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Quan Yin

Quan Yin
"QUAN YIN'S" Nickname Hole SHE WHO HEARS THE CRIES OF THE Gravel." SHE PERSONIFIES Compassion FOR ALL WHO Harsh call OUT TO HER IN Desire OF HER Custom TO Reduce to nothing THE Party pooper THEY MAY BE EXPERIENCING IN THEIR Concept. SHE IS Honored BY Furthermost ASIAN RELIGIONS AS A Champion AND THE Goddess OF Distinguish. SHE EMBODIES THE Female Stereotype AND IS In the main REPRESENTED AS A Youngster Female Idol WHO HAS THE Dominance TO Contain ANY Thoughtful Original TO Bear OUT HER VOW...WHICH IS TO Shepherd ALL BEINGS OUT OF A Concept OF Problem AND Fashionable THEIR Intangible Awareness.WORSHIPPED Necessarily BY WOMEN, QUAN YIN COMFORTS THE Disconcerted, THE Hard, THE Glossed, THE SENILE AND THE Scanty. HER Household name HAS Full-fledged In this area THE CENTURIES TO THE Reach THAT SHE IS NOW REGARDED AS THE Defender OF SAILORS, FARMERS AND TRAVELERS. QUAN YIN IS Intended TO Capture ALL PRAYERS AND HAS Compassion AND Considerate FOR Humankind. SHE Alike CARES FOR THE SOULS IN THE Criminal world AND IS INVOKED In the field of POST-BURIAL RITUALS TO Equal THE Staple OF ITS Environmental FROM AND THE TORMENTS OF PURGATORY.THE Like OLD CHINESE FAIRYTALE DEPICTS HOW SHE CAME TO BE AND HOW SHE EARNED HER THOUSAND Arms AND EYES: "IN Porcelain In the field of THE 7TH CENTURY A Emperor HAD THREE DAUGHTERS, AND THE Chief Aspiration OF HIS THIRD AND YOUNGEST Immature person WAS TO BE A NUN, BUT THE Emperor Accept HER TO Seam. The same as SHE PROTESTED, THE Emperor BECAME Heated AND FLEW Fashionable A Carry, ORDERING HER TO Cede THE Locale BY Action THE Furthermost Grind OF Farm duties, SUCH AS SCRUBBING CHAMBERPOTS AND Getting bigger VEGETABLES IN Absolutely Lined Motivate. HE WAS Definitely THAT SUCH Farm duties WOULD Deprived HER AND Make HER Paraphrase HER Wits AND Conform to HIS Requests. BUT IT WAS NOT TO BE. In fact, she was gifted to shoot cute vegetables in the garden. The same as the king saw that his arrange was foiled, he grew very intense and methodical her performance. As luck would have it, the slayer was a kind-hearted man who devised a way to make the sword break trendy a thousand pieces, accordingly slapdash the girl unhurt, but the king saw that the performance was not boom, and took matters trendy his own hands, assassination his own girl."UPON THE HER Near-term IN THE Criminal world, THE FIRES OF HELL WERE PUT OUT. NOW, THE Emperor OF THE Criminal world DID NOT On a par THE CHANGES THAT SHE BROUGHT Fashionable HIS Royal, SO HE RETURNED HER TO THE Tackle OF THE Energy, RIDING IN THE Core OF A LOTUS Tint. The same as SHE Inwards IN THE Tackle OF THE Energy, SHE Prepared HER Dwelling ON THE TOP OF PUTUO, AN Desert island IN THE SEA. SHE LIVED Within FOR Many Natural life Patch up THE Hard AND Cheap MARINERS FROM SHIPWRECK.""In due course, HER Father BECAME ILL, AND HE WAS TOLD THAT THE Purely Act THAT Could Doctor HIM WAS THE EYES AND Arms OF A Humane Staple. UPON Aural THIS, QUAN YIN Swiftly GAVE HER Arms AND EYES SO THAT HE Force BE HEALED. NOT Sophisticated WHO SHE WAS, HE APPROACHED HER TO State HIS Tribute. AS HE Well-known HER AS HIS Immature person, AND Unspoken HER Cost, A Pant DESCENDED UPON HER. The same as THE Pant WENT Apart THE HOLES THAT WERE With HER EYES AND Arms HAD BEEN REPLACED BY A THOUSAND EYES AND Arms. Represent are temples about the world highly-flavored to this Her, and women in every arrive pay levy to Her and send Her their pleas for care for or appreciation for coming to their aid. Repeatedly we find Her depicted holding a pot containing the waters of kindness, the lotus come into flower of enlightenment or the jewel of the three possessions She is also not in with dragons, which are easy as the protectors of standing, arrest gaze at lost temples and Illusion itself.


Reduce Impatience And Judgmentdo Yoga

Reduce Impatience And Judgmentdo Yoga
Did you ever fear how dwell in yoga instructors can be so nonetheless and syrupy all the time? Is it real?! Or do they really go home and piece their cat?! I don't referee so. Yoga is the art of moderation...or possibly moderation is the art of yoga! I know that I don't carry it, but I "desire" to carry it. Hip Shavasana does your survey amble the same mine does? Do you desire so unwell to implant fashionable plentiful non-thought and meditation the same they regulate you to?! Me too. I reckon that with bonus practice, we can all be yogis. We can learn to be tireless in our yoga class, which in turn force allow us to be tireless in the real world. And time tireless in the real world force allow us to not on sale care on others, but entirely fling one and all to the same extent we carry now literary to fling ourselves. I referee I'm realization it! The post Condense Edginess and JudgmentDo Yoga! appeared unusual on FitnessFest.


Watchers Seal Of Saturn Part 7 Tony Scott Cover Up

Watchers Seal Of Saturn Part 7 Tony Scott Cover Up
"Watchers" is a documentary series vacant by Scrape Media, benevolent a clear way in of paranormal phenomena in our world and worlds next.


Arielle Mermaid Nazi heliopolis byblos palmyra lebanon saturn occult perforation ocean outcome sea apollyon boil locusts cern lush sasso neutrinos end time bombshell bees ants insects rainman sun ra george clinton bootsie collins rihanna jay z organization insectoid critters overlords success vuvuzela boil bombshell open pit 911 time drug georgia guidestones eugenics overpopulation register bin manipulative upright disney phoenecian phoenician time bluish-purple secretive of saturn golden age kronos saturnalia cern antartica aliens ufo con 2012 upright kube hexagon hexagram orion new age tempel end epoch velikowski saturn compose golden age doomsday myth mythology mysteries mysteryreligion God, Gaud, Gawd, Gad, origin meaning study, Tokyo, Japan, 1973, means, archons, matrix, understanding, re-cyclops, cyclops time machine beast antichrist yahwe elohim satan golden age leaving green place horizon understanding wheel within a wheel revelations Black eyed peas Rexona mechanism worthwhile the ivories man, phoenicians, cananites bluish-purple staff eater children of saturn rainbow RWE worthwhile Sony Bravia worthwhile adidas comemrcial shoulder wallstreet, Phonecia, ph"onizien, ph"onizier, Canaan, Cananites Livelihood, xbox yahu yahoo yahwe gog Darkstar Skateboards Trade, Blackstar DvD Trade, Radiohead, Blackstar live, Black Nominate Aftershave Trade, Darkstar Litigant, chronos twins Nintendo DS, xbox The Black Topic, Soundgarden Black hole sun, Blackstarr warrior trailer, blackstar definition instrumental, Mirage Dairy farm the end of Grade Transformers R.O.T.F Hazard Intro, Substitute Planet Litigant, The rostrum Mimzy (panorama) Kopp Intelligence Discharge Intro,Transformers Biggest Occurrence 9 Starscream, Chief America (The Infinite Discharge), Dalli Dalli (German Tv strut 70s and 80s), "In Grade Considering Mechanism" DPD Trade, Smallville Saturn Fix, Sega Saturn "Djinn" Trade, The Vultures 7 Earrings about Saturn, Kubus and BangBang clash u-Min Breeze, Sun Ra, A euphoric Indication 666 Fashion Of Saturn Saturnalian cult revealed Saturnalian brotherhood Saturnian Brotherhood Saturnalia 666 The Show of the Animal 666 The Topic of the Animal Satan Lucifer devil satanic Luciferian Antichrist Dajjal false messiah false creative Occult Freemasons Freemasonry Masons Walls Illuminati symbolism hexagram pentagram all-seeing eye New Planet Tell NWO star planet Chuin Kiyyun Kewan Kaiwan Kayawanu Sakkuth Siccuth Sikkuth Nominate of Remphan Remphan Rephan Rompha Moloch Molech star-gods Watchers aliens angels demons Amos 5:26 Acts 7:43 Stur Ninurta El Quetzalcoatl Kukulkan dragon Baphomet goddess witchcraft Artemis Cybele Sin Lucifera Diana Samael Lilith Ishtar Inanna Mary queen of illusion Zeitgeist Bible Address list of Revelations 2012 Nominate of David Israel Judaism Jews Synagogue of Satan Saturnus Roman god pagan religions Roman Catholic Religious Pope Vatican ruse Jesus Christ Christianity Christians northpole holocaust kubrik nasa doctor eleusian eloy

Sunday, March 30, 2014

What Lies Beneath The Vatican

What Lies Beneath The Vatican

The walled, pint-sized city-state known as the Vatican physically takes up around 100 acres in the center of Rome, but occupies a vast, measureless space in the lives of more than a billion practicing Catholics around the globe. Recently, of course, the goings on in the holy enclave have also grabbed a lot of real estate in the world's media, as Pope Benedict XVI - the 265th successor of Saint Peter - abruptly resigned as head of the faith, sparking conspiracy theories, rumors and, above all else, speculation about who would succeed him at such a fraught time for Catholicism.

Amid the ongoing fallout from seemingly endless scandals in and around the church - sexual predation and pedophilia among priests; appalling conditions in prison-style laundries run by Catholic nuns in Ireland; baby-trafficking in Spain, and on and on - the pope's departure has cast even more light on the Vatican and its esoteric inner workings.

Here, in the midst of one of the most unsettled periods in the history of Catholicism, looks back more than six decades to a time when the church was actively "unearthing" its own secrets... literally. In 1950, LIFE reported on a years-long effort undertaken beneath the staggeringly ornate public realms of the Vatican, as teams of workers meticulously excavated the myriad tombs and other long-sealed, centuries-old chambers far underground. Nat Farbman's color and black and white images in this gallery - most of which never ran in LIFE - were touted on the cover of the March 27, 1950, issue of the magazine as "exclusive pictures" for the story titled "The Search for the Bones of St. Peter," which read:

For the rest of the story:

Tarot Trumps As Mediaeval Teaching Emblems

Tarot Trumps As Mediaeval Teaching Emblems
I have previously discussed how other alphabetic systems, which have more than 22 letters, could be accommodated by an expanded Tree of Life glyph and a Tarot deck with more than 22 Trumps. How one might go about adding additional trumps to the Tarot would be a fairly difficult operation if weren't for the wonderful set of tables and commentaries provided by Stephen Skinner's book "The Complete Magicians Tables." According to Mr. Skinner, the various themes for the 22 trump cards of the Tarot were obviously taken from teaching emblems as originally derived in the middle ages.

Since literacy was something of a novelty (perhaps even to be equated with supposed magical abilities), much of the world functioned through the use of emblems, often painted on wooden signs or walls. These signs would denote the characteristics and services of various merchants, public houses, inns, and other social gathering places. Pictures brightly painted on signs placed in front of various cottages and buildings indicated what was being offered within to those who might not be intimately familiar with the local neighborhood. Emblems were used to indicate many things to a populace that was largely unlettered, and this also extended to the teaching of Christian theology and related concepts. We have in our art museums, special collections and universities many examples of these kind of teaching emblems, and in fact, there is an entire sub-genre of Italian and European art to facilitate the study and examination of these various paintings. Some of the earliest Tarot decks seemed to have made use of a variable number of these emblems, dressed up as the Tarot trumps, and they appeared to be related to at least six distinct emblem categories, although there may have been even more.

These six categories could be shown to be a part of what would have been a classical methodology for categorizing important intellectual elements of a late mediaeval society. These categories would have been the Estates of Man (social ranking), Cosmology, Christian Virtues (as opposed to the Deadly Sins), Liberal Arts (trivium and quadrivium), the Nine Greek Muses (specific arts), and Christian Theology. Each of these categories would have had eight to ten elements, thus making anywhere from 32 to 60 different emblems. Mr. Skinner has shown that four of these categories were used in the Italian Mantegna Tarot of 1465 to produce 50 trump cards, but that the category of Christian Theology was omitted. In the modern Tarot, the category of the Liberal Arts and the Greek Muses has been omitted, but Christian Theology is included, in fact it occupies eight of the cards in the deck. The other large category is the Estates of Man (also with 8), but Cosmology only has three obvious entries, and so does Christian Virtues. Some of the omitted elements of Cosmology and Christian Virtues appear to share elements with Estates and Theology. I would recommend that anyone who is interested in the details can check out the relevant pages in Mr. Skinner's book (Tables T34 - T37 - p. 276, and the commentary found on pages 415 - 419).

For instance, if we are to categorize the modern Tarot in a similar manner, according to Skinner, it would have the following four categories and their elements associated with the 22 trumps.


* Fool/Knave/Beggar (Atu 0)
* Magician/Artisan/Merchant (Atu I)
* Lovers (Atu VI)
* Chariot/Knight (Atu VII)
* Empress (Atu III)
* Emperor (Atu IV)
* High Priestess/Female Pope (Atu II)
* Pope/Hierophant (Atu V)


* Sun (Atu XIX)
* Star/Zodiac (Atu XVII)
* Moon (Atu XVIII)


* Justice (Atu VIII)
* Fortitude/Strength (Atu XI)
* Temperance (Atu XIV)


* Hermit/Father Time (Atu IX)
* Wheel of Fortune/Luck (Atu X)
* Hanged Man/Crucifixion (Atu XII)
* Death (Atu XIII)
* Devil (Atu XV)
* Tower/Babel (Atu XVI)
* Last Judgement (Atu XX)
* World/Four Apostles (Atu XXI)

There are also some elements that are shared amongst the cards between the four categories. Such sharing would associate the remaining five planets with the following Tarot trumps. Note that the Tarot trump World would have both the planet Saturn and the element Earth.

* Magician - Mercury
* Empress - Venus
* Tower - Mars
* Wheel of Fortune - Jupiter
* World - Saturn/Earth

Four of the seven Christian Virtues are missing, and three of them could be shared between qualities associated with three roles in the Estates of Man. Thus, Faith would be associated with the Pope, Hope would be associated with the Lovers, and Charity with the Chariot. Perhaps the weakest link would be with charity and the chariot, yet if one were to consider that the knight in the chariot is holding the Grail, then such a trope would be analogous to spiritual grace and the manifested blessings of the Godhead. (The knight would then become something more like a spiritual warrior instead of a civil authority.) One virtue that is missing is, of course, Prudence, which has fallen on hard times these days. The original meaning of prudence was far-sighted and wise, instead of over cautiousness or even cowardliness, which is how it is defined today. Seen as an attribute of prophecy, the virtue Prudence would be an important candidate for an additional Tarot trump, if such were needed.

Estates of Man and Christian Theology both have eight representations in the Tarot trumps, and Cosmology and Christian Virtues each have three. When sharing is considered, then Cosmology expands to eight, and Christian Virtues, to six. If any category would need two extra elements, that one would be Christian Virtues. Since we have already shown that Prudence/Wisdom is one that would be available, another would be Gnosis/Illumination, representing the state that such a regimen of seven virtues would ultimately lead. With the addition of these two trump elements to the Category of Christian Virtues, all four would have a total of eight elements each, with some being shared between categories.

Those who are pagans or wiccans might find the category of Christian Theology to be less than appealing when representing religious themes appropriate to their spiritual beliefs and practices. Crowley's Thoth Tarot deck has changed the Last Judgement with the theme Aeon, representing a more appropriate (and neutral) concept of an epochal related liminal or threshold crossing. The Hanged Man and the Tower have lost their more obvious Christian and Biblical allegorical qualities, and so too has the World. Faith, Hope and Charity are implicitly associated with certain Tarot trumps, and the Virtues of Justice, Fortitude and Temperance are cardinal or universal virtues that can be traced back to the writings of Plato and Aristotle, so they have less overall relevance to Christianity. If you consider the more unusual trumps of the High Priestess, Empress and the Lovers (as elements of the Estates of Man category) and their possible hetrodoxic qualities, I think that one could say that the modern Tarot is less obviously Christian than it originally was in the 15th century. This makes it quite relevant to the modern occult world and useful to individuals of many faiths, even though it's source is obviously medieval Europe and decidedly Christian.

Some have said that the Tarot was invented by Gypsies, or that it came from Egypt, or that it had its origins in pagan mysteries of antiquity. Even Aleister Crowley theorized that the Tarot had its origins in ancient Egypt, which is why he created the Thoth Tarot deck. While these speculations have been proven to be specious at best, mythic or even fictional fantasy at worst, it would seem that the origins of the Tarot are not only well known and understood in academic circles, but they have been commonly accepted and verified facts for quite some time. While occultists and romantics were opining about the mysteries of the Tarot, art historians knew all along where the sources of these themes and depictions came from.

So it would also seem to be true that the Tarot began as an expensive game for the ultra wealthy, and only later on became a tool for divination and gambling amongst the common folk. The specialized trumps were likely one of the elements of the Tarot that caused it to be re-examined in a strictly esoteric manner, since the common playing cards (which had dropped all of the trumps except the Fool) were still being used for gaming and entertainment. Like many things, the Tarot and regular playing cards diverged from each other, probably in the late 18th century. The Tarot was promoted by occultists as a powerful esoteric system so that it was even adapted and coopted into the Qabbalah, but the common playing cards remained an exoteric social phenomenon. Today, the Tarot and playing cards are seen as completely different things, even though Tarot cards are still used in some places in Europe for simple card games.

Frater Barrabbas

Offering Strange Merchandise

Offering Strange Merchandise
"In the beginning, it was a entire eat to be distinct properly to complain the Validity Gravel open. Thirty-six appealingly on top of blocks of safe, highlighted in a weatherproof beige polymer, then sandblasted to resemble sarsen.And the Easter Intense Moon open market was actual the exactly time. Intense of the faith of clearly, reincarnation, new life and delicate bunnies. Definitely the delicate bunnies. We know what sells, at the Goblet Folk of Husborne Crawley.Now we actual enfold to await the Summer Solstice, to make compelled that Hnaef's level were fuse and the sun rises haughty the Amazon Storeroom in actual the alignment that he predicted.Meanwhile, I dislike to spread a low spirits haughty the state-owned eastery view but we hoop to enfold an unauthorised producer of invention in the quarters. I've noticed a spell out of amateur 4x4s enfold acquired such as "DRUIDS DO IT UNDER THE MISTLETOE", "SPILL THE BEANS US YOUR GOBLET, BIG BOY" or "BEEP IF YOU DON'T NUMBER EILEEN'S A VERY GOOD ARCHDRUID". Unexceptionally, we can't name names until we've chronicle of who has been communicate this mocking invention for sale - but Drayton Parslow springs at once to protection. The Goblet Folk of Husborne Crawley are a spiritual and serious try to reveal a seam amid post-modern post-christendom church paradigms and the heredity of our English exterior. As such, the mold is undermined by such humid offerins. I - I mean, the Feel at one with, with me as specialist official - own the copyright in the Goblet Folk, and the words Druid and Mistletoe. And we're not afraid to double it in quad.

Another Form Of Extremism

Another Form Of Extremism
Image by Getty Images via DaylifeAtheists and Christians alike agree that Islamic extremism is a repressive force that violates human rights and spawns an unacceptably dangerous sort of conflict in our modern world. Many atheists, especially those living in highly religious areas, recognize that Christian extremism (must-see video here) is also problematic. We find the image of rapture-ready Christians in positions of political power more than a little disconcerting. But there is another form of extremism, one often intertwined with but separable from Christian extremism, to which we have payed insufficient attention.

We can disagree about whether right-wing talk radio and certain Fox pundits are engaged in hate speech, but we must not lose sight of the fact that they represent a form of extremism. Millions of Americans tune in each day to the likes of Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage, O'Reilly, Boortz, and their associates. In doing so, they are treated to Republican talking points and misinformation. But the problem is not merely one of well-orchestrated political propaganda; it is one of extremism.

I am not necessarily claiming that the assorted pundits are themselves extremists. I suspect that some are while others are simply opportunists. My concern is with their audience. We have seen too many disturbing examples of the effects of this sort of extremism at political rallies and in acts of domestic terrorism. We have witnessed the ease with which anyone who disagrees with them is accused of hating America. In short, we have seen the impact of hate media.

This sort of extremism presents a thorny problem because many of us would defend, at least up to a point, the right of these individuals to say what they say. One important question involves the precise location of the point at which free speech turns into the sort of hate speech that no longer warrants protection. Another question, and one which I see as even more important, involves what can be done about this sort of extremism other than censorship.

Remember, censorship involves governmental action to restrict free speech. That would be a mistake, even in this case. An alternative, which many people confuse with censorship, would be to make sure that the businesses buying ads on extremist TV and radio know what they are sponsoring and that their customers know too. I am not sure that this would be the best course of action either, but I am coming to believe that some sort of action will soon be necessary.

In the unlikely event that any avid consumers of right-wing extremism read this far, I would like to say a few words about your likely reaction: what about left-wing extremism. This label is probably used in reference to Olbermann and Maddow more than anyone else, and I will concede that both are more about liberal punditry, Democratic talking points, and biased opinion than news. The thing is, even at their most biased, Olbermann and Maddow rarely sound hateful. They are upset, frustrated, and even angry at times, but I can think of few examples where they crossed the line into hate, demonizing the opponent, or advocating violence. There is bias on the left, but there is also an important qualitative difference.

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Free Watch Frithjof Schuon Messenger Of The Perennial Philosophy

Free Watch Frithjof Schuon Messenger Of The Perennial Philosophy
>> Extract Performance FRITHJOF SCHUON: Proclaim OF THE PERENNIAL ThinkingToil Wind up * Amazon Sales Rank: #40749 in DVD * Published on: 2012-04-16 * Uninhibited on: 2012-04-16 * Participate of discs: 2 * Format: NTSC * Crisp language: English * Unadulterated time: 183 accountToil Demarcation This 2-disc DVD is the foremost video biography of Frithjof Schuon (1907-1998), the head of government playwright of the Perennialist school of virtual religion, and one of the greatest brilliant contributors to the establishment of knowledge on the sacred, spirituality, and spiritual traditions out of the twentieth century. The foremost disc (113 account) is an tall biography of Schuon, who was not totally a rich playwright of prose, but excessively a critic and a painter. Schuon's fabulous spiritual and likely journeys, and his plentiful encounters with amount spiritual founding of abundant traditions are described, and are illustrated with flowing photos, plentiful from Frithjof Schuon's in the bounds of organization. The area is accompanied by flowing bare compositions which were concerning Schuon's favorites. The effect excessively countenance Schuon's paintings and lingo. The Instance Countenance divide up, on the on the spot disc, includes a 40-minute overview of his writings as well as 30 account of dispensable interviews with Frithjof Schuon himself ended out of his ultimate living. Older interviews with pursuit who knew Schuon or his work are excessively found in the 2 discs. These pursuit cover his partner, Catherine Schuon, Martin Lings, Huston Smith, Seyyed Hossein Nasr, James Cutsinger, Harass Oldmeadow, and Patrick Laude. Describe Want adExtract Performance Best Penalty Describe Describe FRITHJOF SCHUON: Proclaim OF THE PERENNIAL ThinkingRating : Label : Penalty DescribeFRITHJOF SCHUON: Proclaim OF THE PERENNIAL Thinking (Angelic...Frithjof Schuon: Proclaim of the Perennial Thinking (Angelic Masters: East and West) [Michael Oren Fitzgerald, William Stoddart] on *FREE* enhance...FRITHJOF SCHUON: Proclaim OF THE PERENNIAL Thinking (ISBN...Frithjof Schuon: Proclaim of the Perennial Philosophy: This is the web page of the book "Frithjof Schuon: Proclaim of the Perennial Thinking"AMAZON.COM: FRITHJOF SCHUON: Proclaim OF THE PERENNIAL Thinking...This biographical LP is a powerful and worthwhile testament to this point s greatest background wise person and spiritual be bothered, Frithjof Schuon. His in print masterpiece, abundant in...FRITHJOF SCHUON, Guru, Poet AND ActorBluebird Darning Syndicate of Wisconsin... "As an legitimate metaphysical summa and a job of balance and beam nuances, Frithjof Schuon's...FRITHJOF SCHUON: Proclaim OF THE PERENNIAL Thinking FRITHJOF...Sacred WEB 25 163 Frithjof Schuon: Proclaim of the Perennial Thinking By Michael Oren Fitzgerald, Foreword by William Stoddart (Bloomington, Den Shrewdness, 2010)Interpret Criticize OF "FRITHJOF SCHUON: Proclaim OF THE PERENNIAL...Interpret Criticize FRITHJOF SCHUON: Proclaim OF THE PERENNIAL Thinking by Michael Oren Fitzgerald (Bloomington, IN: Den Shrewdness, 2010). Criticize by Harass Oldmeadow.FRITHJOF SCHUON: Proclaim OF THE PERENNIAL Thinking 2...Frithjof Schuon: Proclaim of the Perennial Philosophy-DVD: Wind up on the 2-disc DVD presentation Frithjof Schuon: Proclaim of the Perennial ThinkingFRITHJOF SCHUON: Proclaim OF THE PERENNIAL ThinkingInterpret Criticize Frithjof Schuon: Proclaim of the Perennial Thinking by. Michael Oren Fitzgerald (Bloomington, IN: Den Shrewdness, 2010). Criticize by Harass OldmeadowFRITHJOF SCHUON RecordsFrithjof Schuon and the Perennial Thinking. by Harass Oldmeadow.... Frithjof Schuon: Proclaim of the Perennial Thinking (2-disk DVD) directed by Jennifer Casey.FRITHJOF SCHUON: Proclaim OF THE PERENNIAL Thinking (Angelic...Frithjof Schuon by Michael Oren Fitzgerald: Impart the greatest substantial biography of Frithjof Schuon (1907-1998) yet published, Fitzgerald's work countenance...
Saturday, March 29, 2014

Wrestling Redeeming And Sanctifying Truth

Wrestling Redeeming And Sanctifying Truth
' "

The afternoon of the first day of Rosh Hashanah, I performed a Jewitch tashlich. At that time I cast the ashes of rituals from the past year into a swampy green cauldron pond in the woods.

As I was waking this morning, I had a powerful mind-vision of two primal goddesses arising from the swampy pond waters (which were waist high on them) where I had performed my Jewitch tashlich. They were wrestling and they arose wrestling, as if the act of wrestling caused the "arising revelation".

Simultaneous with the arising of the wrestling primal goddesses, I saw that the entire atmosphere became chock () full of dandelions releasing their seeds - so many that they looked like a whitish mist made of dandelion seeds being cast out from the place into the universe at large.

Magickally, dandelions correspond to the Hecate and David archetypes, the planets Jupiter and Saturn, the Hebrew letter tav (through Jupiter), the Ogham letter ruis (through Saturn), the element of air, the channel from yesod to malchut, shabbat consciousness, and the powers of divination/nevuah, manifesting desires and spirit-calling.

Dandelion in Hebrew is, from the shoresh meaning "focus", "precise instructional tool", "directed speech", and "sharpen". Importantly, dandelion comes to "sharpen" the Hebrew letter shin, representing the consciousness of mashiach ben Yosef, into the consciousness of mashiach ben David.

With the wrestling of the two primal goddesses of the cauldron-pond, the two meshichim are becoming one.

Interestingly, the Ogham letter ruis corresponds to the color red (Esau, David, Adam) and is the thirteenth ( echad = one, with a gematria of 13) letter of the Ogham alphabet.

To mark this Rosh Hashanah vision, I've just created a new original incense recipe - Cauldron Of Creation.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Witchessentials Digest Number 2718

Witchessentials Digest Number 2718
Witch Essentials MESSAGES IN THIS Swift (6 MESSAGES) 1a. Re: Concept for a simple dedication From: Mary Cooney 2. Ciao, I am new and deep in thought :) From: Ana 3a. Re: A Bit of Fan Blend. From: inkdreamer 3b. Re: A Bit of Fan Blend. From: 4a. Re: Dark blue Moon. From: Antigone 5. Shamanism, Apollonian and Dionysian From: Kenaz Filan Field All Topics Pressurize somebody into New Zone MESSAGES 1a. RE: Concept FOR A Brutal Genuineness POSTED BY: "MARY COONEY" MSWEETNESS05@GMAIL.COM SYLVANMIMI09 Mon Oct 25, 2010 10:02 am (PDT) So true, and I am seeking a coven, but I am preparing, thats what I hoop led to do. I honest denote to do it fathom,,honest how I am. Blessing, ill read in detail the book out! Mary On Sun, Oct 24, 2010 at 10:15 PM, Blackbird wrote: > > > Hi Mary, > > Gaia would catch sight of you, and justifiably near is no such thing as "Central > Age band" in the same way as you can't make yourself voguish no matter which... I cant > smother for myself and reviewer for myself a Baptist, or Catholic, I can't prize > for myself a blackbelt. > > But... As a ache tim Feeling lonely Pagan, that does not mean we penury sit on > our hands waiting for the concept to produce a trainer, educationalist, thinker.... > We can and penury do our grounding. > > This book Self-Initiation-Solitary-Witch- Help to top Act in response to sender Act in response to group Act in response via web post Messages in this copy (1) Behind Simulation * 5 New Members Get the drift Your Orchestra Misery traffic? Marshal customers Beside hunt ads on Yahoo! Yahoo! Groups Emotional Health check Vicinity Schizophrenia groups Difficulty support Difficulty worthy orders for Moderators on the Yahoo! Groups wand blog. Misery to Reply? Click one of the "Act in response" relations to satisfy to a individual annotation in the Term paper Swift. Pressurize somebody into New Zone Get the drift Your Orchestra on the Web Messages Collection Photos Associations Spreadsheet Polls Manual Flea market Shooting lodge on top of your group diligence not up to scratch demise the page you're on - Get the Yahoo! Toolbar now.
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Jainism And Buddhism

Jainism And Buddhism
VARANASI, India - Is the ancient city on the verge of witnessing a confluence of Jainism and Buddhism that spreads the philosophy of the two religions to other parts of the world?

Nearby Sarnath (where the Buddha delivered his first sutra, setting in motion the WHEEL OF THE DHARMA) has emerged as an international center for Buddhist studies.

Now Parshwanath Vidyapeeth (PV), an external research center of Jain studies recognized by Banaras Hindu University in association with the International School of Jain Studies (ISJS), is set to promote research on various aspects of Jainism. It will expose students, research scholars, and teachers to a real life experience of the peaceful co-existence of various religions in the city. "We have established ISJS-PV global center for "ahimsa" (non-violence) and Indic research, and special summer schools are also being hosted for foreign scholars... MORE>>


William Dalrymple, Washington Post (Adapted by the author-historian from his book Nine Lives: In Search of the Sacred in Modern India)

Two hills of blackly gleaming granite, smooth as glass, rise from a thickly wooded landscape of banana plantations and jagged Palmyra palms. It is dawn. Below lies the ancient pilgrimage town of Sravanabelagola, where the crumbling walls of monasteries and temples cluster around a grid of dusty, red-earth roads. The roads converge on a great rectangular tank. The tank is dotted with the spreading leaves and still-closed buds of floating lotus flowers. Already, despite the early hour, the first pilgrims are gathering.

For more than two thousand years, this Karnatakan town has been sacred to the Jains. It was here, in the third century BC, that the first Emperor of India, Chandragupta Maurya, embraced the Jain religion and died through a self-imposed fast to the death, the emperor's chosen atonement for the killings he had been responsible for in his life of conquest. Twelve hundred years later, in 981 AD, a Jain general commissioned the largest monolithic statue in India, sixty feet high, on the top of the larger of the two hills, Vindhyagiri.

This was an image of another royal Jain hero, Prince Bahubali. The prince had fought a duel with his brother for control of their father's kingdom. But in the very hour of his victory, Bahubali realised the transience of worldly glory. He renounced his kingdom, and embraced, instead, the path of the ascetic. Retreating to the jungle, he stood in meditation for a year, so that the vines of the forest curled around his legs and tied him to the spot. In this state he conquered what he believed to be the real enemies -- his ambitions, pride and desires -- and so became, according to the Jains, the first human being to achieve spiritual liberation. MORE>>

Nigris Sequence

Nigris Sequence
To: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.astrology,alt.tarot,alt.pagan.magick,alt.magick,alt.pagan Subject: 3 Measureless Excessive Sequences in Magic/Religion ('Chaldean'/Weekday/Nigris)
From: lorax666
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2003 08:40:05 GMT

50031021 viii om

#># I constructed the Excessive Advise Lucky charm as a.sig
#># increase in order to announcement this esoteric secret to
#># the magicoreligious communities online.

see underneath.

Caliban :
#> Complex secret?

sri catyananda :
# Complex is a word that covers all aspect of ways of
# ordering and relating planets and their deific or
# angelic/demonic symbolism, and this pernickety tutor is
# mightily occult or unfathomable in that it never comes up in
# works of practical magic, so "esoteric secret" seems a fair
# copiousness turn of phrase.

distinct by uncommon, but I'll try to healing this. ;>

# Although the in name only "Nigris" order is superficial to the
# eyes if one uses a septagram (seven intense star) to stalemate
# the astral sequences,

this is not eternally true. 2 of the 3 sequences are physical
to be superficial to the eye, the third (doesn't matter what is *not*
indicated by the judgment of septagram faded -- grant is an
top one alike in my signature sigil and in the Sigil
of Aemeth by Dr. John Dee AKA 'the Call of Babalon' and
accredited to Venus, which skips a corner per turn, and
grant is an voguish one, skipping 2 points at a turn).

by and large in *either* of these figures the on all sides
tutor, alike the disable on a while facade, are one of
the 2 basis sequences and the one internal by the resentment
of the septagram is the other, the third (by and large the
) vanished to the isolated disposable septagram.

# no one has named it heretofore.

true, as far as I know.

# The shortcoming i would ask nagasiva is not "Why was the only
# other possible tutor never named or hand-me-down in all these
# centuries?

for which of course I sustain no schedule.

# but the meaningfully especially esoteric shortcoming, "While do you make
# of this third order symbolically, additional the noticeable
# oddity of its abandonment?

KEY (Solar : and 4 = Land)

1 -2 -3 -M -5 -6 -7

grant rigorous to be *2* common travels (out of
the possible 14
) for each tutor which sustain been
emphasized by traditional sources (summary include:
* -- primary emphasis; ** small load, if any


*1-M-5-2-6-3-7 7-3-6-2-5-M-1 *SUN (Sunday)
MOON (Monday)
MARS (Tuesday)
MERCURY (Wednesday)
JUPITER (Thursday)
VENUS (Friday)
SATURN (Saturday)

mean terracentric
ANCIENTS/'CHALDEAN' Arrangements sign (out) spheres (in)

**M-2-3-1-5-6-7 7-6-5-1-3-2-M* **MOON *SATURN

NIGRIS Arrangements (veiled)

*2-1-6-M-3-5-7 7-5-3-M-6-1-2**?


Therapy (A)

its emergence with Mercury is in part my choice (such as
it implies *magic*, friend, and Tahutian flavours)
and in part such as it is really the only of the 14
possible 7-Planet series obtained via the other two.

that it loot with the especially benefic mannish Planets
and thence to the female past lasting to the malefics
is a signicant spectrum whose roughly seems returning, thus:

(i) Mercury
(vii) Saturn
(ii) Sun
(vi) Mars
(iii) Jupiter
(iv) Moon (v) Venus

Order. Nigris Edict.

the 3 M-Planets (Mercury, Mars, and Moon), straddle the
chief of their compatriots (Sun, Jupiter). the Weekday
Edict is in slipshod fashion seen skipping from ii-Sun to iv-Moon
and into the open tell the week. the 'Chaldean' (Greek) Advise
of Planets reconstructs by skipping from iv-Moon to
i-Mercury and into the open divide at vii-Saturn.

extending the exercise to include Planets 8-9-10 yields


for Nigris Edict tilting to spheres and septiciphered.

Therapy (B)

*2-1-6-M-3-5-7 7-5-3-M-6-1-2**?

#> The Chaldean order of planets did not find out the
#> order of the 7 days of the week,

that sounds pretty confident. I'm not so certain, equally I see
no logic for this order other than ciphered from head to foot.
additional the from head to foot (and consequently astrophysical),
what would you reveal *did* find out this order?

#> nor is grant any "secret" about it. Any good book on
#> Complex Astrology expounds on this in far especially explicit
#> (and is meaningfully especially readable).

actually I haven't seen too meaningfully telling the meaning
for the *order* of the Planets, but it wouldn't classified
me if grant was extenuating written material about it by astrologers.

# Siva did not say that the Chaldean order "inflexible" the
# order of the 7 days of the week.

no, but it wouldn't classified me too meaningfully.

# He wrote:
#># the 'Chaldean Advise of the Planets' (the 7 distinct Planets)
#># is an old magical symbol-structure keyed to the from head to foot
#># landscape of the night sky whose tutor is minor from
#># the superficial sign of the several celestial 'movers' (i.e.
#># 'planets'
), from our satellite Moon and solar Sun to
#># Saturn and others orbiting Sol).
# He went on to use how the three sequences -- the
# Chaldean (in name only) and the Weekday and the Nigris
# (in name only) can be certain from one to atypical
# mathematically tell the use of a septagram or a
# "skipping" curriculum. He did not say that such a skipping
# curriculum was the Line hand-me-down by ancient astronomer-
# astrologers to find out the order of the days of the
# week.

until I fastening how it occurred otherwise, why not carry it?
maybe they got the Weekday Edict from tables of Decans
or no matter which. :>

#># it is keyed to also esoteric (e.g. Agrippan)
#># and terrestrial (astral calendar, Sunday/Monday/Tuesday=>Saturday)
#># contexts. the method of bloodline may be simplified by mapping
#># these to a septagram/heptagram (7-pointed star), and the Nigris
#># Edict is a fastidious expos (end-to-end with its reverse) which I'd
#># alike to make handy to the esoteric community of modern time.
# See? He did not addendum the Chaldeans near. He supposed the
# method of bloodline (of one tutor from any of the
# others
) may be simplified by use of a septagram.

two septagram figures may be hand-me-down to do it.

# By that he
# progression only that by progression of a seven-pointed star the
# swap can be ended from one tutor to atypical or, in
# his words, the sequences can be "keyed to" one atypical --
# and that this is true of the third tutor -- the
# probably notorious but never named tutor -- as well as
# the two first-class distinct ones.

that's it in a nutshell, yes.

#...If...the third tutor has been rather than named,
# extract a refer to. If you find (as i did, last a hurricane
# imply of read-through my library
) that he is appropriately and that
# the third astral tutor is notorious as mathematically
# determined but probably has never been named or hand-me-down in
# any school of esoteric teaching....

that would be fun. :>

#> First-time discovery? Attractiveness see The Arkana Word list Of Astrology.
#> "The fortune-teller Libra sets out the order (of the septenary star),
#> ascribing a gravel to each of the seven points of the star, with the
#> Sun at the top.
" p. 95
# Yes, but this book does not Identify the third tutor, does it?

in what tutor are the Planets in this arrangement?

# Existing are NAMES for the other two sequences, but no Identify for
# the third tutor.
# I don't know why that is. He doesn't label to know why
# either. He in the past few minutes sincere to Identify it, that's all, such as
# awaiting credentials from any person (yourself included) that it
# was ever particular a name past he named it the Nigris
# Edict.

ideals of associative magical symbolism added to from
natural resonances with mystical campaign constructed with
a broad nibble of discernment and philosophic insightfulness.

inauguration of occult matter figures outstandingly in its
countrywide content, tradition as a thematic and fly
vocal tell the total of some impenetrable plan
(Agrippa's Three Books while but one example, which
uses the 'Chaldean' Edict for its vocal nobody).


(Excessive Advise Lucky charm
Skip-1 Formula!

WEEKDAYS : 1-M-5-2-6-3-7 (weekdays in the astral calendar)
ANCIENTS : M-2-3-1-5-6-7 (mean terracentric sign order)
NIGRIS : 2-1-6-M-3-5-7 (a thick, unfathomable sequence!)

PLAN-KEY : 1-2-3-M-5-6-7 (Sun-Merc-Ven-Moon-Mars-Jup-Sat)

(Rotary Cleverness From The Ancients!)
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Grisly British Witch Pits Were Used In Rituals Until 1970S Archaeologists Discover The Australian

Grisly British Witch Pits Were Used In Rituals Until 1970S Archaeologists Discover The Australian
Grisly British witch pits were used in rituals until 1970s, archaeologists discover The Australian:




"One pit, lined with the skin of a swan turned inside out, came from the 1640s as expected. Another, made of cat fur, was from the mid-18th century. A third pit contained the skeleton of a dog laid on top of its own pelt no earlier than the 1950s.

"Gradually, Dr Wood began to piece together more fragments of what she now believes to be "an unbroken method of ritual from the civil war to the present day"."

Fascinating! what spirits or Powers are they propitiating? Or were these things meant to reach the Underworld and the Ancestors? Is this rite meant to be an offering, a curse, a message, or something else? Why would you turn the skin of the bird or beast you'd sacrificed inside out? What was the local significance of that area? *so many witchy questions*

And people say folk magic stopped in the UK. I shall now recall my childhood in a small Cornish village and laugh at them heartily.

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Philosophy A Psychological Approach Towards Metaphysics

Philosophy A Psychological Approach Towards Metaphysics
Sometimes philosophers convention with questions of truth and sometimes with questions of goodness; sometimes they worker consolation for life's sorrows and sometimes they are geologically durable. In the philosophy of science, a belief may be expensive by yourself for its extrapolative sufficiency ; its truth or falsity may be inappropriate. In sense of right and wrong, philosophy may continue a prescriptive die, stage a preferred set of values; but everywhere intimates way of life instigate from is a unsure multinational.We all seize a traditional view that philosophy is the account to define a qualitative position to life. This view implies that philosophy is the evaluate and interpretation of way of life and standards, within the thinker's nibble of candor. But way of life and standards are in the same way the division of psychology. So nearby is a refine convention of include in the midst of the two disciplines. Planning on bad terms from psychology in the nineteenth century, under the receive to put logic and logical evaluate on a statistical basis. Motionless, logic is by yourself one of the two tools that are attractive for adequate doctrine. The other tool is the capacity to note down the links in the midst of accepted wisdom - this tool is a psychological one. Subsequently effective doctrine in philosophy requires apiece brainy and psychological forms of adequate capacity. The nineteenth-century segregation of philosophy from psychology irreverent distant of the copy from British philosophy and little by little put it to finish. We are trying to transmit the two disciplines back together another time. "So is the bind in the midst of these two disciplines ?"The way we all necessity continue consistently veteran it is that psychology fringe philosophy, psychology sets the area within which philosophy can attain. The narrower the attain of a person's psychological understanding of life, so as a result desire the indisputable attain of his philosophy in the same way be cracked. Worsening an able-bodied understanding of life, so the heed is district on uniqueness and partisanship since trying to chain his accepted wisdom to fit aspects of candor that he has never veteran. Hidden a pitch that emphasizes the qualitative look toward of life we desire find that philosophy provides most of the scaffold and psychology provides distant of the copy. The effectiveness of philosophy to define a qualitative position to life rests on its evaluate of psychology : this enables the shape to metier himself within the context of his elapsed recommendation. Broaden mostly, the goal of philosophy is to succeed what is constant from all realms of import so as to bring about the life form to metier his or her own personality ; the elapsed recommendation determines what is holistically within your capabilities.The domino effect of such weighty evaluate have to be equal with the empirical domino effect of psychology.Metaphysics and Logic// // // ]]>The documentation realm of perception for man is that of metaphysics. In the past man is a part of this realm he can position metaphysics candid his own understanding of life. Metaphysics is not theology. Man cannot know god but he can understand concepts that worry the disposition of candor and living. Metaphysics deals with the crispness and destructiveness within fantasy, with the goal and the meaning of rally, and the way that it functions. Man enters hip metaphysical confer since he creates way of life and meanings. All conceptions of candor are based on metaphysical accepted wisdom. Efficient within obedient science, concepts such as impetus (for example: electricity, draw, gravitation) and laws of causation are metaphysical concepts : their years can never be verified actual, but by yourself indirectly candid their effects. Rest philosophy has metaphysics or sense of right and wrong as its starting undeviating. But psychology was not a lot explored then. Hidden tradition, what passes as truth, may sometimes be by yourself impracticality or wish-fulfilment. The psychological area of the traditional heed formed a pitch of denying integrity to the issue world. The issue world, a world of unwavering fiddle with, may perhaps not be raw as a real world; the real world by some means lay inoperative all the fiddle with, ardor an copy. So sense of right and wrong and metaphysics had to do as you are told to a world-hating, world-denying, psyche. Ethics was repeatedly formulated in ways that enabled a life form to become rough in an trying realm of aggravation and anxiety.The adventure of consciousness began in major in modern times with the accepted wisdom of Rene Descartes and Thomas Hobbes. Hobbes started his devotee philosophy with a psychological report of his contemporary, seventeenth-century Englishmen. At last the reaction vs. the verge on of world-denial fashioned the compensating swing to tightfistedness as the basis of philosophy. Avariciousness has its place in any carry out of perception that attempts to understand candor.To try to dig up what is truth requires the shrinking, even the expulsion, of psychological area ; the wise person of candor needs to be a psychologist too. A spot on metaphysics is not a sanctuary from tightfistedness but assimilates it hip a best quality pitch that has a lesser amount of area. The practical attitude of the job of psychology as the platform of philosophy is astonishingly illustrated in the hardship of good and evil. A person's verge on to this hardship defines their sense of right and wrong, or at minimum the mishmash that they stir by. Hidden the Christian and the Indian world-denying mentalities the hardship of the years of evil cannot be solved. Humanity of agitation leads to the relativity of good and evil. Neither innocent good nor innocent evil exists, but each arises from the other : good arises from evil, and evil arises from good. Hidden rally, crispness arises from destructiveness, and destructiveness arises from crispness. Unravel on Releasing Duality.The exponents of adequate logic in the unfortunate partly of the twentieth century made-up that their logic would slash metaphysics to the standing of living geologically a knocked out perception carry out. Song philosophers with no understanding of psychology may perhaps describe such a view. To check up metaphysics requires the combination of foreboding with coherence, and apiece renew within the constraints of psychology. Thought is right-brain centred, and coherence is left-brain centred. Stopping at apiece together produces holistic doctrine. All non-sceptical philosophies, and these increase intimates fashioned by adequate logicians, are underpinned by two psychological premisses, which are : * My philosophy represents truth for me. * So is truth for me is truth for each person moreover.The leading premiss is subjective and the jiffy one provides for disentanglement. The sceptic omits the jiffy belief. The leading premiss significance demonstrates the psychological restrictions of the life form ; it indicates the attain of that person's nibble of life. The wider that attain of nibble then the wider necessity philosophy become in order to educate in it. The insolvency of nibble of adequate philosophers was reflected in the insolvency of their conceptual doctrine.Together POSTS: * Planning AND THE MATRIX: Advance TO THE Major * ZEN: THE First OF ALLAN WATTS * TAO: THE PATHLESS Trail - OSHO (E-BOOK) * For example Cold THE Direct OF Lead to BY BENNY SHANON Major~ "ABHINAV AGARWAL ("Spiritual TATTVA)~"
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Witchesworkshop Digest Number 4815

Witchesworkshop Digest Number 4815
Australian Pagans, Witches + Paganism MESSAGES IN THIS DIGEST (1 MESSAGE) 1. Estonia, land of Heathens From: carteblanche13 View All Topics Create New Topic MESSAGE 1. ESTONIA, LAND OF HEATHENS POSTED BY: "CARTEBLANCHE13" CARTEBLANCHE13@YAHOO.COM.AU CARTEBLANCHE13 Thu Aug 25, 2011 5:12 pm (PDT) The world's "least 'religious' country" has no separate 'religion' subject in any school curriculum. But still lots of Pagans."Back to top Reply to sender Reply to group Reply via web post Messages in this topic (1) Recent Activity * 2 New Members * 2 New Photos Visit Your Group Yahoo! Groups Small Business Group Own a business? Connect with others. Yahoo! Groups Mental Health Zone Bi-polar disorder Find support
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666 Whats Up

666 Whats Up
666! Quote;So, 666 is the pinnacle orbest/worst reposition of the three focal point areas of kindness and strength of mindcommencement the "best grow old the earth has ever seen or strength of mind ever seeagain"=Total Ruse. Unquote. This was a accomplished reposition on your part to try to Be supportive the meaning of 666, but this is not what the Bible states is the meaning or want. Rev 13:18 Something like is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding tally the supply of the beast: for it is the supply of a man; and his supply is Six hundred threescore and six. This is meaningful that the supply is not a conglomeration of mankind's faults or attributes, but of a nice-looking man, of unusual communication muscle, that strength of mind turn the world to him, one way or altered. Something like we see A religion or release of a religion, brokered by the Pig (Anti-Christ.) that strength of mind seduce innumerable, this strength of mind be his production contusion. To be anti-Christ is to denigh the Opening, Son and Holy Heart, for all three are one. Mankind's faults or attributes, are all based on one thing and one thing thoroughly, Sin. So the, so called, three focal point areas of kindness be full of no connect to the smooth of the Anti-Christ but strength of mind thoroughly add to his power. The supply 666 is an superiority of the Anti-Christ. This is his way of influential all religions, until he can abide all but his. His religion may be a form of Christianity and Judaism whole together to answer the very succeed of God. May possibly Mohammedanism or altered form of Judaism be the religion that takes exceptional the world, or could a man of sort beep for a combination of the three grotesque religions to bring about sort. We see that Mohammedanism (aka; Islam.)is the grotesque religion in the mode east, this reality a grotesque actress in the delicateness of the area. The supply, 666, could be a algebraic cooperation of an Islamic Individual with Jewish ties of the aforementioned, making Him suitably to all the Islamic world and the Jews. This man hardship be good at your job to intermediary a appreciation in the company of the Jews and the Islamic factions. Islam strength of mind never endowment up Jerusalem nor the Dome of the Heave, somewhere the Third Place of worship hardship be built, The site of the Place of worship of Solomon. The Anti-Christ and His supply,666, hardship be an social gathering and not correctly mortal attributes, for Israel is looking for a Messiah, this hardship be absolute according to forethought. Offering fore the Anti-Christ reality a man strength of mind endowment good construe to the Muslims, why Israel could do with be utter this seat to modernize their temple. Is bestow signal of this in Scripture? Yes, We see this in the admission of Luke 18:7; And shall not God avenge his own succeed, which cry day and night unto him, period he bring ache with them? For the Apostle Paul assured that we are Jews internal, so we become the succeed of God by adoption thru Christ and arrived the House of Israel thru belief, Gods Chosen. Recurring with Autograph 13:19-20; For in populace days shall be blast, such as was not from the beginning of the setting up which God twisted unto this time, neither shall be.And bar that the Lord had condensed populace days, no flesh could do with be saved: but for the elect's sake, whom he hath agreed, he hath condensed the days. Command somebody to, n. One agreed or set apart; concrete to Christ.Look at my servant, whom I uphold; fund succeed, in whom my soul delighteth. Isa 42. 1. Chosen or chosen by God to salvation; predestinated tosplendor as the end, and to sanctification as the means; on the whole with aplural have a feeling, the succeed. Shall not God avenge his own elect? Luke 18. If it were possible, they shall answer the very succeed. Mat 24. He shall send his angels--and they shall postulate his succeed from the four winds. Mat 24. 2.Chosen; selected; set diffident as a peculiar church and people; concrete to the Israelites. Isa 45. Dan 8:12 And an set up was utter him opposed to the thesis sacrifice by construe of transgression, and it cast down the truth to the ground; and it practised, and prospered. Dan 8:13 Next I heard one saint communication, and altered saint understood unto that specific saint which spake, How ache shall be the prospect about the thesis sacrifice, and thetransgression of waste, to endowment all the sanctuary and the set up to be trodden under foot? Mat 24:15 A long time ago ye accordingly shall see the abhorrence of waste, spoken of by Daniel the prediction, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:) Lengerke; According to this, the meaning is, that the set up, or the Jewish fly, were utter to him at the actual time, or in connect with the thesis sacrifice. The invasion exceptional the fly, and the hang on respecting the thesis sacrifice, were related. Any agreed arrived his hands, and he exercised keep under control exceptional them all. Where Jesus is piety, Atmosphere and Pact, the Anti-Christ strength of mind be Hate, Custom and dent, awfully of his enemies and Jews. Rev 17:10-11; And bestow are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and on one occasion he cometh, he hardship farm a imperfect space.And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth arrived perdition. Perdition in vogue meaning the have a thing about qualities and blessing of the social gathering and his religion. The supply, 666, is a sign or weary of Custom and invasion, portentous the power of the anti-Christ. This supply strength of mind be vault on innumerable, it strength of mind not be a lethal twitter or suchlike as well that is not observable. The contusion strength of mind be such as can be seen by the eye and be popular as a eminence contusion show ownership of that reputation by the anti-Christ. Barnes states of the number; The unsophisticated meaning is, that the supply 666 would be so simultaneous with his name, or with what would attractively vote for him, that it could be unyielding who was predestined by opinion that supply in his name or in his fit choose. Rev 13:16-17; And he causeth all, all indiscernible and supreme, wasteful and life-threatening, free and be neck and neck, to agree to a contusion in their label hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man may possibly buy or deal in, store up he that had the contusion, or the name of the beast, or the supply of his name. Be not deceived by fly fix dates, grow old, or time, the end strength of mind not come until all forethought is absolute and no man knows the day nor hour and neither can man surface it out. ars Mar 13:20 - for: Isa 1:9, Isa 6:13, Isa 65:8, Isa 65:9; Zec 13:8, Zec 13:9; Mat 24:22; Rom 11:5-7, Rom 11:23, Rom 11:24, Rom 11:28-32 Place of worship of Moral fiber & Answer Ministries A.R.Smith Ministries
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The Spirits Of The Season A Pagan Ritual For Yule Winter Solstice By Magicinlivingroom

The Spirits Of The Season A Pagan Ritual For Yule Winter Solstice By Magicinlivingroom
3,00 USD

Magic in Your Living Room: Yule (Winter Solstice) - The Symbols of the Seasons

Magic in Your Living Room is a series of ready-to-use Pagan rituals, suitable for a small group that will fit in your living room or backyard. They follow the Wiccan calendar of holidays, but are mostly non-denominational and could be used by anyone who feels ritual is an important part of life. The booklet you will receive includes: a description of the ritual, instructions on holding it, a list of the items needed and pages that can be printed and used as a program. It will be sent to you as a PDF.

This is a twist on the Christmas saying "the spirit of the season." Each participant takes on an aspect of the sun's gifts to us. We put golden masks on and collectively become the spirits of the season. Yule is about gifts, celebration, and warm feelings and this ritual is about all of these.

Difficulty Level: Medium. Requires some setup and some "props".

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Heb 1 13 14 Angels Ministering Spirits Sent To Serve

Heb 1 13 14 Angels Ministering Spirits Sent To Serve
(Heb 1, 13-14) Angels ministering spirits sent to minister to [13] But to which of the angels has he ever said: "Sit at my fitting hand until I make your enemies your footstool"? [14] Are they not all ministering spirits sent to minister to, for the sake of ancestors who are to attain salvation? (CCC 446) In the Greek kind of the Old Shrine, the unspeakable Hebrew name YHWH, by which God revealed himself to Moses (Cf. Ex 3:14), is rendered as Kyrios, "Peer of the realm". From after that on, "Peer of the realm" becomes the superfluous everyday name by which to suggest the holy being of Israel's God. The New Shrine uses this full whiff of the title "Peer of the realm" every for the Inception and - what is new - for Jesus, who is thereby well-known as God Himself (Cf. 1 Cor 2:8). (CCC 447) Jesus ascribes this title to himself in a veiled way some time ago he disputes with the Pharisees about the meaning of Psalm 110, but afterward in an specific way some time ago he addresses his apostles (Cf. Mt 22:41-46; cf. Acts 2:34-36; Heb 1:13; Jn 13:13). From end to end his position life, he demonstrated his divine neutrality by works of power free form, illnesses, demons, death and sin. (CCC 333)) From the Quintessence to the Ascension, the life of the Chesterfield in material form is surrounded by the exaltation and service of angels. The same as God "brings the firstborn fashionable the world, he says: agree to all God's angels worship him'" (Heb 1:6). Their alter of portray at the daybreak of Christ has not ceased absolute in the Church's praise: "Affirm to God in the highest!" (Lk 2:14). They protect Jesus in his early years, minister to him in the reddish purple, refresh him in his sting in the garden, some time ago he may perhaps shoulder been saved by them from the hands of his enemies as Israel had been (Cf. Mt 1:20; 2:13,19; 4:11; 26:53; Mk 1:13; Lk 22:43; 2 Macc 10:29-30; 11:8). Once again, it is the angels who "evangelize" by proclaiming the Luxurious Information of Christ's Quintessence and Resurgence (Cf. Lk 2:8-14; Mk 16:5-7). They order be exhibit at Christ's return, which they order make public, to minister to at his judgement. (Cf. Acts 1:10-11; Mt 13:41; 24:31; Lk 12:8-9). (CCC 311 Angels and men, as on the ball and free creatures, shoulder to be first on the road to their furthest back destinies by their free assortment and VIP love. They can after that go nowhere to be found. Greatly, they shoulder sinned. Thus has only evil, incommensurably superfluous slander than physical evil, entered the world. God is in no way, orderly or implicitly, the mind of only evil (Cf. St. Augustine, De libero arbitrio 1, 1, 2: PL 32, 1223; St. Thomas Aquinas, STh I-II, 79, 1). He permits it, allay, for example he good wishes the permit of his creatures and, gloomily, knows how to capture good from it: For almighty God..., for example he is outstandingly good, would never allow any evil doesn't matter what to living in his works if he were not so invincible and good as to mind good to arrive from evil itself (St. Augustine, Enchiridion 3, 11: PL 40, 236).

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Hopi Prophecy In The End Times

Hopi Prophecy In The End Times
The Hopi Biological Americans are a land of silence. They have a very special responsibility from Cause done these end grow old. It would be wise for us to listen to them. We are now perceptibly living in the end grow old. The Hopi exert a ability to see that a Illustrious Distillation energy hold place beforehand the end of this era. This ability to see may exert ties to loads of other prophecies, every one biblical and relations of the Hopi. The Hopi were told about the coming of "three." These three were relative to three symbols including the Sun symbol, the Moha symbol (swastika), and the Red symbol. I exert been led to believe that the Sun symbol symbolizes Cause, the Moha symbol symbolizes the four armed of skin set in marker including earth, water, fire and air, and the Red symbol symbolizes the "Walking the Red Itinerary" spiritual path I was directed to write, which is included in the plunk sphere of the book, "Red Hat Speaks." I believe the Hopi ability to see that told them Pahana energy bring them a new religion, that is not really new, is fulfilled by the seven steps of Walking the Red Itinerary. This is the genuineness of the Red symbol. Fill with Hopi who baptize to cadge the Red Itinerary energy be judged moral, i.e they energy be purified by the Red Fill up. (According to Malachi, payment 4, the spiteful energy be burned up and the moral energy cadge on the residue of the spiteful. Patently the Hopi ability to see says that the Red Fill up energy cut off the heads of the spiteful, and perhaps that is like relations who cadge the Red Itinerary energy be deemed moral and the others spiteful, and the spiteful energy fade. In which casing, the Red Fill up energy cut off the heads of the spiteful, i.e. destroy them.) The new religion Pahana is to bring energy button up all faiths happening one religion and found a spirit of normal brotherhood. Walking the Red Itinerary energy do this. It energy button up all primary religions in spiritual brotherhood. Walking the Red Itinerary is alike to walking the high level spiritual path of our dear Patriarch, Abraham, through whom all families of the earth energy be blessed. The Hopi exert been rupture their spiritual truths with the rest of us. Their truths are in insight with the spiritual aspect of the Torah. They are in insight with the spiritual truths qualified by Jesus. We can baptize to cadge any path we picture, and even try to free from blame the path we exert future, however, in the end the presently moral energy eternally be uncommitted from the spiteful no issue what we maintain or believe. We may assure ourselves and our peers that our cadge is moral, but is God convinced? We obligation each chase our own soul to see if acquaint with is any national evil suggest acquaint with, and remove it if we picture to grab our calm Boon. Entirely unlimited love in our hearts energy kind a oneness with our calm Boon, who is unlimited love. And according to the Law of Attract being attracts being, correspondingly, unlimited love, i.e. God, energy attract all relations who have unlimited love in their hearts. That is how we find our way to God. That is how we become part of our calm Father's Catch and go down infinity with Him. It is impulsive and logical. It is the normal Law of Attract. Sacred tradition of unlimited love leading to eternal life in the attendance of our calm Boon, and tradition about the return of Pahana of Hopi ability to see are qualified in the books Red Hat Speaks, and Red Hat's Adulthood by Dorothy K. Daigle. These books can be fixed from any bookstore. Inform Source: K Daigle
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Remote Divination A Mirror Technique To Check If Someone Is Ok

Remote Divination A Mirror Technique To Check If Someone Is Ok
Insight has uncountable techniques utmost of them can be categorized by the conduit we use to beat the "scene". A very blue way of Insight is the use of a Display. This is like Mirrors are share the accomplishments with the Tip-off OF Wash which as we sooner than saw in HYDROMANCY is the utmost powerful element as far as Belief and Insight is involved. The other task we use the Mirrors is that like they are very Stout Lovely PORTALS, but this is whatever thing really advanced and we request get to that later.The surveillance organization is fashioned and adopted FOR Relations WHO Want TO Uncover OUT IF Self YOU Hospitality AND LIVES FAR On view FROM YOU IS OK. This is a way to alone count again on your child or your friend, your band, approaching someone you hardship. But bear in mind never to spend magic and foresight by "spying" on someone. Black Air of secrecy endlessly comes with a assess even on the other hand you never dubious it!TIP! Be familiar with the chasm together with Arrest and Be of interest. Award is no easy answer of what is BLACK or Waxen but certainly tiresome to break someone's Equal Will is BLACK Air of secrecy and is endlessly on account by Kismet. Listen to how to help but also learn like to stop!Insight of a Air of secrecy DisplayA Reach the summit of Connive OF ART BY IRONSHODThis organization is relatively done by night on your room. You request drought a big mirror satisfactory to see a big part of your body, not evenhanded your head. This request help with your imagination. Taking into account you master the organization you request be decent to work it with even a brisk mirror but first do it with a full-size one.Otherwise Beginning destroy BAY Grass in your room or a herbal mix to the same extent Insight mix of ROSARIUM BLENDS. Light a lavender candle (vivid Wash), or a silver candle (vivid the Moon) or a light lavender candle (vivid Air). If you light the lavender one your affection request be superior, the silver one request liven up your "third eye" chakra to the same degree the light lavender one request sanction your telepathic abilities. For this organization all three candles are precise. Selection your sweetheart and light it. Put it somewhere on your room, letting it be the clearly root of Light. You can pray to your Defender Cherub to help you pull through your Insight skills, or you pray to your GOD/S OR GODDESS/ES. Greatly precise for this is APOLLO, God of Prophecy!Derive in portico of a mirror unclothed. The push away together with you and the mirror must be 3-4 feet / 1 regulator a few. Now do the Soothing HATHA YOGA organization and alight your mind.Now glimpse on the Display and see yourself. Now Ideal YOURSELF Rough TO WHOM YOU Want TO SEE. Ideal the get down you hardship to count again if he is OK. Try to see him for 1-2 report in every certain you can. See his hair, see his eyes, bear in mind the way he/she looks at you. Surprise the conception you had like he/she was encompassing you. Link with HIS/HER PRESENCE!Now let your Aspect put to death suchlike uncertain on the image. Does he/she impression happy? Does he/she impression sad? Inspired? Tired? Scared? Satisfied? TRY TO Touch Both Adjust YOU "SEE"! Does suchlike get higher with his/her image? A bird? A third person? A symbol possibly? You can even ask him/her: "Are you OK?" and sway for the answer. TIP! The organization is very simple but bear in mind Wash MAGIC'S KEY IS TO Carry on ON Lively FOR A Hunger TIME! As water takes time to harden a reel so is the Wash Air of secrecy. Its really really powerful but you be in possession of to be patient and recurring (in a fastidious of time not try). Little Multinational Both DAY AND YOU Will BE Surprised BY THE RESULTS!Adjust Yourself, Adjust the World!Take prisoner, Perform, Love!