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Hari Om Meditation Hari Aum

Hari Om Meditation Hari Aum
Deliberation IN Jurisdiction, Regulation, Trouble, WorryBy appealing in easy to practice "mental undertakings" we are guiding our minds up your sleeve from the scarce.You later begin to reduction inner hard and distractions to onset a deeper gouge of mental neatness as the organism very by instinct settles new.Be attracted to a negligible go, these type of settle on meditations techniques respite and alleviate us.We don't need an redundant quantity of time or mellowness to start meditating. All of us need few report every day to make your mind up your organism. Behind we learn the basic meditation techniques, we can use these methods for 10-20 report every day to help we renovate your life.Deliberation is a way for developing inner neatness by working with the organism. Young we learn how to make a diagnosis our assorted clear and restrained mental states, and later we work out methods for eliminating restrained states and educating clear ones.If you train your organism to become harmonious, you will be substance all the time, even in the limit terrible set. But if your organism is not harmonious, even if you get pleasure from the limit cute scarce set we will not be substance. Thus, it is core to train your organism floor meditation.meditation in exploitation, neatness, wrench, part, insist of meditationDeliberation Devotees Affair Vedic Mantras Black Draw Deliberation Masters Hymn Science Demise and Reincarnation Bhakti Cherubic Holy Anger Towards God Shabar Hymn Unparalleled Anger Hymn Jap Miracle of Hymn Kala jadu Proposition Science Hari Kirtan Hymn Shakti Hymn Vigyan Proposition Anger Proposition Secure Anger Of Mind Retch Mahakali Hymn Sadhna Young Mahavidya


Kirsten Reviews Shadow Of Night By Deborah Harkness

Kirsten Reviews Shadow Of Night By Deborah Harkness
SHADOW OF NIGHT BY DEBORAH HARKNESS ALL SOULS TRILOGY #2IT BEGAN WITH A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES.Historian Diana Bishop, descended from a line of powerful witches, and long-lived vampire Matthew Clairmont have broken the laws dividing creatures. When Diana discovered a significant alchemical manuscript in the Bodleian Library,she sparked a struggle in which she became bound to Matthew. Now the fragile coexistence of witches, daemons, vampires and humans is dangerously threatened.Seeking safety, Diana and Matthew travel back in time to London, 1590. But they soon realize that the past may not provide a haven. Reclaiming his former identity as poet and spy for Queen Elizabeth, the vampire falls back in with a group of radicals known as the School of Night. Many are unruly daemons, the creative minds of the age, including playwright Christopher Marlowe and mathematician Thomas Harriot.Together Matthew and Diana scour Tudor London for the elusive manuscript Ashmole 782, and search for the witch who will teach Diana how to control her remarkable powers... Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness is the second book in the All Souls Trilogy. The main characters are Diana Bishop, a witch and Oxford scholar, and the vampire geneticist Matthew Clairmont. The setting is Elizabethan London, where as Diana and Matthew search for Ashmole 782, an enchanted manuscript, they find some of Matthew's friends, members of the School of Night are involved, and become tangled in alchemy, magic, and spycraft. The more annoying characteristics of Matthew and Diana that weren't very noticeable in the first book, such as Diana's tendency to want to do things without listening to advice, and Matthew sometimes being snobbish and distant are magnified to absurd levels. It gets to a point where they are literally not listening to a word the other says, and the entire book feels like a combination of a long-running argument and time-jumping sightseeing trip. Another thing to note is that the author does use historical figures in her story, making them characters in the plot. If that's something that bothers readers, they will have to weigh whether or not the story makes it worth overlooking that element. At times it felt as if the author was trying to cram far too much information in, rather than advancing the plot in any way. This gets frustrating fast, and made the story feel weaker as a result. A further issue is the fact that there are a number of rather large plot holes, which should have been wrapped up, addressed, or otherwise filled during the course of Shadow of Night, but for some reason, were left to hang like loose threads. As far as being the second installment in a series, Shadow of Night does pick up the pace a bit, but is still not a strong enough book that it could be recommended without having read the first volume, and is in need of another edit, or at least a lot of explanation in the next book. (Received a copy from the publisher)Rating:Order Links:Other Reviews: Book Chick City Gizmos Reviews Melissa's Eclectic BookshelfPrevious Books: 1. A Discovery of Witches

The Company Of Heaven The Earths Ascension Is Just The Beginning Sep 6 2013 Wes Annac

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

"Speaking for the Company of Heaven:"

"My sixth-dimensional oversoul"

"Jeshua and the Ascended Masters"

"Saan and the Arcturian Councils"

With brimming Love and rejoice over your continual evolution into full consciousness, I am the sixth-dimensional oversoul of the scribe channeling this message on your Earth. My lineage extends to SanJAsKa the Pleiadian on down to our dear scribe on Earth, and while being an individualized consciousness I exist in the collective of RA.

We in the RA collective speak for ourselves as a united body and for the Creator with every communication we give and every bit of energy we impart unto your Earth and unto every lower-dimensional planet and civilization we've been helping to ascend.

We currently exist in the fifth dimension as we help humanity find the Light and correct the (since-distorted) teachings we were a part of giving your world.

We should say that these teachings were originally pure when given but have since been misinterpreted and purposefully distorted by the Illuminati, as they've believed themselves to be spiritual "elites" capable of glimpsing realms of consciousness they feel the rest of humanity undeserving to experience.

Beyond speaking for our collective and for Source, we speak for the Company of Heaven overall who's connected with each one of you and the connection with whom can be sought and found within.


Your connection to the spiritual realms is much realer and goes much deeper than humanity has yet known or fathomed, and if making the effort and employing faith and understanding of the reality of what you're doing if you allow it to be real, you can connect with the higher dimensions and with every facet of the Company of Heaven.

This was displayed in the previous Hathor communication through this scribe, and we seek to begin coming through much more directly and fruitfully than we have in the past. (1)

In regards to this, more scribes will begin picking up on the energies given out by the Company of Heaven, and while some may feel the idea or act of channeling to be in its fading stages of interest on your Earth, we say that you can move into an entirely different future in regards to it.

We've been communicating with humanity for centuries of your time, and channeling our energies and impressions certainly didn't start in the time period you're practicing it in.

Rather, people have opened up to the spiritual realms and us within them for centuries on your Earth and have actively channeled communications, many of which were destroyed or otherwise suppressed. Channeling goes very far back on your planet, and the suppression of this truth is an aspect of the overall spiritual suppression taking place in your society.

We'll continue to speak through humanity as willing conduits for our energies and discussions continue to pick up, as our aim is and has always been to offer you the pure Light and understanding we're blessed with experiencing in every moment.

It's been discussed before that our communications and the impressions we give arrive on the back of the overall energy we're sending you, which is why one's heart must be opened before one can purely channel the higher dimensions.


Overall, you're transmitting and connecting with varying shades and frequencies of energy (when channeling) as you shift from various different beings in our collective who come to the forefront of our communications routinely to offer their specific energies and impressions.

As many of you make active efforts to channel various different collectives, you find yourselves increasingly skilled at bringing through different energy at different frequencies.

As we've just mentioned, it's indeed true that in regards to communicating collectively, different individuals are stepping up to the forefront of the communication(s) to offer what they have for humanity. Even when an individual speaks in the higher dimensions, that individual always speaks for a collective of entities and this collective consciousness transmits their energies and impressions through a conduit in the collective.

The conduit changes routinely depending on the specific entity or energy the scribe channeling us wishes to pick up on. Generally, you're given the energies and communications of every facet of our collective, and we ask you to realize your infinite ability to connect with a very wide range of ascended entities.

The theme of realizing just how many of us in the higher dimensions there are to communicate with and just how diverse your range of connection can be may begin to pick up in the messages being given to humanity, because you're coming to rediscover your abilities in every sense imaginable.

Expansion of one's personal paradigm of belief heralds increasing understandings of things that those with closed-off minds and hearts may feel to be pure fiction, and the reality of heaven can be understood by every person on your world.

Every soul on your Earth is meant to open up to the reality of the heavenly states of consciousness you can grow into and the existence of billions of higher-dimensional souls actively fixated upon humanity's evolution and doing everything we can in every moment to aid you in such evolution.

As we turn this temple over to the soul known as Jeshua and the collective of Masters He'll represent, we express with Love that your perception of your ability has only begun to expand to the proportions it's meant to.
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Priestess Prayer

Priestess Prayer
Goddess, keep me mindful that a priest(ess) is a servant. Help me serve Your plan. May I always know Your plan is best implemented by the means You ask, not by my short-sighted approaches or addiction to unremitting activity. May I know that serving others is a vital way to love myself. May I know that care of myself is a vital way to serve others. May I do work I love as a way to serve. May I remember: Serving mends those of my wounds that cannot be healed by anything else. In all exchanges, may I focus on bringing peace, compassion, and empowerment. When bothered by difficult or even "terrible" people, may I remember that we are all in this human journey together, doing our best, no matter how poor that best might be. If I start to match someone's anger-so that I shift into their myth instead of my own-may I instead hold my "own" anger within me lovingly, to heal it and make it whole. May I do the same when starting to match anyone's other troubling traits. Self-development can be an important goal of one's spiritual practices. May it never waylay the equally important purpose: To be made immensely capable of serving. Goddess, make me Your finely crafted tool, shaped precisely to the work You ask. But keep me mindful that I'm not the ultimate tool, no matter how well you have honed me. Goddess, help me willingly, happily, and peacefully get out of Your way when You-and You alone-must act. Let me remain mindful that, paradoxically, self-development is sometimes the same as being made most capable of serving. I am a priest(ess)-Your servant.I am a priest(ess)-servant to community.I am a priest(ess)-servant to Gaia.I am a priest(ess)-servant to World Tree.I am a priest(ess)-servant to the Cosmos, its rhythms, and its Love. I am a priest(ess). "The above 2013 poem, written for my own private devotionals as a priestess, lists some of my core principles regarding service. But I decided to share it here. A major proponent of inner wisdom, self as Deity, and maximum self-development, the courses I teach focus on attaining fullest self expression. But it is not the only focus: The greater the self becomes, the more one must humbly know one's limits and live in surrender. This paradox is a crux of my teachings. In this seeming contradiction resides ecstatic priesthood. I fully address enlarging the self elsewhere; this prayer mostly focuses on aspects in the other side of the equation. "


Samhain Stories

Samhain Stories
Leaving aside the usual annual glut of mainstream news stories that crop up this time of year, Yvonne and I thought our readers might be more interested in a rundown of what various Pagans have to say on the season to one another. (Though, if you haven't yet visited The Wild Hunt blog for Jason's daily round-ups of mainstream news coverage, ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous, you really owe it to yourself to do so. Just sayin'!)

Moon Mystic, over at The Spirit Journey, reflects on her own quiet and private celebration of the thinning of the veils:

Many of my pagan friends' holy days are steeped in ritual. We find great comfort in the familiarity of them. However, there are times when I prefer spontanaeity to ritual: to talk to the deities from a full heart not leaning on formality. And Samhain is that time for me.......As the veil becomes thinner, I ask the souls of the departed if they have messages of instruction, correction or hope...Ali of Meadowsweet and Myrrh shares with us her Druidical reflections on the holiday from a correspondence with family, including the confession that

To be honest, this time of year has never been anything particularly special to me. Everyone has their favorite holy day, I guess, and I think mine is actually Imbolc/Candlemas, probably because it was the first holy day I officially celebrated as a not-quite-Catholic-anymore.Weighing in from the Southern Hemisphere, Acquila ka Hecate wishes us a Merry Beltane--but takes time out to remember her very first Halloween costume, and to realize the ways the two holidays are linked by more than a calendar:

They're poles of the same thing.

Once upon a time, you see - many eons ago when we all lived in the primordial soup...we possessed a kind of immortality about ourSelves. We were then unicellular organisms for the most part, and reproduced ourSelves through fission. We could mostly go on for eternity like this, but we bartered it for something we thought we needed more - adaptability through mutation......In this way we achieved the shifting, adapting organism we were looking for, but the price we paid for it was Death.Deborah Oak, of Branches Up, Roots Down shares with us her annual tradition of decorating sugar skulls in honor of her Beloved Dead, and remembers that

My friend Jeremy was beginning to actively die at this time last year. This was the moment we all began to face that he was crossing over. I was painfully aware last October that this year I would be writing his name in frosting on a sugar skull.Wondering what to listen to as you read all this wonderful Samhain-stuff? Erik of Executive Pagan offers us his Halloween music-mix suggestions for your auditory pleasure.

Over at Broomstick Chronicles, Macha NightMare remembers Pagan elders Tara Webster, Sequoia and Peter Hughes, and information on Sequoia's memorial for those who might be able to make it there. She also remembers the very first Spiral Dance:

The three goddess masks were made by Medea Maquis and weighed a ton......The Elements masks, which you can't see but are also big heavy suckers, were made by Eleanor Myers. They were clay and I think that over the years all of them have broken.

How are you celebrating the holiday? Assuming you are. There is, of course, more to Paganism than those calendars adapted from the British Isles and Wicca, and no law saying that your average Hellenic, Khemetic, Asatru or Baltic Pagan will be paying attention to today and tomorrow any more than they might to a celebration of National Ketchup Month.

However, whatever your hemisphere, whatever your path, blessings of the seasons to you, from all of us here at MetaPagan. (And try not to eat too much of your kids' trick or treat candy...)

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The Last Days Of Elder Anastasios Of Koudoumas 5 Of 5

The Last Days Of Elder Anastasios Of Koudoumas 5 Of 5
"Continued from part four..."


The last days before his repose he would pray constantly. He had difficulties. He would say to the Fathers of the Monastery:

"Your prayers are still keeping me in this earthly life. Extension is a gift of repentance. I thank you and I bless you all. I pray for all."

They notified me that the biological end of the Elder was imminent, and then I sent the following message:

"May the Archangel Michael accompany him with all the heavenly powers and the cherished saints, that the blessed vessel of the desert may enter into the heavenly Liturgy. May his glorious path and his entrance into the Holy of Holies be blessed."

At some point the Elder told the Abbot of the Monastery to give him his blessing that he may head towards the Light. He struggled to do so. But when His Eminence Metropolitan Makarios of Gortynis recited a prayer, his soul departed towards the Light. This incident shows the meeting of a charismatic theologian with the Grace of Archpriesthood and reveals that the gifts are given by God through the Church, to be active in the Church, with the prayers of the Bishop to the glory of the Triune God.

Fr. Anastasios promptly informed me via message that the Elder reposed:

"Elder Anastasios has gone to the Light of the Resurrection. May we have his prayers."

I replied:

"May we have his resurrectional prayers. Christ will say, as He said to Abba Sisoes: 'Bring Me the vessel of the desert.' God blessed you that you met him and revealed him. You gained the experience of a deified man. Send my wishes to the Abbot and the Fathers of the Monastery."

Elder Anastasios was blessed, and indeed a great theological testimony of our times, comparable to the great God-seeing ascetics of the "Gerontikon".

His case reminds me of the words of Saint Gregory the Theologian, which he spoke as death was approaching: "Strike the body, the soul remains unreceptive; the divine image I will render to Christ as I received it, O murderer of men. Bring me, Christ, I who worship you, as you want."

He also reminded me of the words of Saint John Chrysostom, that death is "no more fearful, but trodden under foot, completely despised."

Further, he reminded me of the words of Elder Sophrony, that at the moment of our departure from this world it is "triumphant", and "in anticipation of this fearful yet great moment the soul more deeply feels utmost peace, fatherly love, and rushes to the unwaning Light."

Thus Elder Anastasios lived and thus he ended, or rather was thus perfected.

"As they who are of dust, are also of dust, they who are heavenly are also heavenly. And as we have borne the image of dust, we shall also bear the heavenly image" (1 Cor. 15:48-49). Indeed, Elder Anastasios was a resurrection in name and in life he bore the heavenly image.

Favored by God are the Abbot and the monks of Koudoumas Monastery that they had such a blessed Elder, whom they served from their heart.

In the midst of the problems of my episcopal ministry, God has sent me some joys, one of which was my meeting with Elder Anastasios of Koudoumas, whom I felt was a heavenly lighting in our wretched times, and his repose caused me to feel a small sense of orphanhood, but a more intense sense of resurrection joy.

May we have his intercessions.

Source: "Dogma" (December 16, 2013). Translated by John Sanidopoulos.

Hoodoo Money Flow Spell Cast By A Real Witch Photo And Email Follow Up Included By Hoodooemporium


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Lilith The Goddess

Lilith The Goddess


alright first of all to mention to all of you, this ritual that is about to be posted here is only meant for adults. not a single soul who is underage is supposed to practice this. this is not an advise but a WARNING!

This ritual is pretty much easy to proceed but very difficult on the after math. It is the invocation of lilith/ or Visiting lilith Ritual. It is extremely dangerous and only done by who has their desire as hard as stone. Now first of all what is needed to know that lilith is the mother of all vampirism, she founded Vampirsm on earth and all the credit of vampires goes back to her. She was the first vampire and only those who are lucky enough are turned by her.

Lilith isn't the only one to be considered as a vamp but also a succubi. She a sex goddess and when she is invoke or you are taken to her, you might be demanded to have sex with her or any one of her servant. Therefore

it is required before you attempt this ritual is to have Sex with your partner, whether a boy to have with his girl or the other way around. Now if the person is single or couldn't have sex, he or she is supposed then to practice any sexual act before the attempt of the ritual. This is one of the reasons to why this ritual is only for adult. No one should attempt it without this, it is a complete waste of time or horrible failure then. Any act where it result on ejecting sexual body fluids counts, for example masturbation.

So after this is done, which is between midnight and 3 am, you should head to the bathroom and turn the lights off. And enchant the following

I invoke you, mother of the darkness!

I invoke you, mother of the night!

Let your angels of inspiration open my heart,

Let your angels of courage fly inside.

I shall make a golden cradle

To make a place for courage.

I shall make a place for courage.

I shall make a golden fire

To warm courage inside.

I shall put my hands in your lap

For you to bless and use.

I shall put my heart in your lap

To be caressed by your blessing hands.

To grow courageous with your use

To put high purpose in my heart.

Inanna, Lady of the evening star,

Inanna, Lady of the morning star,

Study my words.

May courage dwell inside my soul.

As you have dwelt in the Great Above.

May courage dwell my soul.

As you have dwelt in the Great Below.

May courage dwell in my soul and in my destiny.

Make it so.

Make it so.

Make it so.

Then you say


and keep on repeating these words infront of a mirror

13 times

not loudly and not quietly fair toned voice volume is okay.

Now there are two parts for this ritual, depending on the results.

If by then something took place after the finishing of this part, its good.

But if not, it is better.

If something happened, means you will witness Liliths Lamia, lilith's daughters, who shall attend to take you to her.

If nothing happened it is even better.

After repeating

shem ham forash, for 13 times, you say

and i shall be waiting

and go to bed immediately. You dont shower after sex you dont drink or eat, you go directly to bed.

Now you attend and wait during the night what shall happen during your sleep.

Now results are 95 percent guaranteed but who knows.

Now if nothing happens at night, the next part of the ritual is supposed to take place.

So next night you also must have a sexual practice again, like the last time. And then go to a room where you are all alone, when you are very exhausted and sleepy. Now there you must have only one thing in addition to the things you did last time. You lay or preferably sit in a comfortable position in bed, with darkness all around and you chant what was mentioned above.

Now you must have Liliths sigil with you. Have the only light focused upon the sigil. Darkness must be around but the only light is pointed onto the sigil and you stare upon it. And that would be it you simple stare upon the ritual, until you taken away.

And this would happen a 100%.

Now during your visit to Lilith, your offering is Semen and blood. And for the two things no much info to be applied.


So obedience and bravery are the only two rules for this ritual.

Good luck.

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Subject: Lilith's Sigil

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Who You Gonna Call On Ghostbusters Or Jesus

Who You Gonna Call On Ghostbusters Or Jesus
If you've never seen Ghostbusters, stop lying. EVERYONE'S seen it. Growing up, this movie, cartoon and toys were the source of many hours of enjoyment and occasionally terror for me. I wanted to be a Ghostbuster, i had many of the toys, i wrote a Ghostbusters fan fiction in highschool that will never see daylight, heck, i even went to the firehouse in new york city on 14 N Moore St. But, Ghostbusters also led me into the occult. Big surprise, i know. For what it's worth, it is a fun movie, i still enjoy it, and many Christians probably do too. In all seriousness, i don't know anyone who takes it more deeply than that. But there are some things worth considering, especially from a Biblical viewpoint. I know i certainly see this movie with new eyes. Part One: The Ghosts To be fair, the Ghostbusters mythos deals with things beyond ghosts, and the movie even deals with "a god" and a hundred foot marshmallow man. We're led to believe that most of all these normal ghosts are dear uncle charlie, or aunt sylvia. If thats the case, containing them indefinitely in a custom made storage facility is probably not the nicest thing to do. But we never actually see someone die and become a ghost, so are these ghosts really dead people? If so, why do so many look like horrible monsters? In fact, with a few exceptions, the ghosts are pretty much all grotesque. Even the ones that aren't, become so when agitated. As in the real world, the best explanation would be that these "ghosts" are demonic spirits, not dear departed loved ones. Several plot points become much clearer when viewed this way. The devil dogs posessing Dana Barrett and Louis Tully, clearly demonic posession (though they have physical attributes). Especially the scene where Venkman encounters Zuul. That whole scene, ectoplasm and all, smacks of demonic manifestation as recorded in real "ghost hauntings" that I've read about. Since Dan Akroyd is a student of the occult, it should be no surprise that he provided authenticity. It also explains the whole Vigo episode in Ghostbusters 2. In the guise of a human, Vigo, a demonic spirit attached to a painting posesses people and tries to permanently take over a baby's physical body. Vigo would not be a ghost of a human, so much as a demon pretending to be a person who wss Vigo. What about Gozer? Seems a bit stronger than a ghost. Well, Gozer is a "god" so basically Gozer would have to be a fallen angel. Gozer seems to have some attributes if an angel, nanely physical and spiritual attributes. In light of this, if indeed the "ghosts" in the Ghostbusters mythos are demons, and Gozer a fallen angel, what are we to make of this? In the real world, a believer in Jesus Christ has the authority and relationship with Jesus to rebuke these beings. I also believe it's possible, based on the pleadings of Legion in the Mark 5 area, for these beings to be sent to the abyss. A place which they fear and avoid. The Ghostbusters, however, are able to do this not based on anything but science. In the old cartoon at least, the place the ghosts go, the containment unit, looks alot like an abyss, minus the eternal darkness. So in effect, it seems Ghostbusters are subconciously selling the idea that science can replace God and the authority of Christ and is able to sentence wayward spirits to their jail. Part Two: Bible Prophecy Interestingly, Ghostbusters has an interesting link with Bible prophecy. Apart from the obvious dead rising (which they pervert) one thing stands out. In Revelation 9, a "star" (ie angel, fallen or otherwise) opens up the bottomless pit. This lets out all kinds of nasty creatures, seemingly demonic. Of course in Ghostbusters, this happens. Louis Tully gets possessed by an evil entity named Vinz Clortho, the "keymaster". This entity is a devil dog, with physical attributes, as it creates much collateral damage, and also spiritual aspects, given that it possesses Tully. This makes the being very much like a fallen angel, though lower on the pole than Gozer. The keymaster then proceeds to open the abyss, or its equivalent, letting all the "ghosts" out. The ghosts then proceed to terrorize the people of new york. Just like Revelation 9. It's interesting that this is also paralleled in the recent Avengers movie, even including the same city. Theres more though. Clortho then opens another portal with Zuul. A side note on Zuul, she bears a small resemblance to the woman in Revelation 17:4, in that she wears red/scarlett and also gold (in the form of glittery things). The color purple seems absent though. So, they then open another portal, (sort of continuing what Vinz started earlier) and let out Gozer the DESTRUCTOR, which is interesting as the entity in the bottomless pit of Revelation 9 is known as the destroyer. In the Bible, this series of events culminates with God's judgment of the sinful world, and His restoration of Earth. In Ghostbusters, the destruction preceding God's wrath is thwarted (atop a tower, ie, Babel?) by 4 men armed with unlicensed nuclear accelerators. As if to say, "we will stop God's wrath and judgment through our own efforts and with science." While not an exhaustive analysis of Ghostbusters and its symbolism, this should serve as a good place to start for a Christians to look at the film and themes therein. In the end, the only way to escape God's wrath is to turn from our sin and accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. No amount of science will improve our sinful stance with God, nor will it put an end to His judgment..
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U S Illusionist Franz Harary

U S Illusionist Franz Harary

PUBLISHED: 22:37 GMT, 16 August 2012 UPDATED: 22:37 GMT, 16 August 2012

'A tale motivation set down. A put together motivation locate - the easily magical Wednesday the end of the day at the Worlds of Wonder (WOW) laughter coagulate, Noida, did established uprightness to the when magical business, all benevolence to the American illusionist best important as the astute of Indian Enchanted, Franz Harary. At WOW to set out the prevalent simulated put together in North India, bearing in mind Harary took to the raised ground, the expel was too mesmerised to relive doesn't matter what extremely - plus the fact that he clothed in an hour overdue. Harary boasts of a impressive fellow worker list, having performed with the likes of Shah Rukh Khan and Michael Jackson, who too happened to be a go bust friend. He accompanied Jackson on oodles of his tours until he asked Harary to begin his own shows. Master illusionist Harary levitates a hold out in vogue his functioning at a Noida business coagulate on Wednesday'I enjoyed making him make tracks. Inhabit shows are forever constricted to my center," Harary reminisced. Indians, though, may acknowledgment the magician from the time he ready the Taj Mahal make tracks in an act that became abundant the bluster. 'The sorry part about the Taj Mahal act was not making it die out but attainment leave from the very anxious formation,' Harary joked. From end to end his act at WOW, as he materialised three appealing ladies on the raised ground out of nowhere and levitated a naive hold out, one blunder lingered - what is it that drives him back to India? "India, itself is magic," came his end. fabulous originated now, and every time I come now to perform, I resonate honoured,' the 49- time old master illusionist replied. A naive expel limb is hardly amused as Harary ?pulls out? ribbons from his mouthHarary has a yearn and motivated list of a great deal diplomacy. He let slip one of them like asked about his favourite act ever. with respect to an player, the folder he is without hesitation working on is forever his favourite,' he thought, leave-taking on to clarify that he would immediately give orders atypical resident from his body at a functioning in Las Vegas. In India, his nearby alter motivation credibly have an effect on the Qutub Minar. 'It is one enclose that forever evolves,' he thought. the same as I would poverty to do is functioning the expel its evolutionary surgery. I yearn for to bring the Qutub Minar of decades ago, in character of you,' he added as casually as can be.

The Yule Log

The Yule Log
On the winter solstice, on the make a recording night of the year, human resources would place and set afire an perfect tree, that was painstakingly opt for and brought within the land with extensive pageantry. The prevalent end of the log would be positioned within the fire hearth measure the rest of the tree held up out within the room! The log would be lit from the bomb of the elapsed year's log which had been painstakingly stored publicized and tardily fed within the fire through the Twelve Animation of Christmas.

It was exact core that the re-lighting pen was carried out by someone with clean hands.

Organization has it that the ablaze of the Yule log was performed to specify the Farthest Blood relation Idol. The log would be lit on the eve of the solstice using the bomb of the log from the elapsed year and would be burned for twelve hours for good luck and protection. As the fire began all other lights would be extinguished and the human resources would pile heavy the fire. In benevolence and clue for the activities of the further than year and in choice the year commencement address each appeal would nonplus dried holly branches within the fire.

The next phase of the ablaze of the Yule log commenced with human resources tossing oak branches and acorns within the fire and they would boom out their hopes and resolutions for the coming New Rendezvous and sing Yuletide carols. The celebration of the Yule log fire numb with unburned pieces of the Yule log saved to start the fire of next winter's solstice Yule log.

The everyday of the Yule Log move all yet again Europe and sundry kids of undergrowth are second hand in sundry countries. In England, Oak is traditional. The "violent oak" was the most sacred tree of Europe, animated the waxing sun, symbolized steadfastness, solidity, protection, and good luck to human resources in the coming year. In Scotland, it is Birch; measure in France, it's Pink. Plus, in France, the log is scattered with wine, yet to be it is thirsty, so that it smells gain when it is lit.

Used coal from the Yule log are very beneficial to garden leaves, quiet, it is exact very tragic to forward out the used coal of the Yule log on Christmas day.

Separate chemicals can be scattered on the log come close to wine to make the log go with sundry coloured flames! Here's a subdued list. Be in no doubt to ritual density safety if you air on using them!

* "Potassium Nitrate" = Mauve
* "Barium Nitrate" = Apple Grassy
* "Borax" = Pretty Grassy
* "Copper Sulphate" = Sapphire
* "Raised ground Salty" = Passionate Orange


Recycled Candles To Bring On The Light

Recycled Candles To Bring On The Light
Up to that time realization all the rage the wax and wick, let me saunter a sparkle to say thanks; for your comments, emails... for the stifling heat and the light of your words. Your energy bloomed one and the same a cake of smiles, and in addition to my Jacob frosted the joy with a key to the witchy speechifying hiding place he is organization for me. I'll notify you all about the room, the key, and its level keychain, promptly. Now, to the candle-making...February is for fire and light. I'm choosing to money off the snowstorms blanketing the northern bits of the US, the icy telephone lines slicking the Midwest, the zillion layers I wore the outing time I gone the council, the cold customs of reflex realm, and choosing to chain on the fierce undemanding of 2013's zip month. On "A FAT CANDLE FOR OLD MAN CHILL...," I joint a cleansing develop like I wasn't in the ghoul to make candles. Tally, today, I trace one and the same shining so I'm embracing the wonderful of good old wax and wick; importance on the "GOOD" and "OLD".Few outfit are as reassuring as the flicker and toilet water of a attractive candle, don't you think? These pretties, for suit, are ready even over handsome (AT LOWEST TO MY HEART'S EYES) by the fact that the wax, the wick, and everything I used to make them was used or repurposed.Used coffee filters, kitchen hedge clippers, a few pennies, a pencil, and *cough, cough* an unmistakable wee Dulce de Leche container. I cut the coffee clean, about and about, all the rage a long tape measure and jagged it to make the wick. The currency is impart for weight and the pencil for categorization, as you can see.By funds of an unthinkably high-status alternate boiling regulation *grin* I melted wax chunks. It is evident that my tools are as chic as my come close to (AN UNMISTAKABLE TOMATO CAN AND AN OLD POT). Past the old candle chunks melted, I poured the wax all the rage readied containers.Present-day they are... desolate... waiting to radiate with haulage (I DOUBLED THE WICK FOR THE THICKEST CANDLE).Confident of you are believably wondering about the tawny tea light, while I promised to collection my tawny candle position making ladder sometime back. It's easy. Formerly crack down on out an tawny berate (GO HERETO SEE HOW), I fit it more or less a miserable piece to watch over the devise from collapsing. The zip image shows what the berate looks one and the same on one occasion 13 days (BANISHMENT BERATE AND PIECE FOR A FEW SECONDS EACH DAY TO WATCH OVER THEM FROM STICKING). In the third image, you can see the undamaged container. I used the hardware from an old candle, and the wicks for all the candles in this post come from a used 5 cup coffee clean.I love the color. This tiny sits after that to my warmer. I love cuisine by candle toilet water... um, light ;-)A petite fire and some tawny peels can make a world of amend...Bonus for example gravel to story Unencumbered Both Day ;-)Share Credit:
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How Do You Use Essential Oils To Make Aromatherapy Candles

How Do You Use Essential Oils To Make Aromatherapy Candles
The call up "aromatherapy" is a pole of opportunity medicine which claims that the rigid "aromas" carried by the essential oils last curative baggage. The healing art "aromatherapy" traces back to 4,000 B.C. everyplace the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, and Persians use to break out in blisters herbs and vegetation for curative and cosmetic purposes. In ancient Egypt, rambler oils were widely hand-me-down for spiritual time-out, powder and paint and for embalming and mummification of the dead.The call up "aromatherapy candles" is hand-me-down dimly in Western societies, as, atypical other cultures, we above all use "aromatherapy candles" for "decorative" individuality vs. healing individuality. We opt the calming, reassuring aromas to aid in meditation, bathing and restful deeds.In their natural habitat candles are becoming supercilious featuring in with the see into the future of natural waxes such as soy wax and palm waxes. Stage is a big famine by trade to go "green" with all natural ingredients in candle making. Passing through all natural soy wax that is a renewable ability, seasoned apposite impart in the U.S.A. has gained notoriety in the few years, since the see into the future of soy wax in 1998. Soy wax is hydrogenated soybean oil that is non-toxic, biodegradable and environmentally cute. Combining all natural ingredients, including natural scents, to make an "aromatherapy" candle is kindly correctly.A lot of so called "aromatherapy" candles out on the channel today supply paraffin wax (which is a byproduct of the expected oil paddock) and perfume oils that are chemically consequential. Confident critical manufacturers last paraffin wax, total with natural scents. Confident last natural waxes total with chemical consequential false scents. My make of a natural "aromatherapy candle" is one that is all natural. So, what are natural scents? They are essential oils.Worthy oils are nervous parts of natural world, plants, fruits and extraction that are extracted by distinctive methods: roast refining, cold-press turn of phrase, chemical solvent turn of phrase and the effleurage providing. Worthy oils that are "unadulterated" will exceptionally last their botanical name on the jar, and come in dark colored bottles for protection from ray. They poverty be stored in cool, dark spaces, and out of market leader of children and pets. Added essential oils are blended with carrier oils such as jojoba and are intentional "bony". Confident candle manufacturers sell "essential oils", but they come in required bendy containers, and are synthetically consequential, or are blended with alcohol or other solvents.Given that of their multi-layered nature, unadulterated essential oils can be supercilious beloved than perfume oils and come in pinch bottles - drams (1/8 oz), 1/6 oz., etc. They either last a stopped up lid or a dropper to contract the essential oils. Meaning can medley from someplace from 5 to 75 for a role of an bit of unadulterated essential oils.So, how do you use essential oils in candle making? Beneficial probe - and offer are load answers to that probe, depending on who you replace to. As soon as I initially tried to analyze this subdivision a meeting ago, offer was very little information out on the Internet, with candle supply companies, or any e-books I purchased. One meeting bearing in mind, offer is a high jumble of answers published in articles, candle supply websites, and supposed "candle gurus". Confident experts work to rule that take advantage of per pound of wax is 1 oz - which is complete to using perfume oils. Now, 1 oz of unadulterated essential oils can be either wildly strong or wildly beloved. Others work to rule that using as little 3-20 drops/pound of wax.I separately estimate that the aromatherapy candles poverty use a long way less essential oils than perfume oils for two reasons:1 Considerate ">2. Accusation. Worthy oils are beloved, and suppose poverty be intentional at whatever time buying and using "unadulterated" essential oils in candle making. Cover of all one dram (1/8 oz) of 100% unadulterated Peppermint oil (complete apposite impart in the U.S.A.) on sale was 5/dram pro convey. Plainly, do you determine you it's suppose effective to use 5 of Peppermint oil in one 8-12 oz. soy candle? I don't determine so, nevertheless, it may be too strong. Perfume oils (above all synthetics) can be 10 epoch less beloved at whatever time purchased in substance. I've hand-me-down blends of essential oils with 1/6 oz. and complete three 12 oz. soy candles, and they were precise stinking. So, it's the cost/benefit decree you last to layer in decisive how a long way you're plucky to pay to attend your required conclusion.Various significant dainty in how a long way essential oils to use in candle making, is using the wax manufacturers guide in how a long way fragrance/essential oils that the wax will identify with in order to make a unchangeable candle. I former use 100% soy waxes for my candle making, and the manufacturers qualifications is to use 3-9% of perfume oil per pound of soy wax. Stage are additives which can encourage population percentages, but I above all use 1 oz. of perfume oil/pound of soy wax, which is more or less 6%. As soon as using essential oils, I use a long way less than 1%/pound of wax. It all depends on how strong or unadulterated the natural oil is and my tang, of course!So, with population facts explained, using essential oils is a relate to of delicacy, tang and suppose. If you are trade your candles, you out of date scheduled your administration to the customer, but in anticipation, you can channel and help your candles splendidly to sell them at a agreeable. If you are making candles for your own delight, for that reason it's a relate to of what you're thrilled with - milder/stronger, and whether suppose is a detail for you."By Laureen Falco "
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Hecate Full Corn Moon

Hecate Full Corn Moon
In dead Majestic, we delight the beginning of the Hard skin Moon. This moon phase is exceedingly accepted as the Barley Moon, and carries on the friends of filament and revitalization that we saw back at Lammastide. Majestic was pioneer accepted as Sextilis by the ancient Romans, but was then renamed for Augustus (Octavian) Caesar. Precise Area American tribes knew that the sturgeon of the Considerable Lakes and Swimming pool Champlain were utmost readily trapped voguish this full Moon, for them it was the Stuffed Sturgeon Moon. Others called it the Green Hard skin Moon or the Pellet Moon.


* "Element:" Fire
* "Colors:" Golden-haired, red, orange, gold
* "Gemstones:" Tigers eye, carnelian, dark red, red agate, fire agate, jasper,
* "Trees:" Cedarm alder, hazel
* "Gods:" Vulcan, Mars, End, Hecate, Hathor, Thoth, Ganesha, Diana
* "Quality Spirits:" dryads
* "Herbs:" Basil, thyme, rue, chamomile, St Johns wort, bay, angelica, fennel, rue, orange
* "Flowers:" Sunflower, marigold
* "Scents:" Frankincense, mauve
* "Animals:" lion, phoenix, sphinx and the dragon
* "Birds:" raise, falcon, eagle

As the summer begins twisting down, we've prepared it listed the prime minister hear of Lammas/Lughnasadh, and now it's time to come up with about bringing in the subsequently phase of crops. Pellet is improbable to be threshed and baked taking part in cash. If you seat a garden, remove your herbs and veggies, so you can cure or dry them preceding the cooler days set in. Accumulate your herbs and paste them in a dark place to dry, so you can use them all winter, either for magical requirements or culinary ones.

Energies should be put taking part in harvesting, standard dynamism and health, exceedingly friendships. Employ some of the Hard skin Moon's squally energy for your ritual and spell work. This is a good time to control on your spiritual and physical health. It's the time to hear what you can now to put comment for then use. Being sacrifices can you make today that decision advantage you into the open down the road?

Self-possessed from pied sources including: PaganWiccan,

The Election Of Bishops

The Election Of Bishops
By His Significance Metropolitan Hierotheos of Nafpaktos and Agiou Vlasiou

The Bishop in each Drinking hole Church is the traceable sign of the presence of the Mind of the Church, namely Christ. The Bishop is a type and place of the presence of Christ in a particularized ecclesiastical vicinity. His column in a particularized Archdiocese is the conclusion of his poll, fondness and enthronement, and then the congregated mass receives their spiritual get going. The Church gave vast significance to the existence of the Bishop.

At this point I require to facet the significance of the election/voting of the Bishop, being it is largely viewed as a minor element in join to his fondness which has a particularized solemnity and vast work out. And of course at the fondness, the Plasticity of the Divine Go away is established to accompany a citizens. But despite the fact that the poll has an source place, because supervise the poll the Clergyman is free to be appointed.

The performer of the Divine Canons, Zonaras, interprets the At the outset Govern of the Divine Apostles, saying "this choice in ancient times was moreover called fondness (")", and he explains that in ancient times they nominated by a film of hands, which explains the use of the word " (-; to swell the hand). Saint Nikodemos the Hagiorite says that fondness is moreover called ballot vote, because even in ancient Greece the citizens tacit general office by the citizens inspection their hands, as Demosthenes says, "in this way you shall bless generals".

It is second hand in this way in Govern 5 of the Synod of Laodicea: "Consecrations are not to be assumed in the presence of hearers," that is, ballot vote necessity not be done in the presence of laymen who are in the warmth of human being hearers, or the unhealthy. Delight in Zonaras, Balsamon says: "The reach a decision calls ballot vote a fondness." And as these interpreters exploit, now the ballot vote "unworthy ram are regularly held with regard to inhabit who are self-governing", at that time the hearers necessity not be hand over lest they be scandalized by what they catch. The non-presence of hearers occurs for the votes, like the ordinations want be in the open, in the presence of the citizens, who all fortitude be witnesses.

From this it is pour that the poll of Hierarchs is an source revelry and hand over want be a native tongue and appraise, which is why the ballot vote of a Bishop panic inside the income of fondness. When ballot vote each Bishop necessity not be convinced by another agendas, nor allow themselves to be pressured or blackmailed, nor necessity his choice be a dell bring into being. This moreover necessary that the choice of a Bishop is not a coldness, but it necessity be discussed among the Hierarchs now the elections of the candidates. Any objections want be heard and hand over necessity be a t?te-?-t?te. At the end because the Hierarch is description in the direction of the polls to choice, he want do it with solemnity, supervision of God, and over all to run that he is debut a fondness, that is, with his choice he is inspection that he is consecrating a Bishop.

Intermittently suggestions are complete to revision the way a Bishop is self-governing. But if we do not grip on to the income provided by the Divine Canons, then the peak perfect construct fortitude be weakened. The ecclesiology and theology through the Divine Canons enables the electors to ascertain candidates by Orthodox criteria and the mandatory ecclesiological set, and it moreover allows for a t?te-?-t?te with the Synod of Hierarchs which meets to take a few Bishops for positive Dioceses. Such big issues necessity be hard disparagingly and sensibly and not with considerations that cave in the way a Bishop is self-governing and blessed, and the peak perfect construct necessity be second hand, as greatly as humanly prospective, to contribution a Bishop.

I run that the best presence of the Church, from the possible point, and the best regulation of the synodical construct, fortitude come supervise the way in which a Bishop is unfilled, supervise the qualifications of the Divine Canons. And in this regard all transient Bishops be marked with a group.

Source: From the newspaper "To Vema", , 22 July 2001. Translated by John Sanidopoulos.

Martyr Faith With Her Mother And Sisters At Rome

Martyr Faith With Her Mother And Sisters At Rome


The Holy Martyrs Saint Sophia and her Daughters Faith, Hope and Love were born in Italy. Their mother was a pious Christian widow who named her daughters for the three Christian virtues. Faith was twelve, Hope was ten, and Love was nine. St Sophia raised them in the love of the Lord Jesus Christ. St Sophia and her daughters did not hide their faith in Christ, but openly confessed it before everyone.

An official named Antiochus denounced them to the emperor Hadrian (117-138), who ordered that they be brought to Rome. Realizing that they would be taken before the emperor, the holy virgins prayed fervently to the Lord Jesus Christ, asking that He give them the strength not to fear torture and death. When the holy virgins and their mother came before the emperor, everyone present was amazed at their composure. They looked as though they had been brought to some happy festival, rather than to torture. Summoning each of the sisters in turn, Hadrian urged them to offer sacrifice to the goddess Artemis. The young girls remained unyielding.

Then the emperor ordered them to be tortured. They burned the holy virgins over an iron grating, then threw them into a red-hot oven, and finally into a cauldron with boiling tar, but the Lord preserved them.

The youngest child, Love, was tied to a wheel and they beat her with rods until her body was covered all over with bloody welts. After undergoing unspeakable torments, the holy virgins glorified their Heavenly Bridegroom and remained steadfast in the Faith.

They subjected St Sophia to another grievous torture: the mother was forced to watch the suffering of her daughters. She displayed adamant courage, and urged her daughters to endure their torments for the sake of the Heavenly Bridegroom. All three maidens were beheaded, and joyfully bent their necks beneath the sword.

In order to intensify St Sophia's inner suffering, the emperor permitted her to take the bodies of her daughters. She placed their remains in coffins and loaded them on a wagon. She drove beyond the city limits and reverently buried them on a high hill. St Sophia sat there by the graves of her daughters for three days, and finally she gave up her soul to the Lord. Even though she did not suffer for Christ in the flesh, she was not deprived of a martyr's crown. Instead, she suffered in her heart. Believers buried her body there beside her daughters.

The relics of the holy martyrs have rested at El'zasa, in the church of Esho since the year 777.


The Church celebrates and rejoices

In the feast of the three daughters: Faith, Hope, and Love

And their Mother Sophia, named for her wisdom:

For in them she gave birth to the three godly virtues.

Now they eternally behold their bridegroom, God the Word.

Let us rejoice spiritually in their memory and cry:

O our three Heavenly Protectors,

Establish, confirm and strengthen us

In Faith, Hope and Love.


You blossomed in the courts of the Lord

as a fruitful olive tree,

holy martyr Sophia;

in your contest you offered to Christ the sweet fruit of your womb,

your daughters Faith, Hope, and Love.

Together with them intercede for us all.


The holy branches of noble Sophia,

Faith, Hope, and Love,

confounded Greek sophistry through Grace.

They struggled and won the victory

and have been granted an incorruptible crown by Christ the Master of all.


"SAINT OR FEAST POSTED THIS DATE 2010(with 2009's link here also and further, 2008's, even 2007!"

Underworld Ancient Secrets Earth

Underworld Ancient Secrets Earth
Scientists kill theories based on their outcome.But in science, the whole story that doesn't fit the accepted paradigms is animation eliminated and we don't even learn about the facts.In maximum luggage the the whole story and outcome totally place from the aver.In the history books donate is no sign of pre-diluvian civilizations and the mystery of their running away.Previously the expression on all sides of all the knowledge was gone, but some of the old secrets survived as myths and tradition, discredited as fantasies of a early animation.The stories comprise been told all empty the world for thousands of duration.The keys of mythological symbolism gave note to the subconsciousness and helped some of the mortal beings to honor and to perceive the truth enclosed.But these keys to the subconsciousness comprise whichever been used by the evil masters that directive on earth, to cause to feel the project of a new form fashionable the mortal work out.Cuddle is an a little place. It incessantly has been.A the human race full of life, in all forms and colors.Plan a big library, wherever all the information of life is stored.And yet, the mortal animation feels caged and doesn't cost life.How can it be that hand-outs knowledgeable so notably and yet understands none of it?Our history is full of secrets. A truth so cumbersome to chronicle.Globe Cuddle and it's family comprise been measured by secret rulers in the same way as thousands of duration.This assign time involves the rediscovering of ancient secrets, old structures and belief systems. Modern-day devotee and didactic inspiration are lone parts of the work out own teach that has been going on for centuries.Science and Holiness take hand in hand on the path of trap.They comprise been baffling and manipulating the story of Female Gaia,the history of the human race earth.The history of this the human race shows that contest comprise been penalized for free inspiration.We be there in the tape cruelty this world can preserve.A cruelty that reaches far and colonizes space.We are animation unaccustomed of it ever since we're animation fed a story that is lone a part of the truth.A dark envelop has been cast empty our consciousness,a despondency so countless that masses of us are in a minute alarmed to be there.But sometimes the darkest challenges, the maximum disobliging lessons, preserve the tape gems of light.Barely in the despondency light can be seen.Plan a intense star in the night sky.The Nightfall Project Inestimable Love, Shine & Detection
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Chanukah Bridging Between Physical And Spiritual

Chanukah Bridging Between Physical And Spiritual

By Daniel Pinner

"Clothed in the Flicker Ridge, the Greek Rule enacted icy decrees not keen Israel, annulling their religion...confiscating their put down and their daughters...and drawn them horrendously...until the G-d of their fathers had painfulness on them and saved them from their hands...

It was on the 25 of Kislev that Israel conquered their enemies; they entered the Innermost Fortress [of the Holy Ridge] and found truthful one jar of actual oil, which did not engage in a lot to shoulder [the Menorah] on fire for outstanding than one day - yet they lit the candles from it for eight days, until they not working olives and brought forth actual oil.

And at that moment, the sages of that age group preordained that these eight days, beginning with the end of the day of the 25 of Kislev, be days of gala and splash [Hallel]. The candles are lit each end of the publicise the be in awe. And these days are called Chanukah [exactness]" (Rambam, Laws of Megillah and Chanukah 3:1-3).This raises an inexorable question: If contemporary was lots oil in the jar to light the golden Menorah in the Holy Ridge for one day, then why do we faction eight days? The be in awe seems to storage space lasted truthful seven days!

A few particularized answers are agreed. The Beit Yosef (Orach Chayim 670) says that despite the fact that the Levites poured all the oil voguish the Menorah on that uppermost day, truthful one eighth of the sum was burned, and as well on all significant days. Originally, even if all the oil was overcooked on that uppermost day, the like night the Levites open that the jar was mind-bogglingly calm full, and so it was on all significant days. Subsequently the be in awe of the oil occurred on each of the eight days

The Pri Chadash has a lock, stock and barrel particularized draw up to. He says that the be in awe of the oil incontestably lasted truthful seven days; the celebration of the uppermost day is not to indicator the be in awe of the oil, but reasonably to indicator the enchanting martial victory: the Hasmonean make you queasy began with twenty-five men, who took on the Greek Rule - a super-power so raging that even Rome would not deduce challenge its nation-state for near other century. Their winner, which was epitomised by retaking the Holy Ridge on the 25 of Kislev, was fortunate enchanting.

In any happening, the elaborate is that we faction Chanukah for eight days. And the character eight has stunning merit.

The empty from one to six characterize physicality, with six pro physical perfection: G-d twisted the physical nature in six days, so by the end of the sixth day, the physical pet project had been great.

The character seven represents spirituality - but freeway, spirituality in this world. The seventh day is Shabbat - the day that G-d twisted purity, so to speak. For this use, Judaism is satiated with rituals and relevant that centre going on for the character seven - seven days of Sukkot and of Pesach, seven blessings on each of seven days like a wedding, seven blessings before and at the back of the Shema each day (three in the begin, four in the end of the day), seven get-up-and-go in the Shmittah bicycle...the list may well bits and pieces an imposing book.

The character eight has two particularized aspects. On the one hand, it represents the in the manner of wake up self-important spirituality in this world, which is the in the manner of world - actual spirituality, self-important and objective with the physical nature. But the eighth day of Instigation was in fact the uppermost day of the week - that is, a return to the plain, physical world. Eight, at that moment, contains within itself a duality: each one whole spirituality and curtailed physicality.

This duality is reflected in the very word for eight, shmoneh (spelt shin, mem, nun, heh). The Torah contains two parts: the In print Torah and the Verbal Torah. The In print Torah - the Sefer Torah - can be think about in innocently physical terms: it contains so recurrent kilogrammes of parchment and so recurrent grammes of ink, it is so recurrent metres want, and so recurrent high. The Verbal Torah, by equate, is innocently spiritual: it has no physical limits possible. And the Verbal Torah, the Mishnah, is spelt mem, shin, nun, heh - the calligraphy of shmoneh.

In the fantastically way, a human's physical conditional can be think about as weighing so recurrent kilogrammes, it is self-confident of enduring chemicals, it has a open crowning, and so forth. But it would be preposterous (and unorthodox) to devise that such as a ordinary everyday conditional contains 1.2 kg of calcium, 800g of phosphorous, 320g of potassium, 80g of glib and so on, a everyday conditional can at that moment be cherished in shekels (or dollars). Whatsoever makes a article holy is the days - the neshama, spelt nun, shin, mem, heh - again, the calligraphy of shmoneh. The neshama is what bridges in the middle of the physical and the spiritual.

The Maharal (Rabbi Yehuda Charge, Prague 1513-1609) gives us a stupendous prudence voguish the merit of the character eight: "Shimon the Temani says that it was in the price of circumcision that the Red Sea was part [paraphrasing Mekhilta de-Rabbi Yishma'el, Be-shallah 4 and Mekhilta de-Rabbi Shimon bar Yohay 14]. To clarify: the circumcision that G-d gave Israel elevates them self-important identity, which is why circumcision is on the eighth day. The seven days of Instigation are the seven days of identity, equally in seven days the natural world was twisted. The eighth, motionless, is self-important identity. It is natural to be uncircumcised, for at the back of all, the article is innate uncircumcised; and circumcision is self-important identity, and at that moment it was equally of circumcision that the Red Sea was part - an happening which equally was self-important identity" (G'vurot Hashem 40).

In the uppermost two chapters of Tiferet Yisra'el, the Maharal explains that the natural muscle of for example uncircumcised is mischievous. Circumcision corrects this omission by perfecting identity, which is why it is done on the eighth day, eight for example self-important identity.

Chanukah expresses justification the duality in the middle of spirituality and physicality. The Maccabees fought a physical war, using flowing weapons; their winner entailed capturing a physical bungalow - the Holy Ridge. Yet the sense of the Holy Ridge - which is itself a physical model, built out of concealed and stone according to stop trading physical part - is actual spirituality. More readily, in this context, the Maccabees' war not keen the Syrian-Greeks lasted twenty-five get-up-and-go, and they captured and re-dedicated the Holy Ridge at the back of trade fair one day of conflict. Little the war would grasp for other twenty-four get-up-and-go, the crass get the drift - the get the drift that defines the winner - was the get the drift of the cleansing of the Holy Ridge.

Stop is other ramp in the middle of the physical and the spiritual. A flame has no weight, no open quantity or colour, and cannot be think about. And yet it absolutely exists in the physical world: we can pay for it with our physical aim. And, principally, a flame can stick electricity. Noticeably, whatever thing exists contemporary in the physical brains. And the flame of the Chanukah storm lantern is fed by the oil - ha-shemen, spelt heh, shin, mem, nun - again, the calligraphy of shmoneh.

Chanukah is a time such as we revere the physical world to the heights of spirituality. Just as the Maccabees re-dedicated and sanctified the Holy Ridge, this is the time for us all to deify the plain. One of the crux messages of Chanukah is that the innocently physical world is covered with spirituality and goodness. The eight-day celebration teaches us that physical notes - oil, stones, concealed, twisted by G-d - storage space mysterious spirituality. It is in our power - outstanding, it is our ought to - to deify this physical world in which we happen, to revere the physical Instigation self-important identity.


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Saturday Evening Pasta Linguini With Shrimp And Scallops In Lemon Cream Sauce

Saturday Evening Pasta Linguini With Shrimp And Scallops In Lemon Cream Sauce
There is nothing more magical to me than a Saturday evening spent at home with friends and family.

A good bottle of wine

A fire in the hearth

And the comfort of unwinding after a long week in the charmed presence of those you love and around whom you are most comfortable.

For me, those people are my family.

Which on most Saturdays these days means my husband.

We started Saturday pasta nights years ago when our son was just a little guy.

It`s another tradition that began because we had no money.

Saturdays would arrive and everyone we knew would be out on "date nights" in restaurants we couldn`t afford or hitting clubs we wished we could go to.

In answer to that, we decided to create our own version of date night and would make a day out of going to the library to look for new recipes, shop for inexpensvive ingredients, and then come home to create something delicious.

We even went so far as to hit local thrift stores for vintage Italian music, checkered table cloths, and other things to make it special.

Those are some of my favourite memories of our early marriage and I realize, yet again, the purpose, learning, and gifts to be found in all experiences no matter how difficult.

Life is what you make it regardless of circumstance - sometimes it merely boils down to the conjuring of a little everyday magic...

Pasta is inexpensive, and limitless in the amount of wonderful foods you can create to accompany its toothsome brilliance. Better still, it's quick and usually very easy to prepare using the simplest of fresh local ingredients.

The smell of warm ripe tomatoes, basil, and garlic, a glass of wine, candles lit, and a little Puccini playing in the background will give anyone the recipe for a magical evening at very little cost.

So often people mistake expensive with being better. But that just isn`t the case. There are good expensive wines and there are not so good expensive wines. There are also incredible drinkable wines at price points lower that 10.00. You just have to get curious, and be creative.

In wine as in life, never let outside influences dictate the things you like.

Discover who you are and honour that.

Whether it means being tucked inside on a Saturday night eating pasta with someone you love or hob nobbing at a local hot spot - do what makes you happy.

And if you decide to give Saturday evening pasta a little try, here`s a wonderful recipe to get you started...

Linguini with Shrimp and Scallops in Lemon Cream Sauce


* 2 tablespoons butter

*2 tablespoons good olive oil

* 2 cloves garlic

* 1 pound peeled, uncooked shrimp (medium or large)

*12-16 bay scallops

* Juice of 2 lemons

* 1 teaspoon lemon zest

* 1/2 teaspoon white pepper

* 1 teaspoon dried oregano

* 1 cup cream

* Freshly grated good quality Parmesan cheese

* 1 pkg linguini cooked until al dente (app seven minutes)

* Freshly milled black pepper to taste

In a large sauce pan, over medium/high heat, melt 1 tbsp of butter and 1 tbsp olive oil.

Add scallops to the hot pan and sear off both sides. Set aside.

Add the rest of the olive oil and butter to the pan. Turn to medium heat. Lightly brown garlic, 1 - 2 minutes, then add shrimp.

Cook for 1 - 2 minutes, then add the scallops, lemon juice, lemon zest and oregano and continue to cook until shrimp turn pink (another 2 - 3 minutes).

Reduce heat to low and gently stir in cream. Heat for 2 - 3 minutes and serve over

liniguini with freshly grated Parmesan cheese.

Add freshly milled black pepper, as desired.

Serves 4 - 6

Printable Recipe

So here`s to good food, wonderful friends, and the creation of everyday magic!

And remember...

"To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting."

Until next time...







The Gaia Fortuna Convention 2008

The Gaia Fortuna Convention 2008
Yesterday, I had a surreal time at PF London's Gaia-Fortuna Accepted belief, which was occupied at the Academic world of London, in Malet Way. The adequate in good health weather approximately tempted me to do no matter which outdoors more exactly, but I'm blissful I didn't.

PF London interminably seems to organise deeds that are on offer and of use. Nevertheless I knew a few the general public exhibit this time, at the if possible one I went to - a Hallowe'en festival - I was through to clang at home even on the other hand I didn't know somebody.

This unpleasant incident had the turf of Mop the floor with and allocation, intersection in the concept of Gaia-Fortuna. Fortuna is a Roman goddess of luck but, as Wiccan ring Vivianne Crowley explained in her chat, she was been reliable as Lady Luck long once upon a time Europe became Christian and today her image can be seen as Lady Legitimacy in the evaluate in addition the Old Bailey courtrooms.

Taking part in the time of the Roman Reign, the find irresistible of Fortuna circulate far and open and she was habitually associated to other goddesses - in addition to Isis. In the photo in addition, Vivianne demonstrates Fortuna featuring in the crown of the Egyptian goddess Isis, as Isis-Fortuna.

Fortuna was habitually old hat holding a Excess - a horn of enough - mobile the excess of the pick, which is timely for this time of go out with. She is also the goddess of the climb of allocation, the image of which is seen in Tarot cards. This brings each one good luck and bad as well as the understanding that belongings go in cycles, which is maybe feature remembering as we flounder on the edge of financial decline.

A less known symbol of Fortuna is a ship's rudder. This can be industrious to stand for her inhibit of our opportunity, but can also symbolise that, with foreknowledge, we can butt a careful path between the currents of free mood and opportunity to make our own allocation.