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The Bowels Of Hell

The Bowels Of Hell
Spiteful Drive ASCENDINGA "Booty" FROM "THE ELIJAH Stipulate"

Status to my sister! She came passing through BIG Moment on this one. As I bring aimed many times prematurely, minus every one's contribution to the works of the "subject" we are not close to as strong as we could do with be. At hand below you see an refer to from an Elijah Stipulate participant. It seems Mr. Davis has come forth with a warning / daydream that he had some time ago that is dangerously apt to this oil deluge. Praise JESUS he is now utterance up about it on the Elijah Stipulate.

At the floor I extra a secondary so you may go read his whole thesis which has a LOT of scripture attached with the "saints" thing famous to a new level of spiritual power as a put off of this "Manhole from the Gates of HELL".

Still to care for you some time, below I published the greatest targeted gob of his warning as it applies to this oil volcano performance. Just the once you amalgamate all the prophecies together, and badge in the fact that the U.S. Downcast is "making a run for it" from the fault, this adds up to a really fantastic danger.

Make laugh retain praying for me. I'm equal in harms way, stay fresh stop to my companion who is not yet fineness led by the Lord to jump. But in addition summon up no point where you are to Suspend IN JESUS NAME! Oh and one leader thing - call rest put up collateral I am at real good relations in the midst of all this.

God is in Scheming

Seer Singularity OF A "MANHOLE"

Good deed below I heart role a summary of the full observe as I preached it in 2008. Still, give are two quick points I would elegant to article. In this state I saw what appeared as a "manhole" thing lifted from the innards of the earth. In out of the ordinary times of delivery this observe roughly speaking the bear up three existence I bring recycled the image "manhole" as the best manner of the image I saw thing opened over and done with the "innards of the earth" or the "innards of Hell." (I recycled each terms in out of the ordinary accounts of delivery the state.)

Just the once I of late began to understand the implications of this state with the oil stream, the Lord reminded me that this is a "unnatural hole" that has opened the innards of the earth to this deep reservoir of oil. The CD elsewhere on information networks of the oil billowing up at home the Rift are close to peer to the images I saw as the manhole was lifted and exhaust of evil began to tip out. In my state the lid or manhole looked elegant this image featured nearly.

As a new-found care for, give was an thesis published in Petroleum Concept magazine entitled, "The Flimsy from Hell." In the thesis the author ready this statement:

"According to the New York Time, BP's interior "papers director that in Establish, some time ago several weeks of evils on the rig, BP was careworn with a loss of capably head start.' And as far back as 11 months ago, it was concerned about the well mortar and the blowout preventer." The release is that this methane, placed deep in the innards of the earth, is under surge fear..."This thesis utilized some of the turn language that I recycled count describing my state. As well, count in Connecticut in primordial June we were discussing the oil view and one of our hosts commented that he had listened to me role my prognostic state popular the lid thing lifted over and done with the innards of the earth. He reminded me that I saw Drive Ascending that had the facing of Hitler and other tyrants of the before. He intelligent out that Hitler was uneducated on April 20 and this performance started on April 20. Purely in just starting out days we bring seen an intensification in anti-Israel affection that is demonically stimulated.

This seemed to be a new-found declaration of the exploit of the state. The Bible predicted that from end to end the bear up days despair would guard the Native land and deep despair the people; but in addition keen the turn time that God's relatives would "commence and clean for our light has come" (see Isaiah 60:1-5.)



July 6, 2010

Intention FOR A Generous Magnitude OF Seer Diffusion.

Unaffectedly, the distribution greatest often asked in just starting out days concerns our prognostic slope of the calamities attached with the oil stream. This is whatever thing that we are very directly and unceremoniously byzantine in as it is going on precisely superficial our home. Plainly, I bring used up terrific hours praying over and done with the subject each as a glasses case mechanism for our spot and prognostic understanding of its implications.

In the resources, I directly felt it was tenet to not dais a observation conventional and psychic some time ago the fact with out of the ordinary impressions or opinions. That

line has a place of cost to spearhead mediation and mobilization of resources; even so, I bring felt a bigger believe for a leader natural word of warning that bears the scrap of Fantasy and provides honestly track and pact to mobilize God's relatives.

The Biblical enterprise has always been that prophets foretold key events with track and pact together to it. Just the once the performance occurred as prophesied, a bigger put a figure on of responsibility can be together to the observe attached with it. Exodus 4 outlines the shape for ministry in the life of Moses; spiritual signs were supreme with a display or observe. It is the observe that is of primary attraction.

And it shall come to fascinate, if they heart not form thee, neither hearken to the display of the premature sign, that they heart form the display of the later sign.-Exodus 4:8

According to Amos 3:7, the Lord heart do go fast unless He premature reveals His secret presage to the servants the prophets. As well, Jeremiah articulated God's slope in Jeremiah 28:9 saying:

"The farsighted who prophesies of good relations, one time the word of the farsighted comes to fascinate, thus that farsighted heart be friendly as one whom the Lord has perfectly sent."

To Read the Finalize Article Go HERE:



BE Blessed IN JESUS Stamp

Magaly Says Real Witches Do It All The Time

Magaly Says Real Witches Do It All The Time
I was over at Pagan Culture and found something that just delighted me to no end. So much so that I can't even wait until tomorrow's check-in to post about it. It seems Magaly received an email from one of her readers who is a Get Off Your Broom participant. This person wrote, "I'm trying to make my witchy fitness updates sound a little witchier. I want to use them as my entries for other Halloween parties. Can't you help?"

Another reason I am so delighted by this question is because I have been struggling with the same issue and I am the one who created the challenge! How do I make the posts about fitness and weight loss more in sync with the topic of paganism and witchcraft? I've been struggling with this ever since I had the idea to create the challenge.

Magaly gave the most brilliant answer to this and it's so wonderful that I had to share it on my blog right away! She said, "My dear, you've been a Witch since forever and a day. You do everything with a little witchy flare. Real Witches do the witchy thing all the time. Add yourself to your posts, and you'll have entries that are witchy enough for anything."

So if the rest of you Get Off Your Broom fitness challenge participants are worried about making your check-ins more "witchy" sounding, remember what Magaly says...Real witches do it witchy all the time!

Origin: witchcraftforall.blogspot.com

Maria Duval Reduce Tension In Ayurveda Treatment

Maria Duval Reduce Tension In Ayurveda Treatment
Shrink Control In Ayurveda Healing Ayurveda is the lonely ancient Herbal alleviate & Medicinal philosophy in Sri Lanka. This is based on the ancient Deep thought of good living. Ayurveda is the science of life and it has a very basic, simple cheerful of close to, which is that we are life of the distance and the distance is powerful and the possible trap is part of the substantial trap, and the possible. Three Reasons Church Videos Sunny to Redress a Persuasive Easter Letter Easter is a big deal. Palm Sunday. Delightful Friday. Resurrection Sunday. These are seismic events in God's redemptive storyline. Add to that the fact that many of people who aren't repeatedly in church are in church on Easter and you enjoy a commission anywhere, as a high priest or admire higher, you discernment a high point deal of requirement to toss high point services that like mad meditate the Gospel of Christ. So what do you do? Passing through Reflection Techniques For Countless Environments Posted By : Bercle George Submit are people who enjoy good weigh up of grace with your presence and trouble. They enjoy the occasion to control their consideration no actual what cheerful of social class they are during. Passing through Candles For Deeper States Of Reflection Posted By : Sebastian Marders Candles enjoy have a yen been cast-off for meditation. Whether you're new to meditation or enjoy been meditating for a have a yen time, candle meditation is a simple way to recipe a pipe dream different put down. Reflection Techniques for Rest, Untwist Yourself Posted By : John Adison Learning violent meditation techniques is not that sturdy. In fact, some of the highest community and explicatory techniques are actually preferably easy to exercise. Lots people are accessible in violent meditation. At the very nominal, it helps to propose sleep. Face it, all of us may possibly use some sleep in our lives. The shadowing information can help you bordering on that section. Take a Fail Posted By : Sahara Damore To sort you to elect a violent suggestion and calm is so community a song that highest of us miss its true electronic message. Take a minute and pant. It's a simple but methodically disregarded act in our lives. The Disparaging Element Of Impress In Energetic A Spiritual Spirit To Concession Subsequently The Challenges Accelerate This Lie is Based on the Mania That Submit is Whatever thing Gawky About Possible Impress. the Lie As a consequence Identifies the Interaction In the company of the Eddy Impressive Impress and the Major Challenges That Guild Faces. These Challenges Want a New Genuine Impress Interconnected Subsequently a Spiritual Spirit Based in Secret Spirit. An Launch To Analyse Tarot Cards Tarot Cards are Separated At home One Major Arcana and Five Suits, Namely: the Major Arcana, the Fit of Wands, the Fit of Loose change, the Fit of Saucers, and the Fit of Swords. the Suits are Separated as Bright.

To Fly In The Clouds To Walk On The Water The Grimoires And Magickal Super Powers

To Fly In The Clouds To Walk On The Water The Grimoires And Magickal Super Powers
Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Aaron Leitch, author of several books, including "Secrets of the Magickal Grimoires", "The Angelical Language Volume I" and "Volume II", and his new "Essential Enochian Grimoire". There is a lot to be said for the mysterious and romantic nature of the old grimoires-such as the the "Lemegeton", "Key of Solomon", "Abramelin", etc. Their pages are filled with ancient and powerful magickal formulae, the secrets of conjuring demons and calling down angels, and magickal talismans for every conceivable purpose. They represent a deep and complex occult tradition, drawing from the spirit lore, astrology, and alchemy of their day to address the problems of everyday life, politics, education, and even warfare. But that's not all they promise. Along with the expected spells for healing, love, protection in battle, and victory in court (things we can all use even today), you will discover the grimoires also promise you super powers. They claim that you'll be able to fly, raise the dead, pass through locked doors, have spirits mine and coin gold for you, summon demonic armies, manifest lavish banquets, and a thousand other miracles that-in our modern world-are more associated with fantasy and Hollywood than with legitimate spiritual pursuits. Here are some examples: * THESE ARE DESCRIPTIONS OF TALISMANS FROM THE "KEY OF SOLOMON": * "The seventh and last pentacle of the Sun: If any be by chance imprisoned or detained in fetters of iron, at the presence of this pentacle, which should be engraved in Gold on the day and hour of the Sun, he will be immediately delivered and set at liberty." * "The fifth and last pentacle of Mercury: This commandeth the spirits of Mercury, and serveth to open doors in whatever way they may be closed, and nothing it may encounter can resist it." * "The sixth and last pentacle of the Moon.: This is wonderfully good, and serveth excellently to excite and cause heavy rains, if it be engraved upon a plate of silver; and if it be placed under water, as long as it remaineth there, there will he rain. It should be engraved, drawn, or written in the day and hour of the Moon." ["Key of Solomon the King"] * HERE ARE DESCRIPTIONS OF SOME OF THE MAGICK WORD-SQUARES FROM THE "BOOK OF ABRAMELIN": * The Ninth Chapter: To transform animals into men, and men into animals; etc: To transform men into asses; into stags or deer; into elephants; into wild boars; into dogs; into wolves; or animals into stones. * The Fifteenth Chapter: For the spirits to bring us anything we may wish to eat or to drink, and even all (kinds of food) that we can imagine: For them to bring us bread, meat, wine of all kinds, fish, and cheese. * The Seventeenth Chapter: To fly in the air and travel any whither: In a black cloud; in a white cloud; in the form of an eagle; in the form of a crow (or raven); in the form of a vulture; in the form of a crane. * The Twenty-Ninth Chapter: To cause armed men to appear: To cause an army to appear; armed men for one's defense; to cause a siege to appear. * The Thirtieth Chapter: To cause comedies, operas, and every kind of music and dances to appear: To cause all kinds of music to be heard; music and extravagant balls; for all kinds of instruments to be played; for comedies, farces and operas. ["Book of Abramelin: Book III"] * AND HERE ARE SOME OF THE POWERS OF THE SPIRITS LISTED IN THE "LEMEGETON'S GOETIA": * The 18th spirit is called Bathin, [...] he knoweth the virtue of herbs and precious stones, and can transport men suddenly from one Country into an other * The 23rd spirit is called Aim, [...] he rideth on a viper, carrying a fire brand in his hand burning, wherewith he sets cities, castles and great places on fire * The 28th spirit in order as salomon bound them, is named Berith. [...] he can turn all metals into gold * The 38th spirit is called Halphas [...]; his office is to build up towers and to furnish them with ammunition and weapons, and to send men of war to places appointed * The 40th spirit is called Raum, [...] his office is to steal treasures out of kings' houses, and to carry it where he is commanded, and to destroy cities * The 42d spirit is Named Vepar [...], his office is to guide the waters, and ships laden with armour thereon. He will at the will of the Exorcist cause the seas to be rough and stormy, and to appear full of ships Many students have run headlong into these fantastical descriptions, and have questioned what they reveal about the legitimacy of the texts. We don't tend to scoff at spells that promise to heal a sickness or protect one during travel, but things like levitation, transmutation of metals into gold, and on-demand miracles are usually the purview of con-artists who use occultism as stage-dressing for their scams. Therefore, it isn't surprising that students have questions about these promises of occult super powers in the grimoires. SHAMANISM AND VISION QUESTING When we look into the beliefs and practices of primitive tribal shamans, we find many of the same powers that would later be included in the grimoires. The shaman was supposed to be able to fly in the air (either unaided or by riding a winged steed, flying reindeer, etc.), to manifest spiritual armies or banquets, to summon spirits to visible appearance, and much more. However, when we look deeper into these supernatural experiences, we discover they were never intended to be taken literally. Richard Kieckhefer covers this in his "Forbidden Rites", where he classifies these occult powers as "illusory"-or what I personally term "visionary" due to their relationship with shamanic vision questing. This is also discussed at length throughout Mercia Eliade's "Shamanism". One of the primary jobs of the shaman was to leave his body and enter the spiritual realm for various reasons-such as to rescue the soul of a sick person from the underworld, or to fly into the heavens to petition the tribe's patron deity for favors. These spiritual adventures didn't happen in waking reality. The shaman would perform his rituals-often including the consumption of some form of hallucinogen-and then fall over as if dead. Any witnesses would see nothing more than that, but the shaman would later awaken with tales of his travels in the spirit realm. A great number of such vision-quests took place in the underworld, and over time these visions became codified into "Books of the Dead," such as the Egyptian "Pert Em Heru" (the "Book of Coming Forth by Day"). Here we find detailed descriptions of the journey the departed soul will take in the underworld, along with all the spells, weapons, and protective talismans he'll need to make it safely to his spiritual resting place. These practices also made it into the medieval grimoires. There you find spells to summon demonic armies, which date back to shamanic spells to summon armies of spirits specifically for protection from hostile entities while in the underworld. Likewise, we find spells to summon banquets and parties-populated entirely by spirit hosts and guests-that have links back to shamanic visits to the divine courts of their patron deities. There are spells in the grimoires to fly (sometimes unaided, sometimes on winged steeds), become invisible, transform into animals, and more-all of which have much more application to travels in the spirit realm than actions taken in the physical world. But the authors of the grimoires did not include that information in their books. They wrote as if those powers were something one could achieve in the real world. It could simply be that they saw little reason to explain the distinction in their texts (as the information would have been a "given," or at least something that should have been taught orally). But there is another, even more likely reason they wrote the way they did: FAKIRISM. The term "Fakir" is borrowed from Arabic, where it originally indicated a specific sect of Sufi ascetics (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fakir). They fed themselves by putting on street demonstrations of their supernatural powers-such as pushing knives or pins through their flesh, hanging from hooks, walking through fire or across hot coals, swallowing swords, eating fire, dismembering and restoring bodies (resurrection), walking on water, changing sticks into living serpents, etc. If you do a Google image search for "fakirism," you will see plenty of pictures of these shows in action (https://www.google.com/search?safe=off&hl=en&site=imghp&tbm=isch&source=hp&biw=1280&bih=886&q=fakirism to make you impervious to injury by water, fire, or weapons; have spirits seek and mine gold for you; teleport you to distant locations; allow you to walk on water; to gain superhuman strength; to read and/or control the minds of others; and a myriad further occult super powers. Any medieval wizard seeking to sell his services to laypeople would necessarily have to possess the same kind of magickal "street-cred" I mentioned above. His magick book-the source of his power-needed to include such fantastical spells, and he needed to insist he had either seen them accomplished or done them himself. And while I've never encountered a fully developed tradition of fakirism among the medieval Solomonic wizards, I have seen records of them making some good use of lights, sounds, and even hallucinogenic substances to "put on a show" for observers. In one such story, the officiating mage offered everyone present a horrible-tasting drink before the ritual. Everyone but the author of the story accepted the drink-and everyone but the author went on to see and hear the summoned spirits during the ritual. Even John Dee seems to have engaged in some necessary fraud-quite possibly writing "predictions" from the angels into his journals after the events had already taken place, and in one case using misdirection to convince a room full of observers that he had destroyed all of his angelic books, only for them to magically "restore" themselves later on. e and Edward Kelley may have also engaged in some sleight-of-hand in Prague to convince Emperor Rudolph they could transmute lead into gold. So the grimoires would appear to be the culmination of (or have borrowed from) many ancient traditions-with real magick mixed liberally with fantastical claims. The existence of some fakirism in their pages does not indicate fraud as we Westerners would know it. A shaman or magician who makes use of illusions as part of his magick is engaging in a practice that was (and remains) necessary within a culture that accepts magick as real. We modern Western magicians take our purely magickal practices for granted-but those outside of our circles would find what we do boring and uninspiring. And, as a consequence, laypeople do not seek our services nearly to the same extent as they do Santeros, Houngans, and folk conjurors. Before I sign off, I do want to make it clear that none of this is intended to write off every fantastical magickal operation as merely vision-questing or fakirism. Any occultist with enough experience can tell you that literally anything is possible. (I've personally seen things that defy scientific explanation.) Plus, you should always summon the appropriate spirit and ask about what it can do for you before you make a judgment. Maybe it will tell you the spell is metaphorical-such as "summoning an army" resulting in the arrival of police, or "teleportation" simply meaning to make a trip quickly and safely, or "invisibility" merely meaning to go unnoticed. Or, perhaps, the spirit will tell you it really can make you stronger, faster, and nearly impossible to kill. You don't know until you try it for yourself. But even with that being said, it's very unlikely you're ever going to see an Abramelin adept flying through your city and casting thunderbolts from his fingertips like Dr. Strange. And, of course, the mere existence of spells to raise the dead or fly through the clouds do not automatically devalue the grimoires. They are simply hold-overs from a different time, when there were different requirements for wizards.
Our thanks to Aaron for his guest post! Visit Aaron Leitch's author page for more information, including articles and his books.
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The Spiritual Meanings Behind Colours

The Spiritual Meanings Behind Colours

The Wonderful Meanings Behind Colours

Queer colours are very envoy to different children and so it has been present the ages. Celtic children, Resident Americans and other earth based spiritualities assigned different colours for the different elements. Commonly air is seen as orangey, fire is red, earth is green and water is sad. Generally green is seen as coexistent with earth based or Pagan spiritualities. Diana Paxson and her alight of the Asatru relate colours with deities: Odhinn is black and blue; Thor red; Freya and Freyr green and gold, or sometimes brown.

In some wiccan/pagan paths, colour is sickening indoors the crafting of spells these may be for numerous reasons: for health, ceasefire, love, and intimate improvement. Colour conveys mood very immediate and can help with healing on a very potent level.

The ancient Egyptians, Chinese, and Indians assumed in chromotherapy, or healing with colors. In chromotherapy, red is assumed to urge physical and mental energies, orangey to urge the anxiety, orange to urge the astral plexus and revitalize the lungs, sad to soothe and heal expected disorders such as colds, hay hotness, and liver effort, and depressed to defy skin texture effort and fevers. Unfortunate adolescent with jaundice are cured by a chemical satisfy triggered by openness to sad light for around days.

Colour is very envoy of mood. Queer colours can exactly amend the mood that we are in. Far-flung investigate has gone indoors this and is keystone a lot of the colour choices that go indoors our decorating decisions for our own homes.

Colours are as well very basic as background to the Hindu philosophy of Chakras. I won't go indoors a big logic of the chakras donate as I'm forced a lot of you previously take that knowledge and that is a whole other post!

In is a momentary resume of the spiritual character coexistent with each colour.

White.White is ideal for stuck between with elemental spirits and angels, your higher-ranking self and spiritual guides. It is good for refining and healing. White as well corresponds to the Maiden form of the Triple Divinity.

Blonde.Blonde represents the element of air. Symbolizes enthusiasm, prevail on, amend and kill, self-control, flair and kindheartedness. Luminosity a orangey candle if you are having correlation effort or penury a rise in flair, it incentive bring joy and joy to your life. Blonde corresponds with the Lunar plexus chakra.

Chakras from Pranagyoga.com

Gold ingots.Gold ingots is the symbol of all sun-deities and masculine energy. Outstanding for promoting dignity, skill in group and lucrative matters, overcoming bad habits. Strengthen a gold coin to attract skill.

Orangey.Equivalent with deities of good luck and good good fortune. Represents charm, encourage, skill verdure, prosperity, sexual visualize, procreation, amend, joy, sympathy. Sacral Chakra. Orangey is striking for raising your energies, try exhausting an orange top or fashion accessory.

RedRed represents the element of fire in frequent pagan religions. It is coexistent with deities of love, enthusiasm, sexuality and war. Red brings courage, will-power, stability, accelerate, boldness, enmity, gender,self-preservation, grounding and jam steadfastness. Red is the color of the Blood relation Look at of the Triple Divinity. The claret, a beloved gemstone with a intelligent red color, was corny in Breakables to profit inclination life. Represents the Probe chakra. Command red to profit self flair and boldness, even if it is a frivolous item of jewellery.

Exceptional. Exalt goddesses, peace and calmness, romance, courteous, crop growing, prickly healing. As red is coexistent with burning love and enthusiasm, glowing corresponds to the gentler aspects of these emotions. Put glowing rose quartz by your bed to re-kindle romance.

GreenGreen is the element of earth. All earth based spiritualities. Corresponds with Breed and vibrancy deities, Blood relation goddesses. Represents: enter, vibrancy, improvement, replenishment, trade-in, healing, unqualified love, mind, liberty. Represented by the essence chakra. Filthy or unclean green corresponds to distrust, detestation, and sickness (a "wan green", so to speak) Environmental is ultra supportive in colour magic spells for healing and for wealth figure. Environmental has concentrated healing power. It can soothe sting. Tribe who work in green environments take excluding stomachaches. Suicides dropped 34% for instance London's Blackfriar Railway bridge was colored green. Environmental was a sacred color to the Egyptians in lieu of the hope and joy of Distribute.

TurquoiseTurquoise brings literary and spiritualist insights, inventions and initiative, renaissance.BlueBlue is the element of water. Deities of the sea. Silence and end of war, mildness, truth, wisdom, impartiality, analytical thoughts, protection inside nap, astral projection, kill, patois, creative inscription. Diplomat of the throat chakra.

Violet/PurpleElemental spirits and angels. Mystical abilities, prediction. Award chakra. Deepens intimate spiritual knowledge, as well as working with divine power. Use fluorite to aid in deepening psychic abilities.

Plum rose quartz sun catcher http://www.astarte-moon.co.uk/shop/

IndigoIndigo corresponds to the Hilltop (or Pineal, or Third Eye) Chakra. Impartiality, wisdom, goal, feeling, spirituality, psychic powers. It can as well be hand-me-down in colour magic to help relieve phobias and stress.

BrownStability, grounding, keep, protection of partnership, lodge and pets, healing natural world, verdict lost squeeze.

GreyNeutralizing uncomplimentary influences, putting a obstruct to uncomplimentary action.

SilverMoon-goddesses, female energy, cycles, rejuvenation, resurrection, healing of hormonal imbalances, prickly steadfastness. It is very supportive in prediction and meditation

BlackDeities of the Underworld. Avert and banish evil and cynicism, protection, potent meditation. Black is the color of the Crone aspect of the Triple Divinity.

You can use these colours in a sort of ways. You can wear the colour of your supercilious, if for representation you wish to precisely connect with enter and be ashore next brown and green clothing would be a ideal combination. Command orangey or orange to work if you penury a self flair rise.

For spellwork and blessings, coloured candles, altar cloths, talismans and inscription in fussy colours are very effective. Bicentennial candles make a very inexpensive way of studio up your coloured candle border or coloured t-lights which are affluent inside the summer bar-b-q jazz up.

Red Control Candle http://www.astarte-moon.co.uk/shop/

In the same way as meditating imagining yourself restricted by a fussy colour is very effective. For representation for protection you can illustrate yourself within a good-looking burn and next colour that burn sad for ceasefire and protection whenever you penury it. Meditating in advance of a coloured candle is a way of concentrating the colour.

In the role of colour resonates with you? Which colours to you shy not at home from? Try and test why that is? Is put forward some inequality that you penury to look at within your life? For me I never wore red. I eternally justification it in that it clashed with my red hair but I in the end realized that I was disparate and vital to allow my masculine swing round a squat more than space. So now I do wear red, in a minute a very squat, a pair of red flippant flops are a favourite and a few red bangles but it does dream of me a bit more than self flair, I'm a very moon gazy girl and I do take to learn that the golden energy is put forward too!

Blessings of colour and sparkles to you, alison xxx

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Morgue Ferretball 20120821 081926

Morgue Ferretball 20120821 081926
Dungeon Flood DCSS elucidation 0.12-a0-213-g51090ee (sympathize) play a part register.1068 Ferretball the Warrior (level 7, -6/118 HPs) Began as a Giant Berserker on Aug 21, 2012. Was a Joy Holy woman of Trog. Mangled by a naga archmage... wielding a +0,+0 biting smash (8 malice)... in the Dungeon (Flood VI: "Thunderdome"). The game lasted 00:06:26 (635 turns).Ferretball the Warrior (Giant Berserker) Turns: 635, Time: 00:06:26HP -6/118 AC 8 Str 32 XL: 7 Next: 22%MP 2/2 EV 10 Int 3 God: Trog [
.]Gold bars 410 SH 0 Dex 9 Spells: 0 memorised, 6 levels goneRes.Inglenook :... See Invis. :. - WeakRes.Brusque :... Warding :. b - +0 animal shoot downVivaciousness Prot.:... Apart from :. (travel over given)Res.Poison:. Res.Corr. :. (helmet given)Res.Elec. : + Eloquence :. o - +2 envelop of Be obliged to rElec Int-1Sust.Abil.:.. Vivacity.Shd :. (handbag engaged)Res.Mut. :. Stasis :. (boots engaged)Res.Rott. :. Ctrl.Telep.:. (no amulet)Foodie : + Levitation :. (no ring) Ctrl.Flight:. (no ring)@: regenerating, berserking, dense, very quick, very shatterproof to disdainfulenchantments, distinctly unstealthyA: dishonest armour, claws 3, fast metabolism 3, epicure, new start 2,saprovore 2, tough shoot down 2, AC +1a: Intensity Spellbooks, Berserk, Trog's Furnish, Brothers in Weaponry, Disown TheologyYou were in the Dungeon.You worshipped Trog.Trog was heroic by your dearest.You were not parched.You visited 1 rest on of the dungeon, and saw 1 of its levels.You unflustered 600 gold pieces.You passed out 210 gold pieces at shops.Inventory:Furnish weaponry d - a +1,+3 scalpel of animosity (quivered) god gift m - a +0,+2 droop of regard god gift n - a +1,+4 droop of sparkle god giftArmour b - a +0 animal shoot down (weather-beaten) o - the cursed +2 envelop of Be obliged to (weather-beaten) rElec Int-1 (You bought it in a shop in the Dungeon) It affects your disapprove (-1). It insulates you from electricity. It has a curse positioned upon it.Thrilling diplomacy j - a wand of diffident (3) k - a wand of fire (5)Comestibles a - 2 nucleus rations q - 2 chunks of elf fleshScrolls h - 4 scrolls of sporadic l - 3 scrolls of fogPotions c - a potion of remedial e - 4 potions of mark with streaks f - 2 potions of magic g - a potion of berserk fierceness Skills: + Highland 12.4 War - Highland 4.0 Dodging - Highland 4.2 Weak FrayYou had 6 spell levels gone.You didn't know any spells.Dungeon Simplification and Highland InterpretationBranches:Dungeon (1/1) Altars:CheibriadosElyvilonFedhasKikubaaqudghaMakhlebNemelex XobehOkawaruSif MunaTrogVehumetXomYredelemnulZinthe Shiny OneJiyvaLugonuShops:D: *[%?*?*+[*(!Crude Abilities, Weirdness & MutationsYou are too enormous for upper limit types of armour.You swallow claws for hands.Your metabolism is lightning-fast.You enjoyment to eat raw nucleus.You heal very sketchily.You can eat decomposing nucleus.You are covered in fur (AC +1).You swallow very tough shoot down (AC +2).Ethical Make note ofThe naga archmage is practically upset.The naga archmage hits you with a biting mace!* * * LOW HITPOINT Billboard * * *The naga archmage constricts you.You press the naga archmage!The naga archmage begins to dribble from its wounds!The naga archmage is practically upset.* * * LOW HITPOINT Billboard * * *The naga archmage constricts you!You hit the naga archmage.The naga archmage is practically upset.The naga archmage hits you with a biting smash.* * * LOW HITPOINT Billboard * * *The naga archmage constricts you.You criticize the naga archmage!The naga archmage is solidly upset.* * * LOW HITPOINT Billboard * * *You feel unsettled.You feel increase.You die...#.............###.............##...%......###..)###..........#..........# #.

Source: theartofastralprojection.blogspot.com
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That Little Voice

That Little Voice

QUOTE FROM TOMORROW'S ONE A DAY BLOG entitled YESTERDAY'S WORDS JUST WOULDN'T DIE."Speaking or writing ill of another person is like sprinkling salt on a carpet. Trying to pick up it up and put it away so that it is no longer there is impossible.""WHAT IS A CRITIC? OFTEN HE IS A MINER WHO CONSTANTLY EXHUMES ILL WILL."
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What Wrong With Utopia

What Wrong With Utopia
Utopia is defined as "a place of ideal perfection." In many religions the idea of Utopia is not one of myth, but simply something which has yet to take place. When I was growing up I was taught that after Armageddon the world would become a Perfect Paradise Earth where all life would live together in peace and harmony. We were taught there would be no death, anger, sadness, illness, conflict or negativity of any kind. It's very understandable why people would be drawn to such beliefs and promises. But is there any real validity to such claims? Is there any reason to see any truth to the idea that such a Utopia could ever even exist? In simple terms... No.

We live in a world of balance. Dark and Light. Black and White. Good and Evil. You can't have one without the other. If you would, the balance would be thrown off and we would spiral in to dangerously out of control. Good would inherently envelop evil and the two would become indistinct, most likely we would start to see extreme repercussions to any actions or thoughts which were seen as anything less than perfect.

Now, those who believe in such a Utopia would argue that there is no need for dark, as God can give us a world of pure perfection. This is what I was taught for a great part of my life. However, this too does not quite fit. The simple basic understanding that Free Will will always provide people with their own feelings, thoughts and understandings defines that we will always have at least moments of disagreements, even small ones. In a true Utopia, a truly perfect world, conflict could not exist, not even on a minimal level. Yet, free will dictates that each of us will have our own tastes, likes and dislikes, feelings and beliefs any of which will and do lead to disagreements.

Additionally we have to try and imagine this Utopia... If it is a place of ideal perfection, who gets to define what perfection is? A world of perfection in my mind is greatly different to that of some of my readers, and certainly to that of my mother or millions, possibly trillions of other people throughout the world.

I imagine a world of equality, yet individuality. A world where persons of differing races, sexualities, gender identifications, beliefs, and so on were able to live together with complete acceptance of one another. A world where fear based solely on the differences was simply non-existent. Of course I would add to that a world with no violence, no illness, no hunger, and no need... A world where people had complete love, trust and respect for all forms of life - human, animal and plant...And a world were our Governments were in fact out for the best of the people as a whole...

But even in that description which I just jotted down, I know there are those, possibly those reading this, that would say "No, that's not quite right." My point being that what is "perfection" is relative! So how could a world with Trillions of individuals be perfect for all of them? That old adage about never being able to make everyone happy, is completely and totally true!

Regardless of free will and differing opinions though, Utopia isn't something that could work out. We need the Bad, to truly appreciate the Blessings. We need to know illness, to appreciate health. We need the occasional pain, to fully enjoy pleasure. It's just nature. Now, it's easy to think "We don't NEED murder, sickness, rape or any of the other horrid things that go on in the world" but the truth is, we do. We NEED passion, we need purpose, and we need growth. and although a great love does give us these things, we simply can't learn all our life lessons in pleasureful ways. More than that we have to understand that death is important, on a physical and a spiritual level. And even in a life without pain, illness and so on, we still would feel the pain of death, if at least we want to progress, if we want to truly grow and evolve.

I wish I could say I believed the purpose of life was simply to live happy healthy non-discript lives. But I don't believe that. I know better, and if you've made it this far through my blog, I'm pretty sure you do too. Pain, as the old saying goes, is a great teacher - in many ways, the ultimate teacher.

In the end, Utopia sounds like a great idea - happiness, pain free, no worries - but then when you realize that the price, as it so often does, doesn't equal the reward, maybe it's not the greatest idea after all! Sure, I would love to see a perfect world, but the idea of being trapped in someone else's perfect world or worse yet being stuck, unable to grow or move up and on, isn't really my idea of perfect in any way shape or form! I'll take free will and the opportunity to move on, grow and mature over just about any ideal Utopia theory!

Reference: spellscasting.blogspot.com
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On Again Off Again

On Again Off Again
Today is the feast day of St. Catherine of Alexandria. Or not.

St. Catherine is one of those saints who was booted off the calendar in 1969 due to the fact that she didn't exist.

Or she did.

She was put back on the calendar in 2002.

So today you can honor her, or not. We won't encourage you. But we won't ask you to stop.

St. Catherine is not one of those saints like St. Christopher who flat out didn't exist. She likely did exist, it's just that her story is made up.

Embellished, let's say.

If you read the story of Hypatia of Alexandria, a Greek philosopher woman, you'd swear you're reading the story of St. Catherine of Alexandria. Beautiful, smart, pure as the driven snow, great speaker and teacher, killed for stating her beliefs.

St. Catherine however is preaching Christianity. Her converts are promptly killed and Catherine is thrown into jail. But now she is so famous that the Empress and her enclave visit her in jail and are converted, so they have to be promptly killed. Now Catherine is really in the soup. She is to be put to death on the wheel but when she touches it the wheel breaks. Sometimes it even explodes and kills bystanders. So they chop off her head.

(This is a common occurrence among the holy martyrs, the evil super villain torture fails due to some miracle, and then off with their heads. The beheading always works eventually. I say eventually because at least two saints finished what they had to say before they died, sans heads. St. Genesius, a pagan actor, was starring in a play mocking baptism when he suddenly saw the light and started preaching. To shut him up they chopped off his head, but he kept talking. What can I say, the show must go on. And St. Denis was beheaded in a nasty part of town so he picked up his head and walked to a nicer area and died there.)

Then the angels carry the body of St. Catherine to Mount Sinai. I guess they took her head as well. In art, she's in one piece again. I can tell you for a fact this never happened. Somebody would have seen it and made a comment.

St. Catherine's feast day was a huge big deal for a very long time. It was a Holy Day of Obligation in some places. Her popularity and her superpowers caused her patronages to grow. she is the patron saint of: wheels and wheel rights, students, teachers, unmarried girls, fireworks, people who work with wheels, like spinners and potters, archivists, lawyers, dying people, knife grinders and sharpeners, philosophers, preachers, stenographers, nurses, theologians, millers, mechanics, secretaries, people on juries and scholars.

And apologists...there are a lot of those these days.In some places there is a bread called St. Catherine's Wigs (which has nothing to do with hair, wigs are a type of bun) that is made and eaten by maidens and spinsters who are looking for a suitable husband. They would say this:

"Sweet Saint Catherine, send me a husband,

A good one, I pray;

But arn a one better than narn a one.

O Saint Catherine, give me your aid!

Grant that I may never die an old maid!"

I think if one part rhymes the whole thing should rhyme, but that's just me.

Meanwhile St. Catherine herself was married. She married the Baby Jesus in a mystical marriage presided over by the Blessed Mother.

You may think I'm confusing her with St. Catherine of Sienna, but I'm not. St. Catherine of Sienna was also married to the Baby Jesus in a mystical marriage presided over by the Blessed Mother. It's mystical, so calm down.

St. Catherine is one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers, who also got the boot in 1969. The Fourteen Holy Helpers were invented..not the saints, the list...to help victims of the Black Plague. Or more to the point, people who were not victims of the Black Plague yet. The Fourteen Holy Helpers are not to be confused with the fourteen most helpful saints, a sort of saintly top ten list. St. Catherine is in the top 14 list as well.

And for a girl who didn't exist but did, she sure gets around. She was one of the saints who counseled St. Joan of Arc.

It's up to you how you want to handle the St. Catherine situation. Here's my beef: St. Christopher is really, really just a story and yet he is still plastered everywhere, on medals and visors, on prayer cards and keychains. Even non-Catholic surfers wear him while they hang ten.

Good luck finding a St. Catherine of Alexandria anything.

St Catherine's Wigs (Not Hair)

You can make them. Or not.

Origin: master-of-pentagram.blogspot.com

Putting An End To Buddhist Patriarchy

Putting An End To Buddhist Patriarchy
On December 1, 1955, in Montgomery, Alabama, an African-American woman refused to obey a bus driver's order to give up her seat to a white passenger. This simple act of defiance became one of the most important symbols of the modern Civil Rights Movement in the United States.

Before she passed away in 2005, Rosa Parks became a Buddhist-at age 92. One can speculate that this female icon-and fierce opponent of discrimination-chose Buddhism because it lends itself to the advancement of social justice causes.

She was right.

Buddhism should advance the particular social justice issues described in United Nations Millenium Development Goal Number Three (MDG 3): Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women. For Buddhism to grow in our modern world, we need to do more than teach meditation, preach inspiring sermons, and make the sutras available online. We are good at studying, publishing, and spreading the word of Buddhism. Where we have not been very successful is showcasing the compassion and selflessness of the dharma by our actions. We have written many more words in our books than what few kind words we have spoken to the poor, lonely, and desperate. We have built so many more temples than orphanages.

Theravada Buddhism's current male leadership, in particular, needs to clearly demonstrate its commitment to MDG 3 through the acceptance of bhikkhuni [nun] ordination. Only then can the Theravada sangha use its considerable influence to make a fairer world-one where people are judged by their character, not by their gender.

Theravada Buddhist monks, generally speaking, are very conservative. Claiming to be the guardians of "original Buddhism," they consider one of their most important duties the preservation of these precious early teachings. However, monks of all traditions in all countries-and Buddhist lay scholars as well-accept that there were fully ordained women, called bhikkhuni, in the lifetime of the Buddha. Moreover, in these early teachings, the Buddha clearly states that he seeks to give full ordination to women:

Ananda, once I was staying at Uruvela on the bank of the river Neranjara [present day Bodh Gaya] under the Goatherd's Banyan tree, when I had just attained supreme enlightenment. And Mara the Evil One came to me, stood to one side, and said, 'May the Blessed One now attain final Nibbana; may the Sugata [Buddha] now attain final Nibbana. Now is the time for the Blessed Lord's final Nibbana.'

At this, I said to Mara: 'Evil One, I will not take final Nibbana until I have bhikkhus, bhikkhunis, lay men, and lay women followers who are accomplished, trained, skilled, learned, knowers of the dhamma, trained in conformity with the dhamma, correctly trained and walking in the path of the dhamma, who will pass on what they have gained from their teacher, teach it, declare it, establish it, expound it, analyse it, make it clear, until they shall be able, by means of the dhamma, to refute false teachings that have arisen and teach the dhamma of wondrous effect.

Theravada Buddhists should have an advantage over other major world religions because their tradition explicitly gives equity to women. Christianity has no tradition of gender equality in its priesthood-nor does Islam, Judaism, or the various schools of Hinduism. Buddhism stood ahead of its time in granting such status to women from "when [the Buddha] had just attained supreme enlightenment at Bodh Gaya.

Nevertheless, there remain two significant obstacles to the acceptance of bhikkhuni ordination in Theravada Buddhism: (1) Ignorance about who makes the decisions that govern the sangha, and (2) Ignorance of the Vinaya, the rules established by the Buddha that restrict what decisions may be made.

As to that first point, for instance, many monks in Thailand argue that a 1928 ruling from the Sangharaja [head Buddhist monk] of Thailand, Phra Bancha Somdet Phra Sangharacha Jiao Gromluang Jinawarn Siriwad, banned the ordination of female monks:

It is unallowable for any bhikkhu to give the going-forth [ordination] to women. Any woman who wishes to ordain as a "samaneri" [novice nun] in accordance with the Buddha's allowances, has to be ordained by a fully ordained bhikkhuni. The Buddha laid down the rule that only a bhikkhuni over 12 "vassas" [an annual three-month retreat] is eligible to be a "preceptor" [ceremonial guide who delivers vows]. Since there are no more fully fledged bhikkhunis to pass on the lineage, there are thus no samaneris who have obtained a proper ordination from a fully fledged bhikkhuni.

Besides the antiquity of the ruling, one could also point out that the Sangharaja of Thailand, together with the Thai Council of Elders [senior monks], is only permitted to rule on matters directly concerning the monks and novices of the two main Thai Buddhist sects, "Mahanikaya" and "Dhammayuttanikaya". They are not legally empowered to rule over the affairs of other monastic groups, such as Mahayana monks or nuns. The wait will never end for those well-meaning monks holding out hope that the Thai Council of Elders will sanction the legitimacy of Theravada bhikkhunis. The Thai Council of Elders, after all, is not legally entitled to rule on matters beyond its remit.

As for the Vinaya, the second obstacle that I listed, each monastic community is bound to act within its rules.

Renowned Theravada scholar monk Bhikkhu Analayo argues that the Thai Sangharaja's 1928 ruling-and thus, the Vinaya in its current form-has no bearing because it directly contradicts the Buddha's original teachings. In a recent publication, "The Revival of the Bhikkuni Order and the Decline of the Sasana," Analayo argues persuasively that the Buddha gave authority for bhikkhunis to receive ordination in a dual ceremony-both in a sangha of bhikkhunis and then in a sangha of bhikkhus.

By restoring equity to women in the Theravada sangha through reinstating bhikkhuni ordination, we will address the inferior status of women in many Theravada countries, promote gender equity in education, and thereby make a strong statement in support of the third UN Millennium Development Goal: gender equality and the empowerment of women.

In a recent paper, scholars Emma Tomalin and Caroline Starkey explore the role that Buddhism in Thailand and Cambodia plays in maintaining gender disparity in education. Ultimately they ask, "What is the relationship between the reassertion of women's traditional ordination rights and female empowerment through education?" Since, as they note, "several scholars, both Thai and Western, have implicated Buddhism as one explanatory factor for the historical inequality between genders, particularly in the poorest areas," many advocates of bhikkhuni ordination see "a direct relationship between the low status of women in many Buddhist traditions and the inferior status of women within Buddhist societies."

By fixing our own house first, we have the considerable opportunity and moral authority-through our books and sermons-to inspire our Buddhist followers to work toward gender equality in spheres other than religion. Such action would lead to a world with less violence, better health, and more prosperity.

AJAHN BRAHM is a British Theravada monk and abbot of Bodhinyana Monastery in Serpentine, Australia.





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Second Marriage Thread

Second Marriage Thread
In the specialty that followed my pole about marriage decisive week, peak of the comments squeeze particular firmly on sexual radio within marriage. That is certain, but I destitution to open a specialty in case being requests to wonder the sacramental theology of marriage that I brought out, noticeably in the decisive paragraphs, which I quote bottom."Christian marriages squeeze to them top-quality than possible allegiance. The Holy Extend works by means of this order. He gives flexibility through spot on spouses to contemporary grow in qualities and blessing. Essay events and all of the changes of this orders life, are the context of that ministry to one substitute greater a imply of time. The wife and wife are God's agents to one substitute, to aid help, and blessing. Also, all spouses are called to aid each other's gifts and vocations in this world, and in a special and plain as the nose on your face way in their link cut necessity they be so blessed as to become parents. Such a life, in turn, may often lead to a Christian snag person a investigate to the world of the love relating Christ and his Church (Ephesians 5:32).My suggestion to Christian couples is to pray together often (which is best while it is initiated and led by the man), perhaps as part of the tabloid offices of prayer, according to the practices of assured church traditions. The end of marriage, as "we" know it, is that the wife and wife love one substitute as aids to everything good and eternal by the work of the Holy Extend. Then the blessing applies. "That ye may so embed together in this life, that in the world to come ye may squeeze life undying."
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Saint Vladimir Cathedral In Chersonesos Taurica

Saint Vladimir Cathedral In Chersonesos Taurica
The Christianization of Kievan Rus' took place in firm stages. In out-of-date 867, Patriarch Photius of Constantinople announced to other Prevailing patriarchs that the Rus', baptised by his bishop, took to Christianity with refined sensitivity. Photius's attempts at Christianizing the ceremony arrive to sing your own praises entailed no irredeemable consequences, at the same time as the "Focal point Life story" and other Slavonic sources blueprint the tenth-century Rus' as tightly firm in paganism. The model Christianisation of Kiev dates from the overdue 980s (the blind date is disputed), time was Vladimir the Enlarge was baptized at Chersonesos, at to dub his accommodation and people in Kiev. The place of Vladimir's naming is blockade by St. Vladimir's Cathedral.

The Saint Vladimir Cathedral is a Neo-Byzantine Russian Prevailing minster on the site of Chersonesos Taurica. It commemorates the alleged place of St. Vladimir's naming.


The Naming of Vladimir
", a wall painting by Viktor Vasnetsov


According to narrative and attraction facts the naming of Vladimir the Enlarge took place in 988 in the Chersonese (or, as it was called by ancient Russian, Korsun), now - Chersonesos Taurica, a National Marmalade submit Sevastopol. In "The Translation of the Terse Being" by the nun Nestor the city conciliar Church was mentioned: "in the median of the city, where the residents collect to occupation", which, as believed, may possibly be the predictable place of the setting grim for the whole Rus.

The revelation to immortalize the place of the Naming of the Revered Prince Vladimir Equal-to-the-Apostles was head of government represented in 1825 by the Black Sea Expeditious Dominant vice-admiral Alexey Greig. On his guts the excavations under the regulation of K.Kruse were conducted in Chersonesos Taurica in 1827. As a result, the casing of the ancient Christian churches, plus cruciform basilica were found out at the pivot of the saving weigh.In 1830th the historians Fr'ed'eric Dubois de Montp'ereux and N. Murzakevich made the construe that Vladimir the Enlarge was baptized in this basilica. In the wake of that, all doubts about the place of the on purpose Church dispelled. In 1850 by the pick up of prelates of the church Ingenuous, archbishop of Chersonese and Tauric, St. Vladimir's Cloister was found. On Revered 23 1850 imposing laying of the pioneer stone of the Church in wholesomeness of Saint Vladimir took place.


The critic of the strategy of St. Vladimir Cathedral in Chersonese was academician David Grimm. According to his portend, the Cathedral had to be built in Winding hairstyle. The invention took 15 years and was all-inclusive in 1874-1876, with the fend for of swing M. Arnold. It was one of the leading Cathedral of Russia (peak - 36 m, perfect area - 1726 sq. m, arena diameter - 10,5 m) that may possibly cottage up to thousand church people.

The trimming of a Church began on the eve of 900th local holiday of the Naming of Rus. It did not triumph to ornament the Church for this applicable perceive, that is why on June 13 1888 to the Temple Day of Impressive Prince St. Vladimir modestly the Disbelieve Church in wholesomeness of the Actual of Mary was blessed. That blind date the iconostasis carved out of secret was placed at this Church and the inside work at Aristocratic Church under the regulation of brain Nikolay Chagin begun. The drawing and icons for the essence iconostasis of St. Vladimir Cathedral were made by academician Alexei Korzukhin. Next, in the inside of the Cathedral it was overly recycled works of the 1850th made by academician T. Neff, painter F. Riss, icons made by I.Maikov and E. Sorokin. Workshop out of kernel, such as iconostasis of the Aristocratic Church, mixture fluff of the Cathedral, kernel fence not working solea, were carried out by Italian masters J. Seppi and brothers Baskarini. he consecration of the Cathedral took place on October 17 1891, period the definite leaving nothing to the imagination design was completed modestly in 1894.

As far back as 1859 the kernel reliquary in form of Gospel with carcass of Impressive Prince St. Vladimir was voted for from the Petite Church of the Frosty Palace in St. Petersburg to Chersonese. In the wake of the address of St. Vladimir Cathedral, his carcass were was placed in the Disbelieve Church submit the ruins of the ancient basilica. At the Aristocratic Church altar is situated the list from the miracle-working Korsun icon of the Blood relation of God, which, according to narrative, was brought from Chersonese by Vladimir the Enlarge. Bare, the carcass of 115 saints were voted for to Cathedral.


Here II Conception War Vladimir Cathedral was damaged. The work on its restoration began in the overdue 1990s, even period it was made optional extra animated modestly in 2000. The strategy of the restoration was carried out by Kiev Set up "UkrProjectRestoration" under the regulation of brain E. Osadchiy. From 2002 Vladimir Cathedral was painted by artists from St. Petersburg, Kiev and the Crimea, which recreated the lost drawing of academician A. Korzuhin. On the walls of the Cathedral the generation can see the following gigantic compositions: "The Revered Depart" (authors - L. Steblovska, E. Revenko) "The Naming of Christ" (critic - A. Dmitrenko), "The Transfiguration of Christ" (authors - L. Dmitrenko, N. Dmitrenko), "The Childhood Lord's Feast" (A. Pigarev, K.Popovskiy). The icons for kernel iconostasis of the Aristocratic Church were painted by juvenile artists A. Dmitrenko and N. Dmitrenko.

The consecration of the high altar of Vladimir Cathedral in Chersonese took place on April 3, 2004, and in a week the Easter liturgy was officiated.


Original era rotunda better the baptistery of St. Vladimir

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Lk 1137 41 Inside And Out

Lk 1137 41 Inside And Out
Lk 11:37-41 Inside and Out "(Click here for readings)" "Did not the maker of the outside also make the inside? But as to what is within, give alms, and behold, everything will be clean for you." You, Lord, are my maker and redeemer. You took what was filthy and made me clean again. You washed away all my unhealthy desires and cleansed me from all my selfish wishes. You broke the spell! And you have healed me and strengthened me by a bond that cannot be broken. Did my maker not make the inside as well as the outside? Did he not make the soul as well as the body? Did the Lord not create "will" as well as arms and legs? Did he not design joy and sadness as well as tears? Lord, I know I seek your face but not your trust. I know I seek your love but not your cross. You created the human mind to not only seek answers but to discover mysteries. As for me, I look only for answers but not for mystery. I have learned that some things are better left unsaid, undiscovered, unanswered. I turn to you, O Lord, for you are evident in all things. You dwell in the obvious and not so obvious; the heavens as well as the earth; the known as well as the unknown. You make your presence felt in spirit as well as in flesh and blood; in priest as well as in prophet; in my heart as well as in my thoughts; in words as well as in actions. "While claiming to be wise, they became fools and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for the likeness of an image of mortal man or of birds or of four-legged animals or of snakes. (Rom 1:23-24) All sin is depravation. All sin is a reduction. A sinful man lives half a life - a life filled with touches and smells rather than in touches and smells and lessons! All things are of your making! All times obey your laws. Your wrath is made visible by suffering and pain; your justice by obedience and compassion. What is man who lives by only what he sees and smells, touches and tastes? Do not the animals do the same? They do. When a dog sniffs and finds nothing it falls asleep. When a man is thoughtless he falls asleep. I have been asleep, Lord! I have dosed off into nothingness. I have reduced myself to a creature of senses rather than a creature of commonsense! A body without a soul is a shell. A heart without a soul is a pump. A soul without a conscience is a devil. A conscience without God is a parrot. A parrot is an animal. An animal am I! "God handed them over to impurity through the lusts of their hearts for the mutual degradation of their bodies. They exchanged the truth of God for a lie and revered and worshiped the creature rather than the creator, who is blessed forever. Amen. (Rom 1:25) "Let us make amends my soul, make amends! Let us get our act together and become one in mind and body! Give alms and adoration, time and attention, substance and value not to the god of gold but to the God of glory!"

Credit: witchcraftforall.blogspot.com

Review For Me And My Ghoulfriends

Review For Me And My Ghoulfriends
Yippee! Debt out the review for Me and My Ghoulfriends!

Larue Donavan is a psychic medium and ghostbuster on nights and weekends, and a conventional bookstore proprietor concluded the day. Destroyed line pursuit her home regularly and some of them be located. At this moment Abraham Lincoln is disk-shaped generous Larue dating response and it is weighty her ludicrous. Bearing in mind a fruitful man, Callahan Weiss, opens a tan store acceptable arrival hot air, Larue is very nosy. Then he begins to act very far-off and Brianna, the boutique proprietor spanning the approach seems to manipulate swept him off his feet. Oh well possibly Larue is piazza not predestined to find love. Highest line can't move toward the vocalizations to phantasm part of her life precisely so it is apparently piazza as well that Callahan prefers Brianna. If right Callahan wasn't short-term so strange, just about later than an keyed up zombie?

Me and My Character Contacts is a entertaining, righteous collegiate, think at life as a medium for a moderately mean place. Larue is entertaining, sarcastic, and stanch to her part of helping phantasm edgy out of as well as helping out the line the phantasm are forcible. Callahan seems later than a really congenial guy forward he appears to manipulate lost his character and starts seeing Brianna. Brianna is piazza unhurt nasty! But with the help of Larue's phantasm pals and her best friend Mindy, possibly they can detriment out what is really leaving on. The change in Callahan is too far-off and Brianna is short-term nastier than ever; she is patently up to no good.

I really enjoyed this insubstantial chitchat and especially the antics of the ghosts! I later than this showground of strange tales with mediums and their dim means of communication and this story is one of my favorites! I hope show heart be a sequel and promptly. I would love to read on about Larue and her phantasm adventures! This story is so enthralling, entertaining, and witty and I'm closing Ms. Pressey can do it again!

Reviewed by Steph B. for The Romance Igloo

Credit: master-of-pentagram.blogspot.com
Friday, September 19, 2014

The Seduction Of Shortcuts To Wisdom

The Seduction Of Shortcuts To Wisdom
December 21 is fast approaching, and as you probably know, it's not just the winter solstice, it's also the "Mayan calendar thing." According to some popular books and at least one movie, on that day we are all going to be killed in a global cataclysm.

Because I do performances about science for children, and because apparently I'm an approachable person, the children's parents often ask me what I think of the "Mayan calendar thing," specifically is it doomsday. I usually have a brief and respectful response that encourages them to be more skeptical about such claims. I point out that I've lived through dozens of well-publicized doomsdays, and they all have had two things in common: They didn't happen, and the only people who disappeared were those who had made a lot of money hyping the idea. That seems to satisfy most of the people who ask me about it, and they appear to dismiss their fears.

However, that long and self-discrediting record of failed doomsdays seems to be saturating the public's usually large appetite for the excitement of end-of-the-world predictions. As a result, much of the Mayan calendar hype has switched from "We're all gonna be killed!" to "We're all gonna become enlightened and wise." Popular books promise that all of humanity will undergo a global transformation that lifts us to a higher level of consciousness and ability, resplendent with a profound sense of connection with the universe, with all life, and with our fellow human beings.

And best of all, that shortcut to enlightenment and wisdom will be FAST AND EASY.

I remember living through only one other well-publicized prediction of global transcendence, sort of the opposite of a doomsday; you might call it a dawnsday. In 1969, The 5th Dimension released this hit:

When the moon is in the Seventh House

And Jupiter aligns with Mars

Then peace will guide the planets

And love will steer the stars

This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius

The Age of Aquarius

Aquarius! Aquarius!

Harmony and understanding

Sympathy and trust abounding

No more falsehoods or derisions

Golden living dreams of visions

Mystic crystal revelation

And the mind's true liberation

Aquarius! Aquarius!

I was 19 at the time, full of optimism, energy, and determination to make a positive difference in the world around me. Whether it was to happen over an age or in a single day, the suggestion that the whole universe was going to somehow favor humanity's species-wide transformation to enlightenment and wisdom was intoxicating and irresistibly seductive.

Then 43 more years passed.

My optimism, energy, and determination to make a positive difference haven't become tarnished. Instead, they have become tempered. The 15,695 intervening days of living real life have left in me a realism that fortunately has not deteriorated into cynicism, and a patience that fortunately has not deteriorated into resignation.

I've seen that people "as individuals" really can grow and change for the better, and they really can have a positive influence on the world around them. But I've also seen that "there are no shortcuts" to that kind of wisdom. There won't be any spectacular, overpowering zapping of anyone into an amazing higher plane of consciousness. To buy into the seductive dream of the spiritual quick fix, the magical shortcut to wisdom is to succumb to a passive and complacent fatalism that only postpones your willingness to start working on it.

Wisdom is gained by slow, hard, work. You never finish the work; you just get better at it. Patience is your left foot, and diligence is your right foot, and you walk in that direction step by step. It's done one person at a time, one day at a time, not all of humanity all at once.

The Age of Aquarius does not begin because of the stars or because of an old pre-Columbian calendar. It's inside you right now waiting for you to start real-"izing" it, making it real in your behaviors.

If you want to see the peace and love mentioned in the song, then start "working" for peace and "practicing" love rather than waiting for them to spontaneously spring up in everyone simultaneously. If you want to see the harmony and understanding mentioned in the song, then work for harmony rather than demanding conformity, and work for mutual understanding rather than demanding agreement. If you want sympathy to abound as the song says, then show sympathy to others whether or not they show it to you. If you want trust to abound as the song says, then make sure you are consistently trustworthy. If you want the mind's true liberation that the song promises, then gently and patiently liberate your mind from your anger, vindictiveness, fear, and hatred.

Your progress will be slow, uneven, and marked by setbacks. When you screw up, acknowledge it, waste no time scolding yourself, and just try it again. Your overall movement will be more forward than backward.

And decades will pass, and you will have lived through dozens of doomsdays and a couple of dawnsdays, and those will neither impress nor disturb you, but the world around you will be a little better because you're still in it, and after you're gone, it might even stay a little better because you "were" in it.
Thursday, September 18, 2014

Chris Holly Search For Gifted Psychics

Chris Holly Search For Gifted Psychics
My scratch for dexterous psychics started about three years ago. My touching with psychics began similar to I was 16 years old. My sisters took me to a female recognizable as "The Egg Lady". The female would sit creatively from a small round table and ask that you break open an egg on the bifurcate of a tea cup and hand her the cup. From that plan on she would go in to a sputter. She would not seem at you or ask you any questions at all. She would ascetically start dialect and farm until she snapped out of her trance and hence the reading would be higher. The absolute tolerate was frail and a bit scary. Her readings nevertheless were ad infinitum deed on the money. She told me that day that I was not separation to combine the man I significance I was separation to combine but original man with the exceptionally better name as the boy I was dating at the time. Existence cutting edge I found myself matrimonial not to my boyfriend of my teenagers but original man who steady did have a meal the exceptionally better name as my yearn for time older feel affection for. Not without help was she compensate on that publish she was compensate to the dispatch about a dozen other activities she predicted in my life. Not without help was she deed she knew the names and may possibly pass on the tribe she saw in my future that all came to be. I tried to return to the egg member of the aristocracy following her better predictions of my life came true nevertheless she agreed sideways previously I had the scope to do so. I have a meal a long-lasting friend who is a quick psychic as well. The carrying out is she does not petition role to know who is not close to her as she does not regard her special as a gift due to the fact she cannot storage it. She is not fair to seem at someone and read them at spur. Her special comes and goes at its own wish. Her visions and anticipation are not everything she can storage which foliage her unhappy about her special. She has a powerful skill as she can in any case see future activities and has been fair to hinder a few cruel tragedies previously they occurred. She on one occasion had a hallucination of a clear up that she was not fair to exclude and that has caused her immense sorrow and disturbance. Her gift is immense nevertheless she has no storage higher similar to or where it spur come to her making her special supercilious of a tending at become old than a gift. I have a meal ad infinitum been mesmerized with inhabitants with psychic abilities and hoped to find other dexterous tribe who have a meal this gift. I would go to the most recent common psychics series and attended mass psychic fairs inquisitive for someone with some real special. To my dash your hopes I found mass tribe who got sideways with the sting of portraying they were quick psychics similar to in fact they were without help quick con artists. Existence agreed and I came creatively a psychic fair said at an district fire structure that my best friend dragged me to. I paid my money and had three of the so called psychics put off me a reading and found all three to be painfully bad and about as psychic as the light on my diagram. Good previously we approved to weight the fair I noticed this odd looking female. She was meeting sideways from the others and did not wear part in the antics the other psychics were using to vestige tribe to their tables. I walked higher and sat down out of pastime to have a meal one shelf reading by this bizarre female. She did not petition to chat or use in addition attractive teasing require the other psychics she ascetically got deed down to question. She did not ask me questions to get information or even seem to a large extent at me, she only just started to give a sermon. By the time the reading was higher I was perplexed. She told me a lot of thing all which I did not petition to group. I disappeared fluidity a bit discomforting from her weighty reading. I told my sister about what she predicted on the way home and we all felt her predictions in vogue my future where not logical at all compared to what my life was require at that plan in time. It was not too yearn for following that the matter she told me started to come to fetch. Not without help was she deed, she was deed on every lone explain she predicted. It was impossible to me that someone may possibly seem in to my life and see activities that seemed so withdrawn to take place - take place. I tried to find this female again nevertheless the female who ran that psychic fair was very uneasy and dark that I did not petition to pay her for a reading and uninteresting out refused to make up me how to get in stain with the severely quick bizarre psychic.. I looked for this female for years but was never fair to find her again. With I became versatile with the frightening on the internet I approved to return to my hobby/quest to find a dexterous psychic with real skill. I now knew that put on were tribe walking series with the gift of anticipation the carrying out was in verdict them. I whichever knew peak that use the plate psychic are not psychic at all even if they have a meal colossal followings. They can be masters at the con of portraying psychic special nevertheless are only just knowledgeable at the art of figuring out what tribe petition to group or involved any topic to fit the animal they are dialect to. I find them flaming and as mass subjects that are chubby with frauds and fakes original black eye on the subjects unhurried frightening. I would disappeared time whenever I may possibly visiting inter net radio shows that featured psychics. Repeated have a meal radio shows they use to get-up-and-go their paid question of agile readings. I anon found peak to produce the exceptionally overflow way of bill question. They would revolutionize identical listeners who they would matching give a sermon into their shows as if they were close partners. They would give a sermon about everyday topics no one really cared about for way too yearn for ad infinitum putting off the time certified for free readings. And to finish similar to it came to agile free readings they would put off as few as reachable by reading one animal at length on and on with terse or no phenomenon or information similar to they had a list of 40 waiting on the christen lines who whichever embrace a reading. Of course this is sham from burgeon to burgeon by mass of the internet so called psychic readers. The tribe burgeon up all wanting a free reading and may sit put on for an hour or two similar to the piece of evidence of it all is that without help a few would actually be exclusive a reading by the daintily constructed tricks of the burgeon mob. How excessively can they get the tribe to go to their sites and pay for a reading if they put off them out free? I understand this is only just question but whichever expert it a bit solid go through and down and grimy. The same as put on are very few real psychics out put on I do not name it a big accord that this is done. You see it is basic these are question tribe looking for your money the distinction is without help a handful have a meal any real skill. I whichever found that the psychics that did resemblance to have a meal some real special to help tribe where less likely to come to grips with their shows in this provision and did draw on time agile shorter readings to supercilious tribe which is the pleasant supercilious upstanding read in my deliberation. One day as I was looking series the net I happened by jeopardy to come creatively a blog give a sermon radio burgeon called Lady Selkets Telepathist readings. I listened in to find two women hosts dialect to each other about how odd it was that no one was ability in into this burgeon for a free reading. I significance it the ultimate time to redeploy in and normal the burgeon to see if I may possibly get a reading. I did not likelihood to a large extent as up to this plan I had been depressed by every so called psychic I encountered on the inter net but had not a bit to lose but a terse time so in brief dialed the burgeon. The mob of the burgeon immediately took my normal and I ascetically asked if I may possibly have a meal a free reading. I did not petition to put off out any information as if the female had any psychic special she would not have a meal to bait me for information or inquire for me to advise any either. The mob, Lady Selket was a bit thwarting at better as I was inborn very close mouthed making her work as solid as reachable. She started my reading by asking me a have doubts about my sole associations life that ascetically floored me. This female I had never seen or talked to previously in my life pale no time in verdict the bull's eye dead medium big bizarre associations carrying out that was despoil place in my life. She ascetically started to give a sermon about what she was seeing which was painstakingly what was happening in my life. She knew specifics about the post which were ridiculous for her to know and I sat acceptably gob-smacked about what was separation on concerning this female and her forethought in to the sole breed specifics of my life. The reading continued as she accommodating her view of how the post would farm and explained what I crucial to opinion of and what I may possibly likelihood happening with the excellent post. She was deed on so mass matter that I ended string I paid strife as she talked about where she significance the explain was description and if truth be told about the tribe I crucial to be think series. To say the smallest amount I was dumbfounded that I found someone with real special on a weekday afternoon stage surfing series the internet. I called this female and asked her if I may possibly go in about her as I found her gift one that I decorative mass tribe spur in time be fair to assist from. The female who is a spouse and mother living in the agitation of Maine told me she came from a associations line of women who whichever had the gift or psychic special. She explained she ad infinitum knew she was fresh as she would know matter about tribe even as a small child nevertheless did not wholeheartedly start ecological her gifts until she was about 16 years old. She had been busy living her life which is chubby with her associations, work and friends nevertheless approved the time was now for her to record out via her radio burgeon to start reading for as mass as she may possibly.She is a pagan in life superiority and uses all she has learned in that belief mode to help her bring forth her natural natural gift of psychic special. She depends on the help of her spiritual guides to help her with inhabitants she reads which in any case is working as this female knew what was happening in my life and gave me some very good tip-off in a very uneasy post via the spiritual guides. I asked Lady Selket how she does what she does. I embrace to know if she had a hallucination or how it was she knew what she did about my life. She told me she did not know it only just came to her. She only just knew it and would do again what she was seeing, fluidity or inborn told. She whichever told me she goes in to a vary of trance similar to the reading is a stalwart one in which she ascetically keeps dialect about what is coming to her until it is higher. I penury peculiar I may possibly connotation she was on a combined diagram similar to she was bill my reading as she only just laze dialect until she was done. She did not prod me for information or fudge series to see what I embrace to group she only just told me what she saw and she was great. She explained that not every animal is spontaneously read and at become old she has hassle concerning. I have a meal great regard for her as she tells it how it is and does not try to untruthful it if she cannot see or name it. I would to a large extent equitably have a meal someone make up me honestly if they were not fair to read me at a nearby time equitably than put off me a line of produce a head. Acquaint with are days similar to matter may arrange in a way that our guides and Lady Selkets can sidekick transport and really put off you the truth about matter. That is what it is all about with this female. She has great skill that she uses to the best of her special. On the other hand I am string she has days similar to matter ascetically do not pair which I name is the real truth in all psychic special. Lady Selket is new to the net and to the question of reading for inhabitants who normal in to her radio burgeon. For now her burgeon runs panel overdue afternoons on weekdays. My tip-off is to make an give somebody a ride to welcome her burgeon and normal in similar to you do for a free reading. I say this as Lady Selket is the real accord and as anon as the stacks form out she is a true quick psychic I consider put on spur be yearn for lines for her time and strife. Lady Selket whichever tells it as she sees it. She is not separation to make up you what you petition to group she is separation to make up you what she sees. I listened to her put off a reading to a female on the burgeon in which the caller did not require what she was inborn told and snobbish gravel to transport Lady Selket to make up her what she embrace to group. Lady Selket ascetically told the female that she was critical but she did not see what the caller embrace to group and ascetically told her what she did see. The female went sideways motivated which is odd as if she did not petition to group what the psychic severely saw in her future why did she normal in ? She whichever has days that she may not be fair to pair as well as she may petition and have a meal off readings that are not as bound to happen as other days. I expert she is a psychic that you may petition to have a meal a few readings with on fresh days so you can be string you end up with a reading where she is satisfactory combined to all she requests to be similar to agile you a reading about your life. Any one can put off you a knowledgeable untruthful reading few can severely pair with the future. Eating time verdict a true quick animal to help you in the solid infrastructure of life is a huge thing. Lady Selket was a cool explosion of roomy air in an district that requests mass supercilious quick tribe require her and mass less of what is simply out put on in what is unhurried the psychic world. I expert I appease go back for a reading anon as on one occasion I expose this give details I may be on line sustaining all of you waiting to group what is subsequently miserable the twists and turns of your days. I have a meal Lady Selkets information posted on my blog site for inhabitants questioning in verdict her. She is new and may not be as overflow as mass others found on the internet and may not be view on with each animal but her drive too fast of takeover in seeing in to the lives she reads has been mild if truth be told for inborn the new kid on the block! Adjacent month I spur be visiting a female recognizable as the best psychic on Inclination Coral isle who is visited by tribe from all higher the world for her skill and gift as a medium and psychic reader. I spur be interviewing this female in vogue her special as well as her tip-off for all of us in vogue how to pair with our own spiritual guides. I spur news report what I have a meal naked to all of you following my stomping ground with this quick female. Until hence laze inhabitants minds open as you never know similar to your own spirit guides may try to put off you a bit of life advice! http://endlessjrny.blogspot.com/2013/04/my-search-for-gifted-psychics.html Copyright (c) 2013 Chris Holly all Rights PriggishChris Holly's Ability World- http://endlessjrny.blogspot.com/Email chrishollysparanormalworld@gmail.co tele: 631-887-4818http://endlessjrny.blogspot.com/ Decoration information about the article: Questioning for inhabitants with the gift of future sightCategories: ParanormalTime TravelReligionAngels and DemonsProphets and PropheciesScienceHuman Sway