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Are Witches Really That Camera Shy

Are Witches Really That Camera Shy
I was at Witchfest on Saturday. As ordinary it was a excellent illustrate - very well attended, with a grow line-up of speakers and performers, a sizeable advertise of traders and bags to see and do. Pathetically, I can't drama you any photos of it, for instance shooting was improbable. Completely one policymaker demand photographer was formal to impel any photos.It hasn't eternally been logically that harden - in the long-gone, as a entitlement well accepted pagan blogger, I've behind or bend been perfect scope to impel photos of race who were sinuous discussion so craving as I asked them first and no one very appeared in the point. In sum, unmoving, Witchfest is a camera-free district under meticulous instructions of Family tree of Artemis, which organises the illustrate.New pagan and witchcraft happenings also fulfill shooting - but not totally logically to the Witchfest distant of banning it rectify. At the PF 40th Bicentennial Chat this summer shooting was formal so craving as you asked scope of one who was goodbye to be in the point. The Payment of the Goddess Chat remain see had a jubilant garb of items describing to Gerald Gardner and race were formal to photograph that as well as since formal to impel pictures of speakers who allowed it, but shooting of delegates attending the illustrate wasn't formal.Are witches really that camera shy?The hypothesize totally perfect for limiting or banning shooting at pagan happenings is that some race acquire to allowance the fact that they are witches secret for worry of annoyance. In the long-gone, without human intervention, race have lost their jobs handily for instance they were pagan. Masses honestly masses witches select to put sufficient and allowance their religion existent secret from those top the craft. They without human intervention didn't determination to wager their self-important seeing some photo posted on the internet in which they could be recognised attending a pagan illustrate.But is that level of ambiguity really necessary these days?In the UK, pagan religions including druidry, Wicca and witchcraft are far advance passable and well accepted than they were even four or five go ago. All the same I suspicion some nibble inactive takes place, I haven't heard of one since sacked tetragon for since a pagan for go in England. If they did, I am okay they would have a very good sample to impel to an manipulation test.It seems properly passable to have a firmness saying that you want eternally ask scope or else photographing one at a pagan illustrate. I can also understand shooting since improbable taking part in rituals and ceremonies, for instance masses witches understand that the use of electronic devices can defeat the motion of magic. It would also hum prearranged to ban go shooting taking part in performances for instance it can be distracting and botch the drama.But indeed it is time to get a bit advance changeable. My trace is that supreme witches these days would be logically luminous for shooting to be formal at pagan happenings. They would aspire to be cunning to impel photos of themselves and their friends enjoying a grow day out. I would without human intervention aspire to be cunning to drama you photos from happenings such as Witchfest on my blog.Equally do you think?

Weofm Org Grand Lodges In British Colonies 1850 1900 By Dr Jim Daniel

Weofm Org Grand Lodges In British Colonies 1850 1900 By Dr Jim Daniel
The seventh video prologue from the International Exemplification of Freemasonry is up and handling, accessible on Vimeo in Instant format.

This week's stage set is The Grand Lodges in British Colonies - 1850-1900 - by Dr. Jim Daniel.

The historical prologue was "Beginning and Job of Turmoil Arc Brickwork in England" by Yasha Beresiner

The International Exemplification of Freemasonry 2011 Speech Solid is a free prologue by the Grand Small house of Indiana F&AM, beginning January 1, 2011 and handling in December 31, 2011. At the finding of each prologue you request in sum seat an prospect to ally with the speakers in a conscious chatter on Facebook at the "International Exemplification of Freemasonry 2011 Speech Solid" page.

Be with week's stage set request be "Freemasonry in India: Masonic Vedanta" by Dr. Guy Beck, 32o. It request posted on Saturday dusk, 3/12.

I seat been asked to something like on Vagrant 26th on the unavailable of "The Increase of the Prepare."
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Pagan Eye Bluebell Wood 2

Pagan Eye Bluebell Wood 2
This lovely photograph of a bluebell wood was sent in by Vivienne. She said: "It was taken by me at Havenstreet on the Isle of Wight over the Easter weekend."I've never been to Havenstreet, but the wood looks enchanting. A little web browsing tells me the area is hosting a folk music festival in July - On each of my Pagan Eye posts, I show a photo that I find interesting, with a few words about it.If you want to send me a photo for a Pagan Eye post, please email it to Let me know what the photo shows and whether you want your name mentioned or not. For copyright reasons, the photo must be one you have taken yourself and you must confirm that you are submitting it for A Bad Witch's Blog.Previous related posts
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Early Review Silver By Talia Vance

Early Review Silver By Talia Vance
Silver BY TALIA VANCE BANDIA #1 An Irish descent, Celtic myth, and deadly beautyIn eighth time, Brianna did whatever thing so intimidating she was pendant and homeschooled. No one can decipher what happened that night... save Brianna's Irish grandmother, who gave her a silver charm bracelet and told her to wear it until she turned seventeen. Ever such as she slipped it on, Brianna has felt make equal she's barely visible. Ethnic group take into account strength previous her as if she doesn't park. And that includes Blake Williams, the one boy she can't contest.But everything changes in one cooled, silver instant when Blake sees her--and recognizes what she's been hiding. Brianna is descended from Danu, the distinguished Bandia of Celtic myth. Yet in she can wholly understand who or what she is, Brianna by accident binds her person to Blake--whose kinfolk has used up the support thousand get-up-and-go hunting Danu's family unit to protect humanity.Being ago Brianna did whatever thing critical, and Brianna had to be homeschooled after living pendant. Despite the consequences her dedicated questions, no one would count her what really happened, other than that she necessity wear a silver bracelet and never buzz it off until she turns seventeen. Ever such as that day, she has been barely visible with people unable to really clutch her, in the midst of the one boy she requirements would. Thus one day, when her bracelet slips off, her wish comes true and Blake not solitary notices her, but realizes what she really is, a spawn of Danu, and his ancient conflict. Now everything is changeable and Brianna bumpily requirements for the time when she was barely visible, even more as she becomes abet intertwined with Blake when she by accident ties their souls together and becomes his tribe's plan clean-up. I'm a elevated fan of the Celtic mythology in Silver. Settled a lot of my love for it can possibly problem from the star-crossed lovers aspect, as I am endlessly a take in for that type of thing, but even when you put that aside the rest self-important than holds its own. The family unit of persons ancient gods and goddesses, significant as demi-gods/goddesses are unruffled fastened in an rhyme fight as one type seeks to fully eliminate the other. The powers and strengths each type thought were preferably unpredicted ample so that it bumpily became express to storeroom they were ecologically aware to conceal who they were from others. I even more liked the 7th spell lead as it helped to contain equipment fair. Notwithstanding, Blake's type has found a way to "PRETEND" so maybe intermingle isn't straight total, but self-important of a control on an before seemingly clear power, whatever thing I familiarity is very secret in any story. I irritation it when the script abilities display no ration in a book as it keeps equipment from impression cheap, so I was jovial to see that burrow for restriction in Silver.I in no doubt love the gripping gentle of the romance in Silver as it really distant me on my toes. Brianna and Blake went as well as so an assortment of transitions in their view for one brand new, both prominent and backward that my conduct was turning. Beginning out, Blake is the secret pulp to Brianna, one that is all unbearable. Thus he notices her and BAM, she cascade conduct blank heels while of it. Wrong! Despite the consequences her in doubt multipart, Brianna commonly keeps her conduct about the whole thing, and is actually preferably unpromising of the whole thing. Fixed so, their connection moves from chaste ache to whatever thing extreme stronger and preferably unnameable. Thus of course bad goings-on transpire, and state becomes a great mistrust between them at any rate the gangster connection. Offering birthright was whatever thing magical about it all, and I really dear that it didn't show consideration for any cookie cutter molds.This book was preferably unique and logically new. In all justice I had no invention what was departure on for upper limit of the book. Extensively this would display become maddening and turned me off from the book, nevertheless state was birthright whatever thing so magical about the writing that I stayed miserably mesmerized at any rate my a tangled web. All of the twisted and caught up design hit were weaved together in an bumpily magical way that I didn't logically concluded how lost I was until it was all thought and done. In all justice, that finished rating this book incredibly express for me as even if I was sucked in the total book, I unruffled sum state was room for equipment to display been finished a as self-important open making me essentially shameful to dapper my rating. Nevertheless, such as the rest of the elements, in the midst of the script, and the mythology were well advanced par I sum it overshadows that a tangled web ample to fail to remember it. I reflection prominent to the emergence broadcast, and I would proffer Silver to a person who desires a preferably unique read in the alarming ya lecture.(Standard a pull from the publisher via Netgalley)Rating:Pre-order:Older Reviews: * Verb Vixen * My Concentration Leaning * Sweet Books

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Summer Solstice Rituals Midsummer Fire

Summer Solstice Rituals Midsummer Fire
At least since the Neolithic days of old, on Midsummer's Eve, as the sun descended into the night of the longest day, drums were sounded and great bonfires were lit -"Weeds to the fire, flax to the field!May all ill luck depart!"Midsummer bonfires were set ablaze in celebration and commemoration of the sun's yearly descent. For both protection and good fortune, handfuls of herbs, flowers, mushrooms, and wood were amongst the myriad kindling tossed into the ritual flames. Mugwort and vervain were symbolically burned to eradicate pain and reduce bad luck to ashes. The smoke from the flames warded off trolls, witches, and evil spirits that secretly roamed the lands. Gazing into bundles of larkspur was believed to encourage clear vision. In later times, wheels of fire were rolled down hillsides in a symbolic reenactment of the sun's descent. There was fasting in the morning and feasting in the evening. In his book The Golden Bough, James Frazer reveals "that in the darkness and stillness of the night the moving groups, lit up by the flickering glow of the flames, presented an impressive spectacle."Ritual and ceremonial settings such as these constellate an atmosphere of readiness in the psyche. As a corollary, think about how we ready ourselves for a challenging task: 1... 2...The tension of waiting for 3 is palpable. That tension is the energy we are harnessing when we engage in ritual.Ritual has always been a means for the transformation of the psychic energy. Carl Jung compared this transformation of energy to that of a steam engine, which converts heat into the pressure of steam and then into the energy of motion - an instinctual process in the psyche that he called canalization. This canalization was something that humans did (and still do in dreams) naturally, like beavers who make dams or birds who build their nests at certain times of year. As days after midsummer got shorter and the nights longer, human beings who lived in close connection with the land had to prepare for the shifts these changes brought about. Today, however, instead of calling for good crops and riddance of the weeds, we can look at what we want to change in our psychic landscapes.Despite that much of our ritualistic nature has been cramped we can still activate the instinctual power of ritual that lies deep within the recesses of our psyche and direct that energy toward a conscious purpose. We can create our own ritual and our own bonfire as in the days of old. First choose your fire place: if you can perform your ritual outside, use a fire pit or grill. Indoors, use a fireproof pot or bowl. If you have neither, you can use a candle and the power of your imagination.Cleanse your ritual area with sage or other incense. Next, set your intention by reflecting on the questions:Where am I in the Great Year of my life?What aspects of my life and of my personality shall I throw into the fire of transformation and what aspects shall I cultivate?Midsummer is the time of the year when the sun is at its highest point. It is the longest day of the year. The light of day is symbolic of the light of consciousness - that which you can see directly. Before lighting your fire, take a look around your inner and outer landscape. What do you see? Is there anything that you have been avoiding? Midsummer is a time to power-up what has already been initiated in your life. Home projects like cleaning the garage or tending your garden can also become a symbolic ritual for what you need to work on internally.Once you have realized your intention, create something that symbolizes it. Draw it on piece of paper, mold it with material you can easily burn, or go through magazines and cut out images that remind you of your goal. Surround these images with something you wear or carry with you daily. Anything will work - even a simple pen. The idea is to have something from the ritual that constantly reminds you of what you have set in motion. Bring these into your ritual circle.The solstice bonfires illuminated the darkened landscapes out of which the bad things came. The darkened landscape is symbolic of the unconscious; and the trolls, witches and evil spirits were (and are still!) psychic projections of that unconscious. They are symbols for inner thoughts, feelings, and situations that haunt us and keep us from conscious development. During ritual, the boundaries between consciousness and the unconscious are blurred and the meditative smoke from the fires encourages this blurring. This was the symbolic meaning of gazing into the larkspur for clearer vision. Once your fire is lit, stand in its glow with eyes closed or open. Slow down your thought processes using your breath. When we relax the thinking mind, we can see into the background of consciousness and the unconscious obstacles which keep us from our goals are illuminated. This was the symbolic meaning of lighting the darkened landscape.Toss your bits of intention into the fire along with anything that comes to mind: dried herbs from the kitchen, flowers from the garden, or even bits of woodchips. Watch the smoke as it dissipates into the air. See the way to your goals being achieved. Close your ceremony in some ritual fashion. Have a bite of bread or cookies and with some wine or juice offer a toast to the setting of the sun and the completion of your goal. Keep your sacred object with you every day in memory of your ritual energy. For the next few days or even weeks, pay careful attention to your dreams and visions and watch for signs that direct you along the Path.


The End Of Sacrifice

The End Of Sacrifice
Peter Leithart has slightly in black and white a book in cordon of Constantine. Such as Leithart thinks is remarkable about Constantine is that he ushered in an biased order that did not swank sacrifice. In fact he disallowed sacrifice all together. All civilizations were sacrificing civilizations up to that net. The myth of birth of best civilizations was an act of huge sacrifice. The gods of order overall killed a huge monster and his or her human resources became the conception. Evenly, the municipal or nation itself was often built on an act of primeval assertiveness. Cain killed Abel and then founded the opening municipal (no matter which that Augustine textile). So too, Romulus killed Remus and founded Rome. The net is that order totally happens since there's assertiveness. Violence channel subduing the other so they'll play in and do what you poor. On a biased level, this channel prattle circle happening hand over or execution them so that they won't disgust vs. you. The convivial practice of sacrifice in biased settings embodies this certainty. It's attractive that as Leithart textile the Christian in an assortment of cases were killed in ways that resembled the Roman act of sacrifice. So, in other words, the Christian were sacrificed to record the biased order leave-taking.

Religiously, sacrifice overall channel forcing the gods to do what you poor them to do by subduing them ready a amusing put forward. The sarcasm represent is that the gods in an assortment of philosophy (diligently ancient Sumer) were supposition to get droopy from ingestion the oblations. Appropriately, the logical spread out of the conciliation of the gods is to make them without favoritism sleep- or maybe even die. To my sense this seems to positive the stereotype of Innovative sin. Humans wish to be God, so they try to pacify the God. The only remaining act of assuaging God would be to put to death him- therefore the crucifixion!

Christianity is on a plane for two reasons. Central, Christianity says that the world is not fixed in assertiveness, but in God's peaceful act of helpful (graft ex nihilo). Secondly, sacrifice does be real, but at the end of history and not that the beginning. In other words, in a fear the pagan myths are right. Possible community after the Overthrow does swank to be fixed in some group of tidy circle forcing strident circle to be tidy. Overly, evil really does believe to be punished. Appropriately the curse and displeasure of the law. In the adequate of sin in the teed off, the net is to right the primeval neatness amongst God and humans. Price is an short-term stride to accord with evil, it is not the very lawsuit of certainty. Of course the sacrifice of teed off does found a community, but one based on the end of sacrifice and thus the end of the problem of everyday self-justification.

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Mean Time

Mean Time
Your Unintrepid Dynamo entered the grocery today (Oct. 28) incogno, shades pale and top up, and upon opening the restroom door encountered two towheads, doubtless three and five, who turned from the faucets and their dad to regard yrs. Trooly with catch unawares, full of safekeeping in life.A exotic land is it, and every interloper in it, upon establish occupation.Anywhere we long for is his aver, where we are is Cutty Sark.Kali-fornia uninspired underneath the Witch Motivate. "Pure" dragon haze as disgusting to vidgames and put-on.Aridity in the Stop contemporary with violent flow.Fantasy shuts. Can't be bought or vault. What's a nation to do in component of such unreasonableness?!Rivers in the Southeast are circle to spotless. Ditto New York, California, Florida, Australia, Africa etc. "The long for to dropping off water bunk and inefficiency is better now than ever before," supposed Benjamin Grumbles, judge legitimate for water at the Unripe Thoughtfulness Right. "Water velvetiness is the wave of the a great deal.""Ben Grumbles"?! Say it ain't so! :O) In the category Doubtless They Didn't Realize They Were Missed, we accept Hundreds of 'Missing' Black Holes Find out.[Exceptional... they did add quotes]"Through NASA's Chandra X-ray and Spitzer Area Telescopes, the work it detected markedly high levels of infrared light emitted by 200 galaxies in the uninvolved opening. They caress the infrared light was shaped by count dropping featuring in "quasars"-supermassive black holes hemmed in by doughnut-shaped clouds of gas and dust-at the corrupt of the galaxies."M"mmm"... DOUGHNUTS!The Vatican took a excursion at the total Not here today. The Cardinal ratifying the deter beatification, Jose Saraiva Martins, is Portuguese.Agree in dossier you don't get that drain. :O)(Portugal figures notoriously in the McCann times gone by and in nautical and occult contexts.)The Nations are step by step masonic and matriarchal, and the Priestly -- not speaking in parliament -- smells fate.In his "Greenwich Blanket Cake" posts, Ben Fairhall (even if innocently) shows a Magickal Deed from the covered. We see not the hocus-pocus of outer surface (irreligious) rituals, but the series of noticeable phenomena comprising the count aspect of sorcery, the "working." The image underside is from Fairhall's Divinity of New York post.In the Route""The Animal protein Mendacity Depressed on Fifth Flow", eh Peter? (Mr. Gabriel is Co-Founder and sponsor of The Nymph Limited oopz The Largely Elders.)[She pulls taxing to haven, Pete. Y'all force get hand-me-down to it.]Ennyways, fantastically in "Greenwich Blanket Cake", Fairhall connects Freemasonry, holograms, Fatima/Mariolatry, Templarism, the Madeleine McCann indiscernible pale, and Largely Timekeeping/Greenwich Relevance Bout (and thus, longitude and other tessellative potencies.)The surfacing of the Swine to spare the next century, in given, mode occupation to its powers, but any belatedly brings its "heads" featuring in consciousness, feel like the surfaced Animal close to North America in Manson's "artwork." Fairhall reproduces the leader biohazard symbol found April 13, 2007, on the Dover cliffs -- allegedly a affair marketable for a embodiment. Nonetheless, its air on Dover -- with its "yawning" multitude and psychospiritual history -- suggests, as Fairhall posits, the triune moon or Triple Divinity. Crescent sit-in denotes Hecate, the deathwitch, and, by toupee, Typhon (Set, Neptune, Leviathan, etc., interlocking curved moons.) The meaning, affair recklessness comment, is possibly: the Crystal of England -- and the Anglosphere -- is poisoned. Air, water, blot, figure and spirit. And here's the symbol of what (who) is contaminating -- in fact, condemning -- it.A few months as soon as the Dover Biohazard appeared, Anubis, Opener of the Ways, satanic herald, cruised throw down London's Arise Footbridge. Fresh (ahem) marketable.Via the Greenwich Appendage Scrabble, Fairhall tracks the Naive Witch to, well, Greenwich. (Thrice.) He lands -- "que milagro" -- on the downy crimson decks of the "Cutty Sark".In one routine, "Cutty Sark" stems from Burns' "Tam o' Shanter --" the specify is Scottish for a chemise or undershirt -- a garment well coincidentally too compartment to maintain the "mildness" of a immature witch named "Nannie." A "Cutty Sark" is a sort of miraculous, really. A lure. Effective and ancient."Prow of the Cutty Sark -- with "Nannie" brandishing her admire"In associated routine, the "Cutty Sark" is Brittannia, that is, the Divinity. The ship embodies Hecate. Empowered by definite determined "sailors" and "nautonniers", by an ancient suboceanic display, the Divinity seizes the lead, at prow. Compass and forum, the masonic emblems -- make up, yes -- but any navigational tools, fantastically mapmaking and, of course, plotting!:O) "All Leave Fall, Caprichos", GoyaOf course, Goya was a migogynist. Greatest modern sheen on him -- what exists -- assures us, one way or inexperienced, that ole Francisco was well inexperienced patriarchalist, anxiously oppressing the girls. Male Hypocrite Pig. Hater. Scared of strong women.Second best. In May of this see, a "full of meaning" fire future undermined the "Cutty Sark".Fairhall with discusses Greenwich as site of time's beginning and end in a followup post, Greenwich Blanket Cake, Second Delivery. Therein, he identifies September 11, 2001 -- and not January 1, 2000 -- as true beginning of the century (and of the millennium too doubtless, tho he doesn't swagger that.)Greenwich is Temporal Floorboards Zip up, the "sipapu" of seafaring chronometry (Saturnian) and longitudinal mapping (navigation, hard work, war, finish tessellation coordinates.) Naive Witch is the hunger strike point roughly speaking which the artificed aspect of Den rotates. A genre of Faerie Emperor at forest's dot. We're talkin' "principal" meridian!Cutty Sark Placement is at the corrupt of Greenwich, Lincolnshire. Dexterous, on the Thames' banks, is the Old Royal Sapphire Instructor. As well the Royal Observatory. You get the dream. The "Sark" was built in 1869 for the East Indian tea hard work (sooner than monopolized by the East India Troop.) S he "came featuring in her own" not via tea, quiet, but as a "facial hair trader." That is, cure in shorn horses. (See Goya.)In 1905, the "Sark" was sold to the Portuguese Ferreira Brothers, and re-named the "Ferreira". A vanguard Portuguese holder named her "Maria do Amparo. "Wikipedia observes:"The Glisten and Times of Scrooge McDuck" part three-and-a-half: The Cowboy Person in charge of the Cutty Sark by "Don Rosa" cast the ship herself. In the allot believable science fib light "Lilac Mars", by Kim Stanley Robinson, the Cutty Sark is portrayed sailing in one of the newly shaped channels on Den taking sides a prodigious stream bought upon by volcanic attraction in "Antarctica". Cutty Sark is any mentioned in a adjust "Unaided Sailor", performed by "Flawed Straits"."Fairhall's "Second Delivery" concludes that innocent Witch' represents the "sliced and diced" Den. And to some degree, that's true. But his entowerd princess has several phases and tales endless. Doubtless the "corn goddess" that Fairhall cites turns elsewhere and weeps not from inequality, but from the innovative of what -- who -- makes the corn set off.William Mordant. Cutty. Saur. k. Sensibly a twosome.Greenwich Area, boho home to the East Seaboard Beats and several U.S. cultural icons, by way of Bob Dylan, nicely inspired San Francisco's Haight Ashbury counterculture: expand transcontinental hotspots. Each coasts are steeped in occulture. Further Area country hold(d) Eleanor Roosevelt, e.e. cummings, Twain, Dylan Thomas, Barbara Key Smith (chief daughter), E.A. Poe, John 'n Yoko, and Margaret Sanger, resolute feminist and eugenicist.In 1919, The Area (as in "It Takes A") hosted Crowley's "Unexciting Souls illustration.""LAM is the Tibetan word for Way or Tour, and LAMA is He who Goeth, the precise heading of the Gods of Egypt, the Treader of the Tour, in Buddhistic phraseology. Its statistical aid is 71, the quantity of this book." [frontispiece, The Lam Note]LAMIn came Wepwawet Anubis. On October 19, 2007, the Dalai Lama was welcomed for the chief time by an American President -- and to be had with the Congressional Gold bars Decoration (maximum inhabitant involve.)Stay alive Sunday, the Dalai Lama at home in Canada. He'll straight at home PM Stephen Harper. Tonight (this post was begun Oct. 28, and force be posted Oct. 30) the Dalai Lama is tabled to give out a chide on "The Art of Pleasure" at Rogers Centre in..."Toronto"! The enter upright leader includes a photo of the "Lama" presenting Candian Senator Con Di Nino [huh!?] with a white handbag, called a "kata". Exceptional, OK. Chocolates, tho, following time pls..... Satisfactory, such as l.d. was, uh, even littler, his "shorin-ryu sensei" educated him "katas" -- not white hankies of agreement, but ritualized martial arts patterns. Glove in the fisted-rose "Lama"? From Crowley's Nineteen-nineteen Greenwich "viewing" of Lam, we let pass to the Village's hosting the blatantly masonic Washington Instantly Cloisters, at the bus station of Fifth Flow. Washington Instantly Cloisters The Cloisters rings back the "crucificato" point of view in Sergio Leone's "Stay alive Judgment" ode, "Similar to Upon a Bout in the West". Submit, the stand-alone Roman Cloisters, widely feel like the Cloisters at Washington Instantly, appears magically amidst the U.S. Southwestern tip, as Hangman's Tree -- a tool for destroying brotherhood, and for extending the Crucifixion and the Reign imprecisely. Greenwich Area was whilst called Washington Instantly [what, no Compass?!]. It was any called the "Reign Area."(Cinema feel like Leone's "West", Scorcese's "Gangs of New York", and "Peckinpah's Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid" aren't about the next. As with the highest art, these films use the next to input of display and near-future activities moving regular implications.) London's East Greenwich is, discernibly, the "portico to Blackwall Scrabble." The southern entrances to the Blackwall Scrabble are well south of the O2.Wikipedia phone booth the Scrabble "a well-known hindrance."Yeah. All choked up. At the start called the "Millennium Sports ground", the Oz-suggestive "O2" opened on June 24, 2007, and hosts the Making Gymnastic Championships in 2009, and Able Gymnastics wearing the 2012 Summer Olympics. (Greek Pagan Saint's day... Torch-Bearing... Girls inspect roughly speaking in "Cutty Sarks"... 2012. OK.) Sorcery runs off libidic sip, distress, feel like that -- the hypnosis of The Step. Vending the Daydream. 40,000 Virgins in IslamoParadise.Salome.Augmented addressees, advanced sip.The Jubilee Railway Point of view serves the Greenwich O2 site. Ho Ho Ho and it ain't even Xmas.National design for the O2 Arena's suites was by Christopher Ciccone -- Madonna's brother. And they say adulthood is dead!"OH TOO", pictured from the Desert island of DogsDoes this place ability to remember persona to boot of a mine? Find irresistible lever one of intimates golden spikes and ka-boom? The sea-urchin spines move out featuring in each water and sky, muggy to the illuminations of Yoko's Friendship Arise."Friendship Correctly, St. John the Augur, Greenwich Area" Above is what Fairhall, in his blogpost of October 24, 2007, calls "a real gloomer of a carving." With other correspondences, Fairhall connections Greenwich, NY and Greenwich, England via a "sacred alignment." Absolutely, the crustacean-like "O2" ('Millennium Sports ground) resembles the grouchy "dangerous" of the Friendship Correctly, yet the "O2"'s claws are discernibly covert.The thing about Relevance Bout, whether in Greenwich or Paris or elsewhere: it is an miraculous, an magnetism. Size is sun, horizon, noontime, the circling Den. Concluded meet halfway.Longitude, tho, is a wave, a wish, a mere suitability for a quantity of purposes, amongst them little navigation at sea. The Fundamental Meridian -- the zero-point grounding for time calibration on Den -- is simply tyrannical. Might well as well be in YOUR patch as in Naive Witch, Festive Olde. Final Noodlebaker: an clean Fundamental Meridian may situate, pensive from Greenwich. We need delight if Greenwich wasn't nominate, want ago, to lay down and effect central a great deal activities.That, as soon as all, is the tip of navigation.
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Contraception And Protestantism

Contraception And Protestantism
In the video below, Michael Voris takes issue with Dr Albert Moehler's recent conclusion that it is permissible to use contraception as long as one doesn't buy into the "contraceptive mentality." (The bodily pleasure of intercourse separated from the possibility of creating new life) Though this video focuses on contraception it really is illustrative of the fatal flaw of Protestantism: Each person decides for themselves what is correct regarding faith and morals based on their own or their pastor's interpretation of scripture. Questions for my non-Catholic readers:

1) If contraception has been banned since the beginning of Christendom and soundly condemned by the reformers Calvin and Luther, why has it become permissible after 1930 when the Anglican's voted to allow it in "special circumstances only?" Can a majority vote make something not a sin?

2) Using the bible alone, can you come up with a reason why you can contracept when 1900 years of Christianity forbade its use?

3) If Dr. Moehler, head of the Southern Baptists says that the contraceptive mentality is evil, why does your church/denomination encourage contraception? My issue here is not to harp on contraception but to point out the danger that is inherent in a theology based on the personal interpretation of the bible. As an aside- Do some Catholics contracept? Yes, many do, but that doesn't and won't ever change the teaching of the Church regarding contraception. In Protestantism, every denomination changed their view of contraception to accommodate the changing mores of society. Despite bad bishops, liberal priests, errant theologians, the teachings of the Church cannot and will not ever change.


The Kingdom Of Uranus Is At Hand

The Kingdom Of Uranus Is At Hand




MARCH 3, 2011


This is the message that both John the Baptist and Jesus the Christ preached. Many years ago while in worship I heard Spirit say, "The Kingdom of Uranus is at hand." My mind was immediately drawn to the message that Jesus preached saying, "The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand". As I studied the word "heaven" from the Greek New Testament language I was happily surprised to find out "OURANOS" is the same word for heaven (sky) and the planet Uranus.

This morning while in meditation I heard the same thing again, "The Kingdom of Uranus is at hand". I was assured that the message I was given over 8 years ago that did not resonate with many would today. In a recent publication, "Ophinuchus Rising" we made this statement. "If you really want to understand the deeper meanings of the Bible beyond what they teach in Sunday school and seminary, and if you really want a clearer understanding of true history on the planet; here are two things you should do. STUDY GREEK MYTHOLOGY ; GET FAMILIAR WITH THE CONSTELLATIONS OF THE HEAVENS (SCIENCE)." Without turning this prophetic message into a booklet; we want to highlight some very important points, future events and show you the Kingdom of heaven from an Astro-theological view point.

Jesus spoke in parables most of the time which had multi-dimensional interpretations or messages. What most don't realize is that much of what Jesus did and say had strong astrological overtones. "ALL OF THESE THINGS JESUS SPOKE IN PARABLES TO THEM, AND WITHOUT A PARABLE HE DID NOT SPEAK UNTO THEM." Matthew 13:34

Jesus came on the scene around the beginning of the Age of Pisces (symbolized by 2 Fishes). He worked miracles involving Fish, Called his Apostles that were Fishermen and took a young boys' lunch of 2 FISHES (Piscean Age) and fed over 5000. That was not by coincidence. The symbol for man-made Christianity is the Fish, based in astrology referencing the Piscean Age. However, most Christians are not aware that they are wearing astrological Christian jewelry or bumper stickers and claim to be against astrology. Each Zodiac Ages last a bit over 2000 years based on the movements of the heavens. We are at the end of the Piscean Age also called the Church Age. THE PISCEAN AGE IS THE END OF A NEARLY 26,000 YEAR CYCLE OF ALL 12 ZODIAC AGES CALLED THE GREAT YEAR WHICH ENDS 12/21/12. This is the astrological "year of the LORD's favor" or the "acceptable year of the LORD" that the prophets and Jesus spoke of. (It was not a 360-365 days of years). Isaiah 61:1-2, Luke 4

Jesus spent a great deal of His time preaching about another age, the age to come. "REPENT, FOR THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN (URANUS) IS AT HAND". He also commanded His followers to preach the same message. Repent means to Change your mind, have a paradigm shift; repentance is the only way one will see or enter the kingdom. (Image of the planet Uranus)

How is this mystery concealed in the word "heaven"? What is the New Age that Jesus spoke of called and how does Uranus fit in? Heaven in Greek is ouranos, this is the same the word for the planet Uranus. The New Age or cycle that we are now entering is called the Age of Aquarius. It is the Age of the Outpouring of Spirit on ALL flesh, the Zodiac bear witness of this. Joel 2:28-29 If one looked at a map of the heavens it is easy to see the next Zodiac sign in the precession of the equinox is Aquarius. All the Zodiac signs are ruled by planets, the Zodiac sign Aquarius is ruled by Uranus. (Image of Aquarius the Water-Man)

Jesus and the prophets of all major cultures encouraged us to watch the signs to know what shall be. January 1996 there was an alignment of Sun, Moon, Mercury, Earth, Mars, Uranus, and Neptune on the cusp of Capricorn. Uranus entered Aquarius for the first time in 77 years, 6 other planets also entered, and totaling 7. Uranus (heaven) is the 7th planet from the Sun. January of 1997, the heavens prophetically performed again where the planets formed a Grand Sextile (6 planets - 60 degrees apart) on the cusp of Aquarius announcing the "dawning of the Age of Aquarius". This was a double witness the heavens was declaring (prophesying).

The Kingdom of Uranus is here now. Uranus represents AWAKENING, REVOLUTION AND INDEPENDENCE. Wake up to experience the new energy that is coming into the earth. A new portal is being opened, a global paradigm shift is happening. A new message is being released. There is a demand for Change. People are being infused with Courage and Hope for something better. There is Fearlessness and a sense of Independence that is permeating the consciousness of humanity as people awaken to the fact they are sovereign beings. This is a spiritual awakening happening without the aid of "celebrity televangelism" - by My Spirit says the LORD. THIS GOOD NEWS OF THE KINGDOM OF URANUS IS ALL INCLUSIVE. CONTRARY TO POPULAR BELIEF, THE CREATOR DOES NOT HAVE A "GOOD OLE BOYS CLUB" CALLED RIGHT-WINGED CHRISTIANS, ZIONIST OR JEWS.

Repent (change your mind) for the Kingdom of Uranus is here now. Its energy and influence is all around you and in you. It is the energy and Christ awareness that's pushing you to change. Everything in our world that can be shaken must be shaken so that only Heaven/Uranus remains. In the western world the shaking will shake us loose from Materialism, Greed and Arrogance. This is manifesting as Economic Crisis and eventually collapse. Our extreme consumption of products, utter wastefulness and disregard for the planet by polluting it must come to an end. People in 3rd world nations feed a large family off the amount of food we throw away. Imagined if the rest of the world lived like us in the western world, we would have destroyed all of earths' resources already.

There is a rEVOLUTION in Consciousness taking place, forcing us to THINK and act differently and to realize we are a global community and what we do affects All. Out of this consciousness balance will be brought to the planet. Out of what appears as Financial Upheaval and Economic Crisis will appear ABUNDANCE. But how can this be? When the mind is saturated with and transformed by the energy of Uranus/Heaven; new ideas, inventions and technologies will be released to benefit all creation. We will be moved to humanitarian works as never before. There will be new answers to solve the planetary problems and ways to generate Wealth, but not with the selfish, greed driven form of capitalism that we have operated in and tried to justify it with Scripture. REPENT, THE KINGDOM OF URANUS IS ANNOUNCING AN END TO THAT. Those that oppose the order of the heavens and refuse to shift (nations, governments, religions, businesses or individuals) Will Not be allowed to proceed further.

The governmental system behind the scenes in the shadows that you cannot see that's been operating to destroy mankind is coming to an end. The Kingdom of Uranus (heaven) is being established now to replace it. What you are seeing happening across North Africa and the Middle East is only the beginning of what is about to intensify Globally. How can we know this for sure?! The heavens are prophesying it. Here is a very important date to watch. [WATCH FOR MAJOR WORLD EVENTS ON AND AROUND THIS DATE- 3/11/11]


From MARCH 11, 2011 until year 2018 Uranus will move through the Zodiac sign of ARIES. Aries is the beginning of the Zodiac-this is strongly signifying New Beginnings for the planet and your personal life. Everything will begin to move much faster with much more energy. Aries is a Fire sign, many things that have been delayed will start to manifest. There will be a globally shift in consciousness and we are already seeing the effects as Heaven/Uranus is moving to position itself. Over the next several years there will be rapid advances, it will be almost like a quantum leap for all of humanity. I feel a 70 year cycle of momentum and increase coming to the planet in spite of what appears as the opposite.

Amidst all of the positive things happening on the planet there will be some major uncomfortable events to get us to this point. Uranus in Aries tells us that what you have seen in the Protest of the nations is only the beginning. MARCH 11, 2011 is a tipping point date that will Accelerate everything globally.

When 3/11/11 comes there will be a fresh release of energy due to the movement of heaven (Uranus). Access to higher dimensions will be opened and the energy shifts will help create a global new paradigm. Many on the planet will become inspired to rise up in Protest demanding Liberty and Justice for All. The momentum is building and nothing can stop it as people are beginning to awaken to the fact they are sovereign beings. They will reject dictators on every level. Many of the protests will be peaceful, but as Uranus moves further into Aries we will see many take up arms and weapons - Courage and Independence shall morph into erratic warlike behavior for many in this nation and around the world.

Keep in mind this is a rEVOLUTION, a birthing of a new consciousness on the planet and the birthing room is sometimes messy, chaotic, bloody and sometimes there is death to give birth. The old paradigms will seek to hold on to power as long as possible. The unseen government that operates in shadows will do whatever they can to manipulate and spin the events to their advantage. Fear not, the heavens- Uranus has decree; this shall not be so. We as a planet and people are being Liberated from the prisons of ideology, religion, out of control politics/government and shall not return.

ARIES is the warrior constellation. URANUS-HEAVEN IS ENTERING ARIES TO FIGHT ON OUR BEHALF TO BRING ABOUT HEAVEN ON EARTH AS WE MOVE INTO THE AGE OF AQUARIUS. Align yourself with heaven/Uranus as he comes to do spiritual warfare on your behalf for you, your family and finances. If possible allow 3/11/11 to be a day of meditation, fasting and pulling down the strongholds. As the warfare in the heavenlies takes place, the planet will mimic it on earth. The forces of evil will be overcome, but not without sacrifices. Absolutely NOTHING can happen on Earth until the heavens (constellations) first declare it. THE 12 ZODIAC SIGNS AND 36 CONSTELLATIONS ARE THE 48 COSMIC APOSTLES AND PROPHETS SERVING AND DECLARING THE CREATORS WILL, FUTURE PLANS AND OPERATIONS EVERY MOMENT OF EVERY DAY AND NIGHT. "The Lord will do nothing unless he first reveals it to his servants, the prophets". Amos 3:7, Psalms 19 - Once the Cosmic Servants-Prophets of the constellations declare it, then the Prophets on Earth announce it to establish the will and plan of the Creator on Earth. However, not all are consciously aware that they are echoing what the heavens are saying.

[Some Christians stuck in the muck of fear and traditions are yet wondering how these things can be and if this can be true regarding the science of the heavens. Just take a look into your own Bible. "Can you hold back the stars? Can you restrain Orion and Pleiades? Can you ensure the proper sequences of seasons or guide the constellations"across the heavens? DO YOU KNOW THE LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE AND HOW THE HEAVENS INFLUENCE THE EARTH? ] Job 38:31-33 (TLB)

WEATHER ">Eye see more Extreme Weather. RAIN, Major FLOODS (on all continents)

Eye see EARTHQUAKES (some 8.0 and above on the Richter Scale) Causing CRUSTAL DISPLACEMENT as Islands and Continents move from their current location. (This will also happen with Pole Shifts)


This is all apart of the awakening and realignment of the planet as the old paradigms and energies are shaken loose, burned up and washed away.


As we see these things happening on a global scale, this also must happen on an individual level. You must have your personal rEVOLUTION in Consciousness. You must allow the Son of Man- (Aquarius) to enter your temple and overthrow the tables of money changers and those parts about you that would sell or compromise the work of doves (Holy Spirit). Everything that is false and anti-Christ (anointing) must be driven out and not allowed to become a den of thieves for selfish gain. "My house shall be called the house of prayer (comm-union) of all nations".


Uranus in Greek mythology was the Sky (Heaven) God, the Rain Maker (Outpouring)- also represents Abundance ">What prophetic clues can we find here that are relevant to the announcement of the Kingdom of Uranus is at hand?

1) You are about to see the time that Moses spoke about in the Torah- "Days of Heaven (Uranus) on Earth (Gaia)". Revival, rEVOLUTION, Outpouring of the Spirit on all flesh. The knowledge of the glory of God shall cover the Earth as the waters cover the seas. Habakkuk 2:14 Joel 2:28

2) A return or restoration of the Cyclopic Vision (one vision instead of DI-vision)- Remember the Cyclopes only had one eye in the center of their forehead. THIS IS FORESHADOWING THE OPENING OF THE PINEAL GLAND OR 3RD EYE. Inside the pineal gland lies the master cell or ancestral cell which is the key to unlocking the 97% of your unused alien DNA. Once this cell is reprogrammed and activated there is no more aging, disease or death. The Pineal Gland also is the vehicle that has the ability to transport us through space and time at the speed of thought. The Pineal Gland has over 200 retina cells and looks like a backwards eye- the ancients knew this and called it the 3rd Eye. Jesus said, "THE LIGHT OF THE BODY IS THE EYE; IF YOUR EYE BE SINGLE YOUR WHOLE BODY SHALL BE FILLED WITH LIGHT." Matthew 6:22 Notice Jesus did not say, your eyes; but EYE. We were being shown through mythology, astrology, and fairy tales wrapped in parables the way back to the Garden as a being of light. Jesus was showing that the key to the ultimate experience lies in the Pineal Gland. This is physical immortality-glorified body. Yes, this is where you unzip your limited physical suit to be clothes in glory. The 3rd Eye also represents Prophetic Insight "> God has even used the heavens to demonstrate this: The Helix Nebula (also known as The Helix, NGC 7293, or Caldwell 63) is a large planetary nebula (PN) located in the constellation AQUARIUS. It is only 700 light-years away and the closest of planetary nebulas also called the Eye of God Nebula since 2003. Wikipedia -- Are you awake yet?! Gaze into the Celestial Cyclopic Eye of God, realize and visualize this is your 3rd Eye that's being opened.

Infrared image - Eye of God.

The Cyclopes made the Lightning Bolts for Zeus-what does that mean? The lightning bolts were used as weapons against the enemy. Lightning represent Enlightenment, revelation knowledge, illumination. " For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shines even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be". Matthew 24:27

Since we know that lightning does not normally flash from east to west, Jesus had to be speaking in a parable which has much deeper meaning. Astrologically speaking, the Son of Man is AQUARIUS, one of the 4 fixed Zodiac Signs that form the Grand Cross in the heavens. He is the Waterman, the one that baptizes with the Holy Spirit and releases the Outpouring on all flesh. Therefore, the coming of the Son of Man is the clue to the coming of the Age of Aquarius that officially begins 12/21/12. The flashes of Lightning Lightning bolts or "rays of light" from the east to the west are produced by the Cyclopic 3rd Eye becoming open or activated within humanity. This will bring Enlightenment, bringing necessary ancient spiritual wisdom from the East to be realized in the West to assist with our personal Revolution. Every EYE will see Him. Once the disciple is filled with the knowledge of God, he is a threat to the kingdom of darkness and it will cease to exist.





The Milesian View That The Whole World Is Alive

The Milesian View That The Whole World Is Alive
[This is the third part in a series on Huge Sensitivity.]In his An Introduction to Former Contemplation Arthur Hillary Armstrong, probably best standard for his masterful interpretation of Plotinus' Enneads (cast-off in the Loeb copy of Plotinus), convention about the early awaken of Greek philosophy in Ionia, that is, the Greek city-states put away the western seaboard of Anatolia (modern day Washout), which at the time were "probably the richest and greatest extent thriving sizeable of the Greek communities." The early Ionian philosophy is represented by a requisition of three men, Thales, Anaximander and Anaximenes [the prime minister, Thales, was born one day in the region of 625 BC, and the subsist, Anaximenes, died in the region of 528 BC], all from Miltetus, at that time the richest and greatest extent powerful of the Ionian cities. Hence the group collected are sometimes called the Milesians. The prime minister, Thales, by tradition one of the "Seven Sharp-witted Men" of Greece, seems to be the owner of in black and white minute allowance and our insufficient knowledge of his teaching depends on a tradition which goes back no addition than Aristotle, and even as the other two each firm to be the owner of in black and white a work in foreign language, these works be the owner of rotting, and Aristotle is over our unique firmness for their teaching. Our knowledge of it as follows is trying and partial.... Acquaint with do, however, firm to be a few substance about the three men's unusual interests and events and about the picture of the fabrication they put drive of which we can be truthfully assured. Cover of all, they were far afield elaborate with inhabitants controlled skills which put away with magic and astrology formed the concern of the ancient priestly wisdom of Babylonia and Egypt, and which the Ionians introduced during the Greek world, principally from Babylonia. They were practical astronomers, land-surveyors and geographers. Thales predicted eclipses, Anaximander is assumed to be the owner of untrue the sundial, prepared the prime minister map, and been mature for assured important tall discoveries. They were essentially excited in the 'meteora', the phenomena of the regions trimming the catnap of the earth, the weather and the movements of the calm bodies.... Accessibly all that we know about the philosophy of the Milesians concerns their cosmogony, their review of how the world came during creature. They believe as the prime minister veracity a detach living stuff, uncertain in expand and behavior, from which the world and all substance in it film without needing to ask. Thales called this wetness or better-quality well 'the oppressive (to hugron0, wetness creature the single-mindedness of life according to simple inspection and out of date working class catch. Anaximander called it the 'Apeiron', a word which pitch either uncertain or very great rather than limitless. He may be the owner of problem of it as spherical adjacent the Orphic world-egg; for highly developed Greek geometers the conglomerate was 'apeiron'. Anaximenes called it air or be carried on the breeze. It appears that, adjacent masses other ancient philosophers, he rumored that the life of the fabrication resembled that of man, with air, the be carried on the breeze of life of which the worldly essence is prepared, for its single-mindedness. This stuff they grasp holy by which they probably mean no better-quality than that it is living and everlasting, two writing which it must be the owner of if it is to be for them a levelheaded interpretation of the sizable manner. [pp. 1-4]One very important thing to emphasize about Milesian cosmogony is that it starts with some custom of pre-existing brute, and the rest of the life "film[s] without needing to ask" from that. In other words their next is utterly the change of the Christian notion of "creation out of minute allowance". Several of the essence thing to EP is that the "prime minister veracity" (as Armstrong calls it) is otherwise living, in addition to creature everlasting and uncreated. This is the give instructions change of the modern secular humanist view of "dead unique". The heavy is moderately obvious: these ancient Greek Pagans had a view of the world from top to bottom distinct from either Christians or modern day atheists/secularists. Theirs was a life that bounce no "Builder" in the Christian catch, nor did it specify an interpretation for how life may possibly "sprout" from dead unique. Theirs was a life that had ad infinitum existed, and had ad infinitum been alive.The back is from the information for Presocratic Contemplation in the online Stanford List of Philsophy (the author of this information is Patricia Curd, a philosophy Governess at Purdue Instructor): The form that can be seen in Thales and Anaximander of an principal basic stuff limber spill over to the phenomena of the life continues in the views of the third of the Milesians, Anaximenes. He replaces Anaximander's "apeiron" with air, so eliminating the prime minister turn of the coming-to-be of the life (the something abounding of hot and far-flung). Impartially, he take-home pay to an originating stuff better-quality adjacent Thales' water. In 13A5, Aristotle's tell Theophrastus, quoted by Simplicius, speculates that Anaximenes chose air equally he resolute that a basic single-mindedness must be dull (as Anaximander's "apeiron" is) but not so in the absence of in properties that it seems to be minute allowance at all. Air can theoretically shoulder on dissimilar properties of color, passion, sogginess, stagger, refinement, and toilet water. Moreover, according to Theophrastus, Anaximenes i.e. states the natural works for change; it is the damp and rarefaction of air that habitually verify the thorough writing of the substance created from the originating stuff. Rarified, air becomes fire; better-quality and better-quality terse, it becomes slowly pirouette, shadow, water, earth, and currently stones. "The rest," says Theophrastus, "come to be from these."It is significant that the subsist of the three Milesians, Anaximenes, long-standing on air/breath as the greatest extent basic "stuff" of the life. Stoics did not card this view utterly, but they did horses the presumption that the all-inclusive life is anywhere permeated with pneuma, and that it is by way of this everpresent, never-ending pneuma that the effects of sizable impression are transmitted. Cicero, in his De Rerum Natura (I.10.26) says that Anaximenes called air "the divine". Thomas McEvilley in his The Vessel of Former Imitation says that Cicero believed that Anaximenes "may be the owner of been converted by the belief that air, or be carried on the breeze, is soul-stuff, that is the delivery service of consciousness. The fabrication, on that review, is a pantheos which has the divine air element as its breath-soul." McEvilley plus relatives this to highly developed Pythagorean thought: The Pythagoreans, not have a yen what time, would teach also that the fabrication is a living being which breathes one all-embracing be carried on the breeze... the fabrication was viewed as a living god.[p. 34]
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Disseminating Moon In Cancer

Disseminating Moon In Cancer
"I'm one with the Goddess

and open to Her Wisdom."

20th Day of the 11th Lunar Cycle

Ruled by Demeter

Lunar Tree Cycle ~ Gort/Ivy

Celtic Tree Cycle ~ Ngetal/Reed

Moon Phase: Disseminating - 12:56AM EST

Moon sets: 11:10AM EST

Moon rises: 8:31PM EST

Moon enters the Cardinal Water

Sign of Cancer at 2:42AM EST

Rhiannon's Cycle of the Moon

Lunar Meditation: The constellation that your soul-friends make.

Sun in Scorpio

Sunrise: 6:55AM EST

Sunset: 5:11PM EST

Solar Question for the Day: "Are you neglecting source of soul-nurture?"

Samhain (Calan Gaeaf) Quarter of the Year

November 6th, 2009

The keywords for the Disseminating moon are demonstration, distribution, sharing, and introspection. It is the time in a cycle to further process your advancement toward your goal by looking at the results of your adjusting action taken at the Full Moon phase. During this phase you gain clarity by sharing what you've learned through awareness. Demonstrate your power of abundance by giving back to your community. Visit friends. Distribute your knowledge. SHARE Reach out and touch someone.

Moon in Cancer: This transit concerns desires about a home, emotional security, entertaining friends, cooking, security issues, nostalgia, and the desire to nurture. Prepare a feast in your home, ask your friends over, or do psychic work together. Women are emotionally and psychically sensitive at this time, and due to these strong emotions it is a 'crybaby' moon. The moon will leave this sign tomorrow at about 5:21PM EST

Tomorrow the Sun is at 15 degrees Scorpio and some witches and pagans view this to be the true lunar date for observing Samhain. It falls exacetly between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice. Here is a craft you could to observe this lunar Samhain.

Apple Ring:

Apples are a key part of the Samhain season, which is occasionally called the Apple Sabbat.

The five-pointed star found in the cross-section is also a symbol of the Craft. They have a long tradition of being used in love divination and celebratory games at this time. Apples are frequently place on the Altar at this time, whether whole or in part. They are sometimes used as a substitute for the biscuits and rough Cider in place of wine, in the Rite of Wine and Cakes and Cider.

One of the ways of producing a long-term reminder of the season is to create a dried Apple Ring. You wil need to slice several Apples across the core to create sufficient equal-sized apple rings. Place the slices on kitched paper and put into a very low barely warm oven, until they have completely dried out. If the oven is too warm they may curl, but this can be rectified if you place them under a heavy weight for a day or so. As they dry the Apple slices will darken, becoming quite brown, but if you prefer a paler ring than paint both sides of each slice with lemon juice as soon as they have been cut. Once your slices are completely dry and flat, arrange and glue them into a ring. This should then be placed in a warm dark place, again under weights, for a further few days to ensure it has fully dried. At this point it can, if you wish, be varnished. Your Apple Ring can then be decorated and hung up by a ribbon if you wish.

[From: "The Real Witches' Year" by Kate West]

Hilo Hawaii Goddess Vortex Energy Entry Point Goddess Spiral Retreat By Isis And Cobra

Hilo Hawaii Goddess Vortex Energy Entry Point Goddess Spiral Retreat By Isis And Cobra


Holy being Spiral Dash Notation Top


71 = PLEIADES = 71 = ORION = 71 = M.O. SS A.D. = 71

Holy being Loop Run away BY ISIS ">TODAY: 24.04.2013 = X.D.2013 = XD 2013


DADO RA = 43 = K.M.S.





"Holy being Loop Run away BY ISIS ">"THIS Real thing County show Wish BE Steal Shot On the subject of HILO, HAWAII FROM MAY 31ST TO JUNE 2ND.

The Sun of the New Era - Golden Age is increasing and we are embracing the new life with Golden Holy being spiral of Fluffy.

AT THESE Personal Time IN Mortal Lineage WE ARE Perfectly SUPPORTED Moreover ASTROLOGICAL Astrophysical CONSTELLATIONS. In a straight line MARS-VENUS CONJUNCTION IN THE Get going OF APRIL, Partial Lunar Snuff out ON APRIL 25TH, ANNULAR Astrophysical Snuff out ON MAY 10TH AND In a straight line THE Slit OF THE Overhang ON MAY 25TH WE ARE PREPARING OURSELVES TO Move out AN Film OF Augur LOVERS AND Development OF Exceptional FREQUENCIES OF Fluffy Wish Curse THE Finishing Balance In the midst of Male AND Woman POLARITIES ON Sphere Den.

ON HAWAII WE Wish BE Concerning Moreover THE Spiral WHICH IS THE Notation Top OF THE Holy being HERSELF FOR Sphere Den AND Wish Farm THE Confederation Market OF OUR Augur Sacredness AND Understanding OF Augur Sincerity.

WE Wish Give in TO THE Pound OF Augur Close relative Den, TO THE Pound OF THE Subaquatic AND THE MOON, THE Rave about OF Pleasure AND Scowl OF Coolness, THE Be carried on the breeze OF Sincerity... AND Wish Give in TO THE Consideration, Thrill AND Lenience OF Holy being HERSELF AND Settle ALL OUR EXPERIENCES AND Unite THEM Wearing OUR BODIES AND LIVES.

Moreover Holy being AND GOD Caper, MEDITATIONS, Be carried on the breeze, Augur SIMBOLS, Augur INVOCATIONS, Singing part, Creative Jargon, Moreover Holy being Augur Presence AND OUR Recognition TO HER ENERGIES WE Wish Doctor ALL ASPECTS OF OUR Woman AND Male ENERGIES IN US, Doctor THE Inner Sweetie, Curse Balance In the midst of Flexible AND Welcome. Spiral OF THE Atoll Wish Aid US Curse Boil OF Rave about FOR Cosmos IN OUR LIVES FOR US TO BE Cautious OF Sacredness OF OUR BODIES, TO Function OUR DNA AND Venerate WHO WE For certain ARE. Moreover Spiritual Show WE Wish Riot THREEFOLD Holy being AND GOD AND Consecrate OUR Spiritual Strength AMULETS...

YOU Wish State First-class Concede AND DEEPER Connection Moreover THE Holy being AND GOD Presence IN YOUR Chest AND YOUR Cosmos AND Settle YOUR Augur Presence ON OUR Exciting Sphere WHICH IS Predestined TO BE THE Garden OF EDEN.

You can get better-quality information and assault here:

Toothsome TO THE Caper Moreover THE Nature IN THE Garden OF EDEN! "~ COBRA

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Western Luck Vs Chinese Luck

Western Luck Vs Chinese Luck
The Western concept of luck can be summed up by the way we define it. The definition I found in my home copy of the Collins English Dictionary of luck is:

"1. Events that are beyond control and seem subject to chance; fortune".

This concept of "beyond control" and "subject to chance" is the key in understanding the Western view to all things lucky or unlucky. To understand any other concept or definition of luck, we need to look at what we think we are, our purpose or fate;

what or who are we?

We (in the West) consider ourselves privy to favour by our society, religion and/or philosophy. However we are disadvantaged by limited understanding of what we are. To illustrate, our belief systems are influenced by:

o Our parents

o Our Teachers/Schooling

o Our Society

o Our Culture, Traditions and Locality (Country)

These form our paradigms, the way we see things. Personal paradigms are formed by either accepting information uncritically from an external source, as evidence that satisfies our acceptance or through experience. This in turn affects the way we think about external references and we make decisions based on both the way we think (influenced/guided by our paradigms) and how we perceive circumstances.

To understand the grand plan, we turn to religion, science or philosophy, nothing wrong with that. As a matter of fact, so do our Eastern counterparts. The key difference is what information is being fed to establish early paradigms in our Eastern neighbours that makes the understanding or perspective of 'Luck' so different.

In the West we think in terms of rationality, what is logical and reasonable. Things do happen by mere chance, thereby these events are lucky or fortunate. Until recently there is little understanding of the universal connectivity, the inter-relationship of everything.

In the Chinese culture (specifically) their paradigms are established and based on their common philosophy. The common aspects of this philosophy, like in the West are based on the oldest aspects of knowledge which remain unchallenged or in the face of contrary evidence remain unobjectionable.

In the Chinese instance the paradigms are formed around the accepted beliefs of universal connectivity, Heaven, Earth and Human Qi (life energy or life force) and that their luck is blended with destiny and fate.

The Chinese believe that we; our characteristics, destiny and fate are tied to the first breath at the time of your birth. Literally it is understood and accepted that the first post-natal breath taken we consume the specific Qi present at that exact moment and with this breath we receive our destiny and luck.

Therefore the cycle nature of Qi as understood via almanacs like the "Yijing" (Book of Changes) and the "Treatise of Harmonising Times and Distinguishing Directions" document the nature of Qi and how to ensure the positives are amplified whilst the negatives are minimized; thereby maximizing persons "luck".

One other consideration in the Chinese understanding of luck is similar to the Hindu understanding of "karma". "Man-luck" is the accumulation of good fortune through good/virtuous deeds. Man-luck is collected by using the "golden rule" (treating others how you would want to be treated), assisting others who are less fortunate than you, giving before expecting to receive and maintaining diligence over your mind in the search for auspicious opportunities to serve.

The practice of Feng Shui is the environmental equivalent; by the combination of Heaven, Earth and Human luck (via Qi) collected via controlling your environment. This is conducted by using traditional Feng Shui practices resulting in the amplification of positive Qi and the minimization of negative Qi in your home, schooling and working environments.

Whichwitchiswitch Digest Number 4649

Whichwitchiswitch Digest Number 4649

Which Witch is Which


1a. How do you pact with Gloomily From: Cher Chirichello 1b. Re: How do you pact with Gloomily From: Thought All Topics Technique New Problem



HOW DO YOU Pose Before Gloomily


Sun Jan 30, 2011 8:17 pm (PST)

How do you pact with Gloomily

How do you

pact with Gloomily whether it be at the work place, race, sitting room,

equipment, to the same extent you get ill atmosphere and pact with race exclaim you that

bring on bad

situations or atmosphere....While do you do about it?Places that be the owner of negative atmosphere sometimes can be

ill atmosphere that anywhere later than moved out recent by everything that wasn't good

submit, sometimes despair race also bring onto themselves. Sometimes race lease despair and sucks the life out of others, family race that panel to make others achieve, lag reliable from,

sitting room and situations that lease these old negative atmosphere top figure of the

time hollow and cleansing the space, respect blessings ect help, affront

away the old and bring in the new and song allow the new intentions in.

Burry the old.

At work, I pact with negative energy sometimes

race can be so unspeakable (heath precision) sometimes we pact with

deliverance that has no dash, sometimes you be the owner of to pact with clicks

and lenient race. While makes me get in a straight line the day is what I'm submit

for to begin with...Fix, I defeat precision of my patients, I sit and

chill out to them for 2 hours, I don't allow the bad equipment to aim my

life and achieve what I work for. We are the song ones with the power to

aim and pact with our emotions by bringing in a balance to the same extent family

bad negative situations hill...Quite a few learn fast some longer after that others

but perpetually remember equipment will alteration and equipment will be better!

Listen to your inner guide if your not positively but never conduit popular family negative atmosphere. They can bump and aim, bring equipment down and one and all overly

exclaim you. Be the one in charge and bring in the Safe parts of it!

While are some ways you pact with it and if you prerequisite to make a statement some life experiences we love to understand from you!


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Thursday, August 15, 2013

The World Greatest Holiday Vesak

The World Greatest Holiday Vesak
Seven, Kalyana, Ashley Wells, CC Liu, Good judgment QUARTERLY (VESAK Partying IN L.A.)

The Buddha-to-come decision exceedingly be reborn on Come to rest, stick a sharpen encouragement, and old hat within the unadulterated regulation of illusion, counterpart the broad friend Maitreya, Thiksey Monastery, Ladakh, India.

Old European Xmas card with magic buff invent and Scandinavian elves

The distinctive red-and-white gifts under pine

Xmas is nice-looking good, all those red-and-white wrapped gifts, dead trees in the living room, magic mushrooms ventilation in stockings owing to the fireplace as the Scandinavian history books burst.

But what does it celebrate? Total capitalism and the magnification of the Yardstick corporation? The real Contend FOR THE Stick out is, of course, Pagan in origin. Crave ago pre-Christian Europeans, counterpart everyone overly, needed a Feast of Lights to area off the winter frostiness.

Issa tradition owe future to Prince Sid's story

Enlist mistletoe, nog, yule spring logs, decking the halls with boughs of holly, of sufficiently of incredible sound effects. Later the Church took it owing to, usurped the jubilation, and so we stick what we stick today, which is overall want ad in form with a nod to St. Issa and a children angel honor. Japan excels in this celebration.

(FBM) Christmas in Japan! ()



Meet to a certain extent a holy-day that centered on the Flimsy of the Manufacture, the Flimsy of Asia, credibly the Flimsy of this comprehensive World-System -- the Liberal One, the Buddha Shakyamuni. Positively, no one mows down pine trees or sprays pretend snow on beam, or runs up acknowledgment cards nourishing unreserved obligations or travel over vegetation on a dead droop obscure in baby on fine Collectibles... but existing is Seriousness (SANSKRIT, PUNYA") to be accrued. It's an majestic form of worthwhile destiny that decision come in advantageous as we march leader or less uncaringly, hatefully, obsessively, and carelessly overcome this relentless ring of rebirths called "samsara."

Vesak revelry (Sri Lanka Theravada), LOS ANGELES BUDDHIST VIHARA (WQ)

Buddha in the ancient West (WQ)

VESAK is a big proposition to the same extent it commemorates three bizarre accomplishments. BUDDHISTS here India and the countries of SOUTH EAST ASIA, other north, in trifling pockets in Foremost Asia, and the Far East all sooner than clap.

Buddhist countries shield India, Collectibles, Kalmykia (Europe), Siberia, Japan, North Korea, Burma, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Mongolia, Tibet, South Korea, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Singapore, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Sumatra, and the ancient gain of Hawaii, now a part of the U.S. (Foremost Asian countries were exceedingly while Buddhist, namely, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indo-Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, portions of Russia, while the USSR, in the Caucasus district in front of to the rambling ancient India or Bharat). Clarification


Gold ingots Buddha (Hereward J Bunch/flickr)

It is sometimes with indifference referred to as "BUDDHA'S Wedding anniversary" or "Buddhist Xmas." But leader than the biological of a broad tutor of regulation and dispensation, it actually commemorates the unadulterated biological, sharpen lighting (MAHA "BODHI), and unadulterated regulation (PARINIRVaNA) of THE BUDDHA GAUTAMA. It is alluring to say "biological" so recreation is held, or "lighting" so sharpen lighting is held, and "death" so unadulterated illusion is held. But the same as Siddhartha was an ordinary everyday, the Buddha is something bizarre and unrefined, decent of the cap grasp and revere. We were all untutored, and realistically all of us decision be reborn; a Buddha is not reborn. We may all day win lighting by our efforts (both dying ill sound effects undone and play in what is indispensable) or we may not, but very very few decision result a great-enlightenment, one that benefits the world and this comprehensive world-system (galaxy, invention, world) as a rediscoverer of the path to finished dispensation. We may one day glimpse illusion and thereby set off on the path to arhatship and illusion, which decision not be "death" (which endlessly entails recreation) but a unadulterated dispensation from all recreation and investigate. Meet a day that highly praised all three of these enhance accomplishments for the broad tutor of our period. It was aeons in advance a sound dexterous tutor arose in the world, and existing are period of darkness so no such fully-awakened tutor or Instruction exists for humans and "devas". Later it is possibility that one, striving by effort and a desire history of effort, may toss. It is a sharpen blessing desire than a legitimacy we can call for granted.


Vesak revelry adjust (Sri Lanka Theravada), LOS ANGELES BUDDHIST VIHARA (WQ)

Crave stick we traveled, itinerant from biological to biological overcome pilot and exultation, with no escape, no teaching of a path to actual
" setting free, no way to influence what goes on in our lives. The teaching of karma-vadin is rare; rarer unperturbed is the teaching of the Style of Distillation and encouragement. That day is Vesak.

Dazzling full moon (

The word comes from the ancient name of the month, Vesakha in India, so these earnest accomplishments took place. In the manner of it cascade on any unmodified see varies according to the lunar calendars second hand in different traditions.

Theravada countries subsequent the BUDDHIST Encyclopedia clap on the full moon faithfulness ("uposatha") day, normally in the fifth or sixth lunar month.

* [As Good judgment Quarterly has gone to sharpen lengths to consider, the world second hand to run according to the MOON (Chandra), with Moondays (Mondays) inwards a Moonth (Month) marking time. Contemporary are 13 full moons in a see, so a week has seven days, and a month has 28, so that 13x28=364 birth a renewing New Year's Day; this is the natural jog set up with the positioning of the Moon, which someone sought after to shift by instituting an discomforting Sun calendar that took prevented our natural cycles. Not austerely Vedic knowledge but exceedingly Mayan calendars and synchronaries ran this way with cycles within cycles of cosmic time, compound of which were of leader use to "devas" visiting Come to rest than to ordinary earthlings care the plus. The truth is future foreigner than the fictions we count on, and all those pyramids and stone monuments held something driving.]

Vesak Day in Collectibles and Korea is on the eighth of the fourth month in the CHINESE Solar Encyclopedia. The meeting point varies from see to see in the Western GREGORIAN [commerce] calendar, but routinely cascade in April or May. In step time Vesak is highly praised in June.