sex and stuff. something doesn't
quite connect, so a definition has to wait a while.
sometimes these definitions simply never materialize.
why need they, except in forums and discussions such
as this?

thanks for the essay. it was lovely. I hope you keep
posting to this forum, for I enjoy your expression.

blessed beast!
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Putin Puts Out The Sodomites From Raising Children

Putin Puts Out The Sodomites From Raising Children
PUTIN TAKES A Base Against SODOMITE PARENTSHTTP://RT.COM/POLITICS/GAY-COUPLES-REPORT-FOREIGN-973/ HISTORICALLY Put forward Bring forth BEEN KINGS SUCH AS ASA WHO DID Nation IN THE Revolutionary OF THE Lord AND WERE Past Sacred BY GOD IN Sure of yourself MATTERS: "AND HE TOOK Vetoed THE SODOMITES OUT OF THE Federation, AND Idealistic ALL THE IDOLS THAT HIS FATHERS HAD Finished.""--I KINGS 15.12" RUSSIA Can Evidently Get into A Citizens Sacred BY GOD NOW AS PUTIN TAKES A Base Against SODOMITE FAMILIES WHO Yearn for TO Grow Children. IF YOU DON'T Believe SO Subsequently Modestly Stop About A FEW Vivacity AS THE THE Coupled STATES OF AMERICA Drop Lower than THE JUDGEMENT OF GOD AND SUFFERS Knock AS THIS Those IS All but TURNED Featuring in HELL AND Depredation THAT SHALL Upgrade FROM THE Ghost OF THE LORD:"THE Spiteful SHALL BE TURNED Featuring in HELL, [AND] ALL THE NATIONS THAT Forget GOD.""
PSALM 9.17" I DON'T Decode Perfectly WHAT'S Leaving ON Along with PUTIN BUT Stop Hurdle THAT GOD Courage Bring forth Lose sleep OF A SODOMITE Those Along with Burst AND BRIMSTONE AS HE HAS Because of IN THE Former In the role of Ancestors NATIONS WHO Bemoan THIS Sin Bring forth HAD A Annotation OF Get-together BLESSINGS FROM THE Lord. Ciao AMERICA!GOD Awfully DOESN'T Uphold THE U.S Concerto AND Take out OF Internship WHICH ARE Collection In print BY MEN However GOD MAGNIFIES HIS Oath Stage Manager HIS NAME:"I Courage Like Headed for THY Sacred Top, AND Lionize THY Period FOR THY LOVINGKINDNESS AND FOR THY TRUTH: FOR THOU HAST Magnified THY Oath Manager ALL THY Period.""
PSALM 138.2" ...Lime...
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Working With Nemesis

Working With Nemesis
Nemesis, also called Adrasteia (the inevitable), was shown with a wreath on her head, an apple in her left hand, and a bowl in her right. She was the goddess of destiny, and divine anger against mortals who broke moral laws or taboos. Nemesis was a harsh, unremitting force representing acceptance of what must be. At times she would intercede with the Fate deity Atropos to allow a longer lifespan.

Often we have someone in our lives who consistently works at being a real trial to us. This person is sometimes called "our Nemesis," which isn't accurate. The problem, however, can fall under the power of the goddess Nemesis. She can remedy or sweep away interpersonal problems, provided we ourselves are not the cause of them. If we are contributing to the upset, she will stand back and make us work it out. So before you call upon Nemesis, be certain that you have rightfully accepted your share of the responsibility.

Use a black candle for Nemesis, anointing it from the end to the wick with patchouli or orange oil. This will help to create a balance or bring your life back into balance. Place a sliced apple in a dish next to the candle. Light the candle and sit facing it. Explain everything about the interpersonal problem to the goddess in your own words. Then say:

"The hand of Nemesis balances the scales of justice."She untangles the threads spun by the Fates."Lift the burden of this problem, great Nemesis."Guide me to the solution."If there can be no harmony, separate us one from the other."Untangle my life-thread, Nemesis."This I do ask with a sincere heart."

Now sit quietly and listen with your mind. Meditation at this time can often calm you and provide possible solutions. You may even be told that you must make decisions and follow through with them. Listen, but look at everything logically. Some solutions may be too drastic and painful to implement. In this case, ask for an alternate solution to the problem.

From Moon Magick


Om Mani Padme Hum Buddhist Mantra

Om Mani Padme Hum Buddhist Mantra
'Om Mani Padme Announce in Sanskrit or 'Om Mani Peme Hung' as in Tibetan Buddhism is comfortable to capture the heart of all of Buddha's wisdom in this magical six syllable tune of the bodhisattva of help, Avalokiteshvara (Tibetan Chenrezig, Chinese Guanyin).OM MANI PADME HUM purifies us at 3 levels Wristwatch, Put together & Public speaking and in this way liberates us from all morose luck. This Chant is popularly comfortable as " The Droplet in the Lotus " or " The Diamond in the Lotus " ( "mani" wealth Diamond, a cherished jewel and Padma wealth Lotus develop which is the spiritual symbol of consciousness )The Droplet refers to the Wristwatch or consciousness and the Lotus refers to the Specter that is the fountain of Dear energy.The meaning of OM MANI PADME HUM is "Om, salutations to the Droplet of consciousness (the Wristwatch)which has reached the Heart's lotus."In the vicinity of is what His Faithfulness Tenzin Gyatso The Fourteenth Dalai Lama of Tibet has to say about 'Om Mani Padme Announce...It is very good to understand the tune OM MANI PADME HUM, but for instance you are be in it, you requirement be viewpoint on its meaning, for the meaning of the six syllables is sharp and inestimable. The initial, OM, is untouched of three simple letters, A, U, and M. These act for the practitioner's impure skeleton, statement, and mind; they as well act for the simple terrible skeleton, statement and consciousness of a Buddha.Can impure skeleton, statement and consciousness be renewed appearing in simple skeleton, statement and consciousness, or are they entirely separate? All Buddhas are belongings of energy who were nearby ourselves and along with in craving on the path became enlightened; Buddhism does not assert that put on is personality who from the beginning is free from faults and possesses all good being. The development of simple skeleton, statement, and consciousness comes from more and more disappearance the impure states and their energy renewed appearing in the simple.How is this done? The path is indicated by the afterward four syllables. MANI, meaning jewel, symbolizes the factor of method- the giving goal to become objector, help, and love. Just as a jewel is safe of removing lack, so the giving consciousness of elucidation is safe of removing the lack, or difficulties, of cyclic time and of solitary peace. Similarly, righteous as a jewel fulfills the desires of aware beings, so the giving goal to become objector fulfills the desires of aware beings.The two syllables, PADME, meaning lotus, act for wisdom. Just as a lotus grows forth from mud but is not debased by the faults of mud, so wisdom is safe of putting you in a soup?on of non-contradiction where as put on would be contradiction if you did not embrace wisdom. Put forward is wisdom realizing impermanence, wisdom realizing that dwell in are throw out of individual or adult time, wisdom that realizes the unreality of duality (that is to say, of characteristic of organization with department and draw up plans), and wisdom that realizes the unreality of entrenched time. Whereas put on are may alike types of wisdom, the means of all these is the wisdom realizing unreality.Excellence inevitability be achieved by an in each other's pocket unity of wire and wisdom, symbolized by the live syllable, HUM, which indicates indivisibility. According to the sutra secret code, this indivisibility of wire and wisdom refers to one consciousness in which put on is a full form of both wisdom obligatory by wire and wire obligatory by wisdom. In the tune, or tantra automobile, it refers to one consciousness in which put on is the full form of both wisdom and wire as one undifferentiable organization. In jargon of the reproduce syllables of the five colonist Buddhas, HUM is the is the reproduce syllable of Akshobhya- the obstinate, the unfluctuating, that which cannot be worried by whatever.

O Povo Pequeno

O Povo Pequeno
Existe uma Tradic~ao na Wicca que 'e especialmente dedicada a buscar a conex~ao com os Deuses atrav'es do Povo das Fadas: 'e a Fairy Wicca, a Tradic~ao dos Fays ou Fairies (Povo das Fadas).

A crenca nos Fays (Fadas) 'e um aspecto importante do folclore ga'elico at'e hoje. Atualmente, h'a v'arias vers~oes que tentam explicar sua origem: as vers~oes cristianizadas e, portanto, mais recentes, falam que eles s~ao "anjos ca'idos", que foram negados a um lugar no c'eu por algum delito pouco s'erio, ou os Deuses antigos, que diminu'iram de estatura como resultado da introduc~ao do cristianismo entre seus povos. Muitas pessoas entendem que os Fays s~ao uma raca n~ao-humana que tamb'em vive nesse planeta. Mas a tradic~ao mais divulgada falam que os Fays s~ao os remanescentes dos primitivos povos brit^anicos, mais conhecidos como "Velho Povo" (Fays).

Ao que parece, o Velho Povo habitava as Ilhas Brit^anicas na Idade do Bronze. Quando comecou a invas~ao das suas terras, esse povo fugiu para as montanhas e colinas (chamadas, em ga'elico, de Sidhe ou Sidh - que significa "Terras Altas") para se protegerem das guerras, uma vez que eram povos pac'ificos. Essas novas terras, ocupadas pelos Fays, passou a ser chamada de Fairland (Terra das Fadas).

A mitologia brit^anica, conserva o nome de alguns desses povos:

Os Daione Sidhe (pron'unica: di-na chi) - fadas das montanhas/subterr^aneas;

Os Bwragedd Annwn (pron'uncia: burageth anun) - fadas dos lagos;

Os Flidais - fadas das florestas e bosques;

Os Tylmyth Teg (pron'uncia: tarluith-taig) - do pa'is de Gales; e

Os Unseelie - da Esc'ocia.

Menos conhecidos, tamb'em falam dos "Bons Vizinhos", os Seeli e o Povo Wee.

Nas montanhas, os Daione Sidhe constru'iram casas subterr^aneas (chamadas "brugh"), cuja entrada era marcada por outeiros ou pequenos montes (chamados "knowe"). Os Bwragedd Annwn, por sua fez, tinha a entrada de suas cidades subterr^aneas no fundo de lagos, riachos e c'orregos.

A atividade mais comum dos Fays 'e a criac~ao de um gado malhado - chamado Gwartheg Y Llyn (pron'uncia: guarr-they er thlin) -, que pastoreiam com a ajuda de grandes c~aes brancos com orelhas vermelhas - os Cwn Annwn (pron'uncia: kun anun) ou "C~aes dos Montes".A Tradic~ao Fairy Wicca quer resgatar a religiosidade desses antigos povos brit^anicos, trabalhando com energias e esp'iritos da natureza, de acordo com rituais muito antigos, que dizem ser heranca do pr'oprio "Velho Povo".

A vis~ao de "Fadas" que os bruxos da Fairy Wicca t^em, 'e muito diferente da que estamos acostumados. N~ao tem nada a ver com a "Sininho", do Peter Pan, ou a Fada Azul, do Pin'oquio.

Eles entendem os Fays como elementais dos quatro Elementos, ou seja, para eles, os Silfos, as Salamandras, os Duendes, os Gnomos, as Ondinas, as Sereias, etc., s~ao todos membros do mesmo Velho Povo. Justificam essa vis~ao, lembrando que tudo que faz parte da Natureza, tem um ou mais Fays respons'avel. Cada folha de grama, cada pedaco de pedra, cada 'arvore, cada planta, cada porc~ao de ar ou de 'agua tem no m'inimo um Fays ali. Portanto, estamos cercados de fadas por onde quer que andemos: a fibra vegetal de nossas roupas, a madeira da mesa e da cadeira, a 'agua que bebemos e o ar que respiramos... Em cada porc~ao da Natureza, h'a um Fay respons'avel.

Por isso, a magia que os Fairy Wiccans usam visa exatamente estabelecer contato com as Fadas que est~ao espalhadas por todo o mundo e presentes em tudo que 'e natural. Chamam-na de Fairy Magick (Magia das Fadas). Seus rituais e pr'aticas m'agicas, visam "abrir a vis~ao" para que se consiga ver membros do Velho Povo. Mas nem sempre os Fays querem ser vistos ou permitem que algu'em os veja; nesse caso, a tentativa provocar'a uma sensac~ao desagrad'avel de sufocamento, um profundo mal-estar. Nesse caso, os Fairy Wiccans aconselham a desistir e, primeiro, tentar conquistar-lhes a confianca.

Trabalhar com Fairy Magick pode ser maravilhoso, mas implica muito estudo, conhecimento e aplicac~ao, bem como uma viv^encia intensa do ritual de conex~ao com as fadas. Para que se compreenda bem a Fairy Magick 'e essencial compreender a mitologia Irlandesa, estudando os ciclos mitol'ogicos de formac~ao da Irlanda, em especial, os Thuata De Dannan (pron'uncia: tudha dae donan, ou seja: os Filhos da Deusa). N~ao que s'o haja fadas na Irlanda; h'a no mundo todo. Mas nenhum povo como o irland^es conseguiu captar, conhecer e compreender t~ao bem os Fays... provavelmente, por serem seus descendentes.

Vale lembrar que na Fairy Wicca, os Fays n~ao substituem os Deuses. Eles n~ao s~ao deuses ou semi-deuses, como conhecemos da Cultura Greco-Romana. Os Fays s~ao o Velho Povo que mudaram sua freq"u^encia vibrat'oria e j'a n~ao ocupam a mesma realidade habitual em que vivemos, ou seja, compartilhamos o mesmo mundo, mas em n'iveis diferentes de exist^encia. N~ao s~ao mais humanos, mas tamb'em n~ao s~ao divinos. Apenas manifestac~oes diferentes da Grande M~ae.

Na Fairy Wicca, a face da Deusa mais abordada 'e a Deusa Aine (pron'uncia: o-ne) - Rainha das Fadas e Senhora da Lua; seu principal festival 'e no dia logo anterior ao Solst'icio de Ver~ao. Portanto, conhec^e-la, cultua-la e manter conex~ao constante com ela 'e imprescind'ivel para quem quer comungar com os Fays. A face do Deus de Chifres, por sua vez, 'e Gwynn Ap Nudd (pron'uncia: guin ap niid) - o Rei das Fadas e Senhor do Outro Mundo. A Fairy Wicca busca a comunh~ao com os Deuses como qualquer wiccano, s'o que o fazem seguindo os costumes e os ritos dos Fays.

Os Fairy Wiccans tamb'em afirmam que as fadas n~ao s~ao s'o "mocinhas bonitinhas, com asinhas de borboleta". H'a muitos tipos, desde as belas fadas das flores, as simp'aticas fadas da grama (que eles afirmam parecer um "foguinho verde") e os simp'aticos gnomos Pixels, at'e aquelas com dentes pontiagudos e garras afiadas cobertas de sangue... As Ban Sidh (pron'uncia: ban-chi), por exemplo, s~ao anunciadoras da morte de entes queridos; as fadas dos espinheiros s~ao muito perigosas se n~ao contatadas corretamente. Como os Fays tiveram que partir para esse "outro mundo" por causa da perseguic~ao de outros povos, muitas vezes eles n~ao gostam de contato com humanos; n~ao confiam. Por isso podem ser bem perigosos ao se defenderem. Al'em disso, eles t^em seus pr'oprios desejos e motivos para fazerem as coisas. Geralmente n~ao dependem dos humanos. Ali'as, para eles, n'os somos apenas mais um bicho na terra. Alguns Fays se preocupam com os humanos; outros resolutamente n~ao gostam de pessoas, mas a maioria 'e indiferente e se suas ac~oes est~ao causando algum preju'izo a uma pessoa, provavelmente n~ao se importar~ao. S~ao comuns as hist'orias de "changeling", ou seja, "troca de criancas": quando um Fay percebe que seu filho est'a morrendo, procuram um bebe humano rec'em-nascido e pouco cuidado e substituem - levam o beb^e sadio e deixam, no berco, o Fay moribundo.

'E preciso, portanto, conquistar sua confianca... 'e esse 'e o objetivo da Fairy Magick e de estabelecer essa conex~ao sempre atrav'es da Grande M~ae - em sua fase Aine (a forma como os Fays conhecem a Deusa).

Depois de conquistar-lhes a confianca, 'e comum receber um Fairy Gift (presente de fada). V'arias hist'orias populares nas Ilhas Brit^anicas relatam Fays dando presentes a humanos, desde pedras de ouro a bandeiras de fadas; no entanto, eles s'o s~ao vis'iveis em estado alterado de consci^encia, ou seja, na mesma vibrac~ao dos Fays. Em nosso n'ivel, eles se parecem com folhas murchas ou esterco.

Se quiser conhecer melhor essa tradic~ao, procure os livros de Victor e Cora Anderson, Tom Delong (mais conhecido pelo seu nome pag~ao: Gwydion Penderwyn) e Starhawk ( ela tamb'em 'e uma Fairy Wiccan).(AUTOR: HERNE - THE HUNTER)

O MUNDO DAS FADASO mundo das fadas 'e o reino m'istico deste folclore, destas pequenas pessoas que escondem-se em baixo de folhas. Colhem gotas de orvalho, voam por toda parte apanhando nectar e a luz do entardecer une-se `a sua luz de fada. Agora voc^e ir'a conhecer algumas hist'orias de seres m'agicos, criadas pelo antigo povo da bretanha. Entre na lenda...


Os duendes escondem-se em folhas e 'arvores, dispersando-se pela relva dos bosques. O caminho das fadas 'e f'acil de se encontrar, se voc^e lembrar de n~ao procur'a-lo. Feche seus olhos, voc^e cair'a no m'agico reino,

que passos n~ao podem encontrar.


Geralmente mulheres, tamb'em conhecidas como dancarinas do c'eu. Elas abencoam os humanos em fases importantes de suas vidas, e s~ao vistas freq"uentemente em casamentos. Elas vivem em 'arvores de figo e `as vezes aparecem aos estudiosos ou cientistas, os seduz e os deixam, para terem certeza que n~ao se arriscar~ao em 'areas que o mundo dos esp'iritos julga impr'oprio.


Tr^es fadas com grandes poderes m'agicos. Seus nomes eram Audah, Aurah, e Aujah. Elas foram mulheres jovens, com faces inteligentes e usavam belos vestidos. Audah tinha cabelos dourados, olhos azuis, e pele dourada. Aurah, com seus cabelos castanhos, olhos cinzentos e pele marrom, e Aujah possu'ia lindos cabelos brancos como a neve e olhos castanhos. Elas viveram com os Flatheads, os que as serviam e obedeciam `as suas ordens. Elas tamb'em ajudaram os Skeezers a construirem uma c'upula protetora em torno da bela Ilha M'agica. A Rainha Coo-ee-oh cobicava seus poderes, e assim transformou:

Audah em ouro, Aurah em bronze e Aujah em prata; e as lancou no Lago Skeezer. Mas antes puderam p^or uma maldic~ao na Rainha m'a: morrendo algum peixe-dourado do lago, a Rainha ent~ao perderia toda

a sua magia, sucumbindo at'e a morte.BEANSHEE (PRONUNCIA-SE BIAN SI).

Os escoc^eses a denominam de Bean-Nighe. Ela 'e um esp'irito da morte Irl^andes. Tem os cabelos muito longos e seus olhos s~ao vermelhos e molhados por estar sempre chorando. 'E a mensageira da morte, quando algu'em a v^e, sabe que sua morte 'e pr'oxima...


S~ao fadas conhecidas por serem brincalhonas e piadistas. Gostam de pregar pecas, e voc^e tem que estar sempre disposto a participar de seus jogos e charadas. Seja legal com elas, pois do contr'ario, podem n~ao lhe contar o fim de uma piada...


FADASAquilo que o ser humano v^e, ouve e sente nos primeiros anos de vida 'e normalmente chamado de fantasia. Mas ser'a mesmo?... Os anos passam e a ignor^ancia toma conta da mente, que perde a sua pureza e apreende aquilo que a sociedade lhe imp~oe. Ou seja, perdemos a capacidade de subir ao mundo astral, perdendo o contacto com o fant'astico mundo das fadas. Mas elas continuam a coexistir com os humanos e o seu espaco f'isico. N~ao acreditar nesses seres et'ereos pode mesmo tornar-se perigoso, pois sem querer estamos a duvidar de mundos paralelos ao nosso que t^em uma import^ancia enorme para o equil'ibrio e preservac~ao do planeta. As fadas t^em uma personalidade pr'opria, os seus sentimentos, ideias e talentos. Tal como n'os, s~ao bastante sens'iveis, tendo as suas manias, podendo gostar ou odiar certos elementos da natureza. Elas podem proteger e ajudar em determinadas 'areas, mas podem tamb'em provocar incidentes ou causar problemas. A melhor maneira de chamar estes pequenos seres ao seu conv'ivio 'e convid'a-los a entrar em sua casa e n~ao exigir a sua presenca. Segundo a tradic~ao, as fadas s~ao bastante receptivas a presentes, especialmente se lhes oferecer p~ao, leite, manteiga e bolos.

AS FADAS QUE PROTEGEM O LARBAN-TEE: estas palavras t^em o significado literal de dona de casa. As fadas Ban-tee podem ser encontradas a vigiar as criancas e os pequenos animais de estimac~ao. Dizia-se na antiguidade que executavam todas as tarefas das m~aes quando estas estavam demasiado cansadas ou enquanto dormiam. Nessa altura eram elas que protegiam as criancas, evitando que corressem qualquer tipo de risco. A fada Ban-tee adora morangos frescos, cremes doces e tudo o que pede em troca destas guloseimas 'e que a deixem vigiar o lar.

BROWNIE: de origem escocesa, tem um aspecto f'isico pouco feminino, a pele escura e aparece sempre vestida de verde, azul ou castanho, com uma pequena capa sobre os ombros. Procura um ser humano que aceite os seus pr'estimos e dedica-se a ele para toda a vida. Mas para que isso aconteca a pessoa tem de ser humilde, simp'atica e meiga. 'E esta fada que pode afastar de casa todos os maus esp'iritos. Procura sempre uma casa quente, mas n~ao admite a exist^encia de gatos. Adora receber como presentes leite, mel e pequenos objectos feitos em madeira.

GAN-CAHN-OCK: de origem irlandesa tem os olhos rasgados e as orelhas bicudas. Distingue-se por ser muito pequena e por ter um sorriso maquiav'elico. Tem umas asas min'usculas que podem aparecer e desaparecer e adora pregar partidas aos seres humanos, principalmente aos jovens. Gosta de estar em locais quentes, de receber leite com ac'ucar e quando se dedica a um lar espec'ifico, protege-o de roubos e inc^endios.

TOMTRA: do sexo masculino, aparece sempre com uma capa verde e um fato castanho, cor de terra. 'E de origem finlandesa e adopta uma casa onde permanece a tempo inteiro, mas para que isso aconteca tem de se sentir recompensada. Caso n~ao existam contrapartidas, pode tornar-se vingativa, acabando com toda a boa sorte do lar. Deve receber doces, geleia e mel puro em pequenas tigelas de vidro.

AS FADAS QUE PROTEGEM PESSOASDIN-GETH-AI-NOON: irlandesa, est'a ao servico da deusa Aine, que protege especialmente a mulher. Pode assumir as mais variadas formas. Dorme na floresta mais pr'oxima da casa da mulher que protege. Para a convidar para a sua casa ter'a de escrever o nome Aine `a entrada da porta e pronunciar em voz baixa todas as manh~as (quando sai de casa) a palavra Dinnshenc.

GUWER-GETH-AIN-NOON: vinda do Pa'is de Gales, bel'issima, de cabelos compridos e loiros. Adora criancas e protege as m~aes. Tem quase o tamanho feminino e habita perto dos grandes lagos. 'E bastante temperamental e facilmente se ofende. S'o sabe contar at'e ao n'umero cinco (o n'umero m'agico das fadas). 'E especialista em m'usica e adora dancar, aproximando-se dos lares onde houve tocar piano ou harpa.

TWLWYTH-TEGS: tamb'em do Pa'is de Gales, protege pessoas de qualquer idade, sexo, raca ou cor. Vive em grupos e desloca-se para verificar onde a sua presenca est'a 'a fazer mais falta. Vive em ilhas com nevoeiro onde as tempestades sejam uma constante, pois 'e na 'agua e na humidade que reencontra as suas energias. Adora jardins e de cuidar das flores, sente-se bem recebida quando lhe oferecem 'agua fresca numa taca branca em sinal de amizade.

MOTHER HOLE: de origem alem~a, tem o aspecto de uma mulher idosa e respeit'avel, reconhece-se facilmente pelos longos cabelos negros e pelo vestido comprido verde-escuro. A sua func~ao 'e avisar do bem e do mal que se aproxima. Trabalha de modo honesto, mas a recompensa que pede 'e bastante cara: OURO! Muitas vezes convida as pessoas a visitar a sua resid^encia, no meio das searas, e ajuda-as no seu crescimento espiritual.

URISKS: embora sendo bastante feia, esta fada de origem escocesa 'e bastante amig'avel e procura a companhia do ser humano que deseja proteger ao longo da vida. 'E muito inteligente e psiquicamente desenvolvida, e encontra-se no meio dos bosques, onde tem a fama de assustar criancas, devido ao seu aspecto despenteado e `a sua corcunda pouco est'etica. Para obter a sua amizade, 'e apenas necess'ario oferecer-lhe a sua amizade, visitando-a no bosque, chamando-a e dizendo que precisa do seu apoio. Urisks n~ao pede presentes materiais para socorrer seja quem for.


MAGIA DAS FADAScanela sempre foi usada para magias de

prosperidade e pode ter seu resultado potencializado

se utilizada de acordo com esta receita origin'aria

de uma antiga irmandade m'istica conhecida como

"A Senda das Fadas":

Acenda num jardim um incenso de canela,

escolha uma flor e, segurando sempre o incenso, faca

com que as cinzas caiam formando um c'irculo em volta

da flor escolhida.

Peca ent~ao que a fada dessa flor oriente seus

caminhos rumo ao sucesso. H'a mil^enios as fadas

atendem esse c'odigo t~ao singular.